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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Meet MMA’s Goliath, Hong Man Choi

I’ll readily admit I’m a little late to the MMA party, but I’m coming along strong. I happened to be watching a replay from New Years Eve in Japan on HDNet when I first laid eyes upon Hong Man Choi. Probably for the same reasons I watch Nikolay Valuev fight, Kenny George ball, and Andre the Giant wrestle, I am intrigued by Hong Man Choi. Choi is a 7’2″ 350lb Korean kickboxer who also fights in MMA. His nickname is The Techno Goliath because he breaks out in techno dancing after wins. Think about this — it’s MMA — all the dude has to do is fall on you. His punches engulf an entire skull. Even though he lost the fight I happened to be watching (his only MMA loss), it’s still well worth a watch:

There’s also video of Choi producing a 10-second KO in MMA, and one of Choi playing hacky sack with some dude’s cranium. I have included those vids after the jump.

This will only require 10 seconds of your time

And this is the proper way to break someone’s nose:

This dude is ferocious. I wanna see him in the States. How about a Hee Seop Choi/Hong Man Choi duel? Any takers?

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