Fans Boo Josh Koscheck at UFC 121

Josh Koscheck earned some sympathy the last time he made an appearance here at LBS when Paul Daley nailed him with a cheap shot after their fight. The fans on hand for UFC 121 in Anaheim on Saturday were less forgiving.

When the 32-year-old welterweight was spotted walking to his second row seats at the Honda Center, the fans showered him with boos. Koscheck seemed to embrace the bad boy role, playing to the crowd. Every time he got up to move around, he heard boos even though he wasn’t even fighting. Eventually he flipped the crowd the bird (as reported by the LBS twitter account — you must follow) which is what they were waiting for. As if the boos weren’t enough, the fans began to chant “GSP, GSP!” — a reference to Georges St. Pierre.

Koscheck and GSP are set to fight in December at UFC 124 in a rematch of GSP’s win over Koscheck at UFC 74. The fans let Koscheck have it because he threw rumors around that St. Pierre was juicing (in addition to all his talk that has made him a polarizing character). If the fan reaction at UFC 121 in Anaheim is any indication, Koscheck will certainly be the villain in Montreal (not that that’s anything new for Josh).

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_D2HF6IP53FHVMHJLX4JJX4D5RE thum

    Koscheck in an insecure prick and always has been. It’s not confidence that drives him, that’s for sure. I never liked him before he was a coach on the ultimate fighter but now I can’t stand the MF. On top of that, he has this stupid barbie doll lookin hair and constantly twitches his nose like a rabbit, lol. That’s what I’ll start calling him, “rabbit”.