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Thursday, April 19, 2018

England Coach Fabio Capello to Miss Son’s Wedding Because of Friendly with Spain

Of all the things to not be able to get off work for, a wedding has to be one of the worst.  When someone close to you is getting married you have either two choices: Disrespect the bride and groom or disrespect your boss.  Unfortunately for England soccer coach Fabio Capello, he will not be able to miss work to attend his son Pierfilippo’s wedding on Saturday.

According to The Independent, the 36-year-old Pierfilippo is marrying his partner of two years, Tiziana.  England is scheduled to take on Spain in a friendly on Saturday after the match was moved from Friday to give Barcelona players more time to recover from Wednesday night’s Copa del Rey game against L’Hospitalet.  For whatever reason, Capello chose not to tell the proper authorities about his son’s wedding until after the match had already been rescheduled.

For what it’s worth, Pierfilippo insists that his father missing one of the most important days of his life is “absolutely not” an issue.  He said the family has actually gotten a chuckle out of the situation and that Fabio considers the wedding to be more of a formality, since the couple already has two children together.  Here’s hoping Spain wins the match to make it somewhat worthwhile.

Double backflip to stomach slide to Dirty Tackle for passing along the story.

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