Canadiens fans cheer after Zdeno Chara takes puck to the face (Video)

How far is too far? Hockey fans cheer for big hits and fights. When two guys drop the gloves, they want the guy on their team to rearrange the other guy’s face. It’s worse with rivals. Fan bases can develop an unbelievable hatred for one another, and no two groups of fans are a better example of that than the Bruins and Canadiens. That being said, is cheering when a rival player takes a puck to the face uncalled for?

We know Montreal fans despise Zdeno Chara in particular. Last season, Chara laid a questionable hit on Max Pacioretty and the people of Montreal actually forced the police to investigate it as a crime. Clearly they were happy to see him get nailed in the face by a puck on Wednesday night — even though the puck drew blood.

“That was embarrassing,” Brad Marchand according to CSNNE.com. “The fact that they were cheering like they did when Zee was hurt was classless. We’re out there trying to do a job. It’s entertainment for them, but at the same time you have to be concerned that it’s people’s lives at stake. Concussions and stuff like that are a very serious thing, and you don’t have to disrespect guys when they’re trying to make a living for their family and they’re hurt like that.”

Chara was not amused, either.

“(The) way the fans (react) I can’t control, but at the same time it’s not sportsmanlike and it’s disappointing,” Chara said. “When a guy is laying down on the ice hurting and there’s a standing ovation for that … what can I say? There is nothing much I can say about it.”

The bottom line is a puck to the face can do some serious damage. Chara was lucky to come away with just a cut, but in my opinion those cheers are an example of taking a rivalry too far.

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DVAQ4QLU2737JKVE4BPCHTDJYY Awesome Bill

    We shouldn’t be quick to expect anything of a classy nature from Habs fans. They’ve been “off” for quite some time. After The Rocket did a two-hander over the unhelmeted head of an opponent, they rioted in the streets because the Commissioner had the audacity to suspend him for it. Not to outdo themselves, they egged him while he attended a game at The Forum. Throw in booing the American National Anthem and who knows what else, and the case can be made that they have no class up there. Then again, we are talking about Quebec…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/324LMZZWWPYBBTPQTN2K7IECTM Albert

    @ Awesome Bill  – wow talk about a total hypocrite. Ultimate case of  pot calling Kettle  black-. This garbage comment  from a typical arrogant obnoxious American who has the audacity to call himself Awesome Bill. Only a totally classless A-hole would call himself that.  What delusional state of mind do you have that created this Jesus complex ? The only thing awesome about you is the amount of BS you can spew out. Then again I shouldn’t be surprised – like many Americans you have this incredibly warped view of your own superiority. I have to agree though – you are definitely a superior jackass. Here is a. newsflash for you imbecile bill – the USA is NOT the greatest country on the planet and most Americans are villified throughout the civilized world because many of them are  like you – they like to think they can run roughshod over everyone else and act like they are better than everyone else when in fact they are stupid ignorant jerks. who are so insular that they dont have a clue about anything that happens outside theyr borders. Get a life you moron!!  And by the way – I do not live in Quebec but I still detest your obnoxious overbearing. attitude