Giants Fans Rigged Online All-Star Vote for Barry Bonds

All the details I just posted at FanHouse, so go check it out. Here’s the program that was posted on Giantsboard.com so that there’s no confusion (I had to crop part of it):

Smells like the conspiracy I thought it was. Again, check out my post at FanHouse for all the details.

Barry Bonds Owes it to Fans to Participate in Home Run Derby

From MLB FanHouse:

Let me make this clear: I don’t like Barry Bonds. I believe he cheating the game of baseball and is poised to break Hank Aaron‘s record only because he used illegal performance-enhancing drugs. Making matters even worse, he doesn’t speak to the media frequently, and is a jerk to people on and off the field. But if the guy supposedly got voted into the All-Star game by the fans, and if he’s about to break the record without us being able to do anything about it, then the least he can do is put on a show for the fans at his home park.

Check out my post at FanHouse to read the rest

Barry Bonds Aged Overnight, Literally

No, this is not a reference to Barry’s poor play recently. Nor is it a lame joke about Bonds’ recent leg injuries that have forced him to be out of the starting lineup the past two nights. If you check out this preview of Thursday’s Giants/D-Backs game, it has Barry Bonds listed as 43-years-old.

Bonds has not started the last two games because of shin splints, along with sore knees, ankles and feet. The 43-year-old left fielder did walk as a pinch-hitter in the ninth inning of Wednesday’s 1-0 loss, but was greeted by a chorus of boos by Arizona fans.

Look, the guy’s old and all, but I don’t think we need to shortchange him here. He doesn’t turn 43 until July 24th this year. As for the stats, Bonds’ weak sauce ass has just one home run in his last 61 at-bats. Looks like he’ll turn another year older before the record is his.

Barry’s Bringing Back the Earring

Recently at MLB FanHouse:

That Recent Barry Bonds Poll Was a Load of B.S.

A poll came out suggesting that only 52% of fans do not want to see Barry break Hank Aaron’s home run record, that 58% of fans want to see Bonds in the Hall of Fame, and that 73% of fans think Bonds used steroids. But before going out there and saying that fans are conflicted about Bonds based on the study, did anyone scrutinize the methods and data of the study? Or did people just blindly run with what was served to them and make assumptions based on that?

To find out how much bullcrap that recent poll was, check out my scrutiny of it at MLB FanHouse.

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