Brett Anderson shares X-ray of finger he broke while batting


Colorado Rockies starting pitcher Brett Anderson has landed on the disabled list with a broken finger. He broke the index finger on his left hand while swinging at a pitch over the weekend. And for those of you who didn’t believe he is actually hurt, Anderson shared a photo of his X-ray on Instagram.

We have seen a number of pitchers injure themselves while batting over the years, which is one of the reasons many feel the National League should adopt the designated hitter. Don’t expect Anderson to be taking many full swings when he returns from the DL. The Rockies need the lefthander in their starting rotation.

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Manny Ramirez thought A’s pitcher Brett Anderson was the video coordinator

Manny Ramirez became one of the newest members of the Oakland A’s after signing a minor league contract with them Monday. Being new to the team and all, he’s just getting to know his teammates. He apparently thought one was the team’s video coordinator.

That came from A’s pitcher Brett Anderson who seemed to have had a laugh out of it. I know people will make a joke of this and just say it’s another “Manny being Manny” moment, but it shows me how disrespectful he can be. He’s a guy on a minor league deal. Anderson is on the team. Manny should be acting like a rookie and treating everyone with respect, not acting like the big shot he used to be.

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