ESPN: Rob Parker’s Robert Griffin III comments were ‘inappropriate’

rob-parkerESPN is dealing with some serious backlash against “First Take” personality Rob Parker, who accused Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III of being a “cornball brother” who is not black enough during Thursday’s show.

The network’s PR representatives addressed the issue, saying, “The comments were inappropriate and we are evaluating our next steps.”

Griffin seemed to address the comments with the following tweet.

The comment from Griffin was about as appropriate as his thoughts on being a black quarterback.

ESPN says it is “evaluating” its next steps. Hopefully those next steps will involve firing Parker and dumping “First Take.”

Rob Parker should be fired and without such a large media platform for one simple reason: He lowers the human race. While many people in the world are fighting injustice, prejudice, stereotypes, and biases, Parker is enforcing these notions by criticizing someone for not fitting in the way he wants them to be. It’s that type of thinking that prevents people in the world from achieving what should be one of our ultimate goals: equality for all, and the ability to be viewed based on who we are as individuals, regardless of race and color.

Not only do I hope ESPN’s “next steps” involve firing Parker, but I also hope they are reconsidering the entire “First Take” program. The show is designed to do one thing: spark debate by any means necessary. The hosts sit there each day trying to top the other in a game of “who can offend the public with the most outrageous statement?” The show promotes bad values, bad patterns of thinking, and it teaches aspiring broadcasters that being a loudmouth with radical opinions is the only way to get on TV.

I try to convey my personal feelings about the program any time I am forced to write about it. I hope many people have taken note and will fight the show the only way possible: by refusing to watch it or acknowledge anything that is said on it. The only way it will be cancelled is if people stop watching.

I just hope that ESPN will save its soul by dumping the program and its personalities finally.

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  • http://twitter.com/ItIsHighItIsFar Diamond Joe

    “The only way it will be cancelled is if people stop watching.”

    Or… stop blogging about it.
    But point taken, Lar.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Understood. I think it’s more important during times like these to convey this message. 

  • Gene

    Well done, LB.  I couldn’t have said it better myself!!

  • tevic

    I don’t agree with Parker but firing everyone because they annoy you is just as retarded..if they suspend him fine but come on

  • http://twitter.com/msprissy12 P R Williams

    Don Imus calls Rutgers women “nappy-headed hos,” gets fired ESPN must fire Parker 4 =ly egregious,outrageous & hateful words.

  • David Teerlink

     Has nothing to do with “annoying” anyone, has to do with standing up for a principle, you know, equality. If you get on Don Imus or Rush Limbaugh for there comments, then unless you are a racist, and yes Blacks can be racist, then there needs to be some consequences for his idiotic statement. I am really tired of any African-American who tries to better themselves or add to the American culture being called an “Uncle Tom” or “House N**gar'”. Why is it when someone does not agree with someone like Rob Parker, the only argument Parker has is to insult and demean that person, rather than engage in a dialog? Oh well, I am afraid I know the answer, and I do not like it. “Judge a person by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin,” unless of course they don’t fit your idea of what that content should be.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Theodore-Alford/1449602370 Theodore Alford

    It’s difinitely not the same as calling someone nappy headed ho’s, but he is definitely out of touch. Whats next for this idiot. I could only imagine what he would say if he saw RG3 reading a book. How should he act, should he get a neck tattoo and sell drugs on the side. Perhaps he should be out boning as many chicks at the same time as possible. Would that make him “Black enough” for this idiot. Stop stereotyping. You don’t know me based on how I look there’s alot more to this book than what the eye can see. Freaking loser. One more point Racism is a made up term similar to the Middle East. In actuality there are no races just a bunch of idiots who describe themselves by color. There is no land called Black, There are no “White people” Your ancestors came from Europe (which was named after a African Princess might I add” and mines from Africa  which is the ancient name of the Phoenicians, and also Carthage) Racism was created to protect the conscience of those wicked men that committed such terrible acts as the enslavement of Africans the genocide of Native Americans, Tasmanian’s and others around the globe. It was used as a reasoning tool to make Europeans not feel horrible about the things they did to reach global hegemony. Now there’s a savage to civilized story the story of how Europeans rose to prominence/emminence in the modern world, savage deeds and scientific break throughs but if not for that how would I be here today?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TZ3CFW2FX6TRVQ4FPAGQVDPIUQ Michael Morris

    Parker, you’re exactly why racism issues continue to linger in this great country of ours! You’re so racist you take an African American who wants to do right by the way he was raised and taught values and slam him for that. NEWSFLASH….not every African American will ditch every value they were raised with and switch to be a democrat just beacause an African American is running for president!!! In case you dont get it thats racist as SH*T and shows you could care less about this country and where its headed. And to think someone hired you to write columns about sports and all you do is mix race in your articles (oh yeah this isnt your first rodeo on this issue)! Let a white man write something like you wrote, not only would ESPN ditch him as quick as they could he would never write for anyone again…but like always they will have to watch what they do because certainly they dont want the ACLU coming around with the honorable Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson…whom by the way said he was gonna cut Obama’s nuts off…. great avocate for African Americans huh? what scares me is you probably have children that you are raising to be just like you….I guess you didnt buy into Dr Martin Luther King’s dream did you. I hope they fire you and you starve, but oh yeah the ACLU probably has a director’s position for you! TO THINK I SACRIFICED MY LIFE IN IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN FOR TRASH LIKE YOU! Get a life!