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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Beach soccer player suffers one of the nastiest knee injuries ever (Video)

Not only is running in sand physically taxing, it’s also extremely dangerous. Limbs and joints flex in ways that they aren’t supposed to flex when you’re running on an instable surface like sand, and injuries like the horrific one you see above are all too common. Bruno Torres of Portugal mangled his knee during a beach soccer match over the weekend, as it appeared he dislocated his entire knee cap if that’s even possible. We can’t speculate as to what the exact injury was because we’ve never seen anything that looks quite that disturbing.

We’ve highlighted a number of gruesome injuries on LBS over the years like taking a skate to the face or bursting a hemorrhoid during a match, but this has to be up there in terms of pain. It certainly can be filed under “s*** we hoped we’d never have to see.”

H/T Barstool Sports

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