Is a Little Interview Preparation Too Much to Ask for?

Last week we told you about soccer star Thierry Henry signing with the New York Red Bulls of MLS. Henry may be 32 years old but he’s still one of the top players in the world and certainly one of the most accomplished. Now that he’s signed and agreed to play in New York for MLS, he’s trying to promote himself and his team, not unlike David Beckham whose arrival in LA caused a brief buzz. The problem is Henry is playing in the lowly MLS which is essentially the minor leagues of international soccer. As a result, the players get minor league media coverage. Even if it’s only soccer and we’re only talking about an MLS player, the pathetic interview conducted by the hosts at FOX 5 in New York was nothing short of an insult. As Jimmy Traina’s Hot Clicks pointed out, you have to see this video of Thierry Henry’s interview with FOX 5 in New York:

Talk about giving Americans a bad name. Is five minutes of preparation too much to ask for prior to having a guest on? Particularly one as accomplished as Henry? How can your first question ask about winning the World Cup when it just happens and Spain won it, not France? I don’t get how this even happens. Truly truly pathetic.

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  • Greener

    hahaha, I love the way that the only clip of football they have to cover his entire career is his handball against Ireland in the playoff for the world cup. That will burn longer and more brightly in the memory than anything else he achieved. I hope he really enjoyed his time in south africa.

    May his piles hang like a bunch of grapes.

  • Rubel Jackson

    @Greener…you probably only have a short memory, but people who know the sport know that Henry is a ‘Legend’. One of the best to ever grace the pitch and no matter how many times they show the handball it will not take away from what he has won and achieved.
    Maradona did worse than that against England and boasted about it and is now being put on a pedastal (go figure).
    It’s only the Irish and the small minded folks who do not know GREATNESS when they see it that make comments like yours…