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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Articles tagged: Bill Simmons

Bill Simmons discusses Grantland shutdown on new podcast

Bill Simmons discussed the surprising and sudden shutdown of his project website Grantland during his latest podcast, which was posted on Wednesday night. On episode 19 of “The Bill Simmons Podcast” featuring Malcolm Gladwell, Simmons shared his thoughts on the Grantland shutdown, saying it was “frustrating” and left everyone “sad.” “They did own it and…Read More

Bill Simmons rips ESPN for treating Grantland writers ‘callously’

ESPN announced on Friday that the plug is being pulled on Grantland, and it didn’t take long for Bill Simmons to share his opinion on the decision. I loved everyone I worked with at G and loved what we built. Watching good/kind/talented people get treated so callously = simply appalling. — Bill Simmons (@BillSimmons) October…Read More

Bill Simmons: NFL almost got me fired from ESPN

Bill Simmons believes the NFL had a role in his departure from ESPN because of all of his criticism of Roger Goodell. Simmons was a guest on Mike Francesa’s radio show on WFAN in New York Wednesday and talked about his departure from his previous network. The two discussed their respective strained relationships with the…Read More

Four Grantland staffers leaving ESPN to work for Bill Simmons

ESPN, and Grantland in particular, are still feeling the aftershocks of Bill Simmons’s departure. Now, several of Grantland’s staffers are leaving to join up with their old boss. The well-connected James Andrew Miller has the information, saying that four “highly regarded” Grantland staffers have informed ESPN that they are leaving the site, and ESPN has…Read More

Bill Simmons rips ESPN some more: They did not support Grantland

Bill Simmons rolled out the first several episodes of his new podcast this week, and those who have wanted to hear his take on what went wrong with ESPN have not been disappointed. Simmons has already spent a significant amount of time bashing his former employer on “The Bill Simmons Podcast.” In Friday’s edition, he…Read More

Apple reportedly sought exclusive rights to new Bill Simmons podcast

Coming to Apple this fall: the new iBill podcast featuring Bill Simmons? Seems like it actually came fairly close to happening. According to a report on Tuesday by Peter Kafka of Re/code, the tech giant explored the possibility this summer of inking The Sports Guy to an exclusive podcast deal as part of a campaign…Read More

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