Katherine Webb, AJ McCarron got an insane engagement cake


AJ McCarron and his girlfriend Katherine Webb finally got engaged on Friday, and the former Alabama quarterback did not disappoint with the ring he gave his soon-to-be wife. But it wasn’t nearly as extravagant as the cake they enjoyed.

The happy couple had an incredible cake featuring an edible Alabama helmet with McCarron’s No. 10 on it, a Miss Alabama USA sash for Webb and a replica of a ring box. Let’s just say it wasn’t exactly a humble brag. These two are awesome and they expect everyone to know that.

Photo: Twitter/Katherine Webb

Chris Bosh celebrates 30th birthday with insane Cirque du Noir party


No professional athlete in the world enjoys and elaborate birthday celebration more than Chris Bosh, so you had to know his wife Adrienne was going to blow it out of the water for the Miami Heat star’s 30th birthday. Bosh turned the big 3-0 on Monday. A celebration of epic proportions preceded his day of birth on Sunday night.

Adrienne rented out Marlins Park for a massive Cirque du Noir-themed party that featured a dunk tank, carnival games, guest appearances, and a massive cake that was created by Divine Delicacies — the same bakery that made Bosh’s insane elephant cake last year. Check out the damn stage that was the center of the bash.

According to Hot Hot Hoops, the dunk tank gave party-goers and Heat players a chance to dunk members of the Miami coaching staff. Bosh dunked assistant coach Juwan Howard and assistant coach David Fizdale was dunked multiple times.

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DeSean Jackson got a Mercedes and money stack cake for his birthday


Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson celebrated his 27th birthday on Sunday with a win over the Arizona Cardinals. Since no one likes to work on their birthday, his buddies also threw him a party on Monday that included multiple birthday cakes. They were pretty elaborate.

As you can see from the photo above, Jackson got one cake that was in the form of a Mercedes with “JACCPOT” as the license plate and another cake that was a stack of money. Here’s what each cake looked like:

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LeBron James gave son an Xbox cake for birthday

LeBron James X-box cake

You ever see a bakery or specialty cake shop and wonder how they make their money? Or, rather, ever wonder who has the money to drop four figures on a custom-made cool looking birthday cake? Well here’s your answer: people like LeBron James.

LeBron got his son, LeBron Jr., an Xbox cake for the young boy’s 9th birthday.

“Bronny Dope Xbox cake with that 2K14 #SwagCake #CakeCakeCake” James wrote on Instagram.

We have to admit, that cake is pretty awesome. There’s tons of detail and it looks just like the gaming system. Not to mention the 2K14 game and controllers look totally real.

So whose video game cake was better? Bronny’s or Pacman Jones’ Pacman cake?

Photo: Instagram/LeBron James

Pacman Jones got an awesome Pacman birthday cake

Pacman Jones cake

Pacman Jones turned 30 on Monday and celebrated his birthday with a killer cake. That cake is straight out of the Pacman video game, matching the Cincinnati Bengals cornerback’s nickname. And if you look carefully, they really did it up properly. There’s no bow on the head or lipstick — that’s a straight OG Pacman cake, no Ms. Pacman business. Excellent detail.

And what’s up with all the Adam Jones stealing all the good birthday cakes? I’m not sure whether the Bengals’ Adam Jones or the Baltimore Orioles’ Adam Jones had the better cake.

Photo: Instagram/realpacman24
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Adam Jones gets a Popeye’s chicken cake for his birthday

Baltimore Orioles center fielder Adam Jones is a huge fan of Popeye’s chicken. How huge? The three-time All-Star turned 28 on Thursday, and he apparently likes Popeye’s so much that his friends thought it would be appropriate to give him a Popeye’s-themed birthday cake.

Jones was pretty stoked about it, and we can see why after going through some of his Instagram photos. Most of the pictures he posts have to do with delicious meals, and he even showcased his love for Popeye’s while sitting on the O’s team plane a couple months ago.

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Austin Daye had a giant booty cake for his birthday


The Memphis Grizzlies fell victim to a disappointing sweep at the hands of the San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference Finals, but that doesn’t mean power forward Austin Daye had to sulk on his birthday. Daye turned 25 on Wednesday, and he and his friends got together to celebrate with a classic booty cake.

Whoever made the cake did a fantastic job, even incorporating the Grizzlies’ team logo into the mix by tossing it on the right butt cheek. We all like to think we can get a little booty on our birthday, but Daye’s cake gives that concept an entirely new meaning.

Just when we thought this Michael Strahan cake may be one of the funniest of all time, Daye goes and blows it out of the water. I give it a 9.5.

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Photo via Instagram/Austin Daye