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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Matt Duchene Too Much Vodka Video Shows Why He Lost Skater Competition

Matt Duchene, a center from the Colorado Avalanche who just turned 20 a couple weeks ago, couldn’t take home first place in the fastest skater competition on Saturday night. Had he not been hungover, he probably would have had a better shot at winning. No, I’m not making any type of assumption about his underage drinking habits. Have a look at the Matt Duchene vodka video and see for yourself:

Once he realized the mics had picked up on his hilarious comment, Duchene took to his Twitter account to try to clear the air. “Heard I was pretty candid tonight,” he wrote. “Had no clue it’d be live like that! Oh and btw, the vodka thing wasn’t a personal thing, it was a joke amongst our group! Don’t take it how I said it.”

Phew.  Thanks for clearing that up, Matt.  So to summarize, Duchene doesn’t drink and he wasn’t hungover.  He and his buddies just like to joke and pretend like they drank last night.  It’s an inside joke — we wouldn’t understand. Thanks to Barstool Boston for the video.

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