Tony La Russa Does Not Like the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

As I alluded to in the previous post, Tony La Russa had a shouting match with St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Bernie Miklasz on Friday after the Cardinals 5-3 loss to the Cubs (click here to listen). La Russa was upset over an article that ran earlier in the day on Friday, detailing in literally poetic form, why the Cubs would not break their curse.

We put a new twist on an old poem* to capture in verse why the Cubs will never break the curse … and list the reasons they are destined to not win a World Series.

These are the cruelest of echoing words:

No Tinker. No Evers. No chance.

Spend all they can, Cubs still chasing the ‘Birds.

Clearly La Russa was not happy about reading the article. It’s bad enough to deal with one of his own players giving the Cubs bulletin board material and more incentive to win. But it’s much worse when a local reporter does the trick. As a result, he boycotted questions from Post-Dispatch reporters both before and after the game until getting into an argument with Miklasz.

“That cheap shot against the Cubs, I don’t want to be a part of it, and I want them, I want everybody to know that the St. Louis Cardinals and their manager have an absolute disregard for that,” La Russa said.

“I know it’s the editor [who] makes those decisions,” La Russa said. “But I have a couple of ways [to protest], and the one way I’m going to do it is I’m not going to answer questions from the Post-Dispatch. If you disagree with that, write that you disagree with it. I don’t care. I really don’t. What I care is that I don’t put my stamp, any way shape or form, on the cheap shot like that at a Major League organization.”

I understand La Russa here, problem is, by not talking to the Post-Dispatch, it provides more fuel for their writers to tear apart the Cardinals in the paper. Probably not the wisest move by La Russa, but I understand why he’d be pissed about what was written.

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  • JS

    Are the Cubs really going to worry about what a St Louis columnist wrote? Like he’s the first and only writer that’s ever mocked the franchise’s ineptness. I trust the Cubs are more concerned about their arson squad of a bullpen and their inability to get it done in the close games.

    Wait until TJ Simers gets a hold of this.

  • http://www.larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    I agree with you, I highly doubt the Cubs would worry about something that’s not even in their local papers, good call.

  • mike

    I am a White Sox Fan. No generally hates the Cubs more than the White Sox fans in general. But it is obvious that to degrade any ball club as the St. Louis Post Dispatch did is totally unacceptable…we call it in the industry Sensationalism…I am involved with the media.. It only shows the St. Louis Post Dispatch’s inablity to have good sportswwriters. CONGRATULUATIONS TONY FOR SHOWING SOME CLASS FOR THE ST. LOUIS FANS. i STILL HATE THE CUBS THOUGH. GO GO WHITE SOX – YOUR OLD BALL CLUB.

  • mike

    Sorry for the mispelled words and some grammar mistakes. I changed my spelling and grammar to make it explicit for the St. Louis Writers to understand with their mentallity. DA

  • kevin

    la russa is right
    why give the cubs more
    reason to kick our as……………..

  • Tom

    Bernie Miklasz has been pissed for 23 years now over the Sandberg game. Has tried in every possible way to make ordinary St. Louis wins into the game that “gets even” for it. Guess what, Bernie….that was a spectacular, standout baseball moment–a game for the ages. Cardinals will never “get even” for that one.

  • Another Tom

    Just for the record, Tom, Bernie Miklasz had nothing to do with the poem. He took the heat from Tony because he happens to work for the same paper as the guy who wrote it. As for “the Sandberg game,” I suspect most Cardinal fans feel no particular need to “get even.” I think they have “gotten even” many times over since then.

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