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Monday, June 18, 2018

Pam Oliver Interview Video: Struggling with Question for Greg Jennings

No matter the profession, everybody has bad moments. It’s particularly awful when you suffer one of those screwups on a big stage, as Pam Oliver did during Super Bowl XLV. Oliver is usually fantastic at her job — concise and to the point with her reporting, while building a strong rapport with her interviewing subjects. Unfortunately she had a gaffe after Joe Buck threw it to her for an on-field interview with Packers receiver Greg Jennings. In one of those naked-at-school nightmare moments, Oliver literally did not have a question for Jennings:

“Just you know, everything this team has been through, umm, I can’t even begin to, you know, I don’t know where to start with that, where do you begin to, uh, just talk about everything you guys have been through, and now, look at this moment.”

Man, Oliver seemed more overcome by the moment than even Jennings. It really felt like she was overwhelmed because she had been around the team all week and had grown so close to them that she was speechless after they had won. I’ve never been a fan of sideline reporters, and this doesn’t help matters one bit. I guess the good news is at least Jennings didn’t hit on her like this guy.

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