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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Articles tagged: Chris Berman

Report: ESPN settled sexual harassment claim involving Chris Berman

ESPN recently settled a sexual harassment claim involving personality Chris Berman and a former “Sunday NFL Countdown” makeup artist, according to a report. The Big Lead reports that Sue Baumann, a woman who was working as an independent contractor for ESPN and became tied to the Countdown show, alleges she was sexual harassed by Berman….Read More

Chris Berman hair memes take Home Run Derby by storm

The 2015 Home Run Derby featured a new format with timers and clocks and bonuses for distance and all kinds of other stuff I’m still trying to wrap my head around. But don’t worry, the same old Chris Berman was calling the action. Believe it or not, it wasn’t Berman’s infamous “back, back, back, back,…Read More

Chris Berman was not happy during halftime of the Pro Bowl (Video)

ESPN’s Chris Berman was not pleased with how hectic things got during halftime of the Pro Bowl on Sunday night. For starters, it took the longtime anchor about 10 seconds to realize he was on the air. Berman appeared to be having some sort of issue with his ear piece. As usual, he recovered nicely….Read More

Chris Berman, Trent Dilfer praise NFL’s handling of Ray Rice (Video)

Chris Berman and Trent Dilfer knew they would have to address the Ray Rice situation at some point while announcing the San Diego Chargers-Arizona Cardinals game on Monday night, and they still did a horrible job of preparing. Their biggest mistake was praising the NFL’s handling of the situation. You can watch the video of…Read More

Chris Berman and John Kruk might not want to stand up 2 cancer (Video)

The first thing you’re taught when you get into broadcasting is to always be careful whenever a microphone is around. You just never know who many be listening or recording what you’re saying. Chris Berman and John Kruk apparently forgot that lesson. Berman and Kruk were victims of a “hot mic” Monday during ESPN’s broadcast…Read More

Chris Berman Rocking the Mustache

Football season is back which means it’s time for four months of anchor Chris Berman’s Sunday NFL Countdown and fastest two minutes in football! Before you get too giddy, we’re here to warn you that the Berman you may be expecting won’t be there. Instead, you’ll see a retro version of Berman rocking the old…Read More

Chris Berman a CFL Celeb in Canada

And you thought Chris Berman only had incredible pull with the ladies in the U.S. Perhaps you were wrong. Turns out he’s taken his high-flying, bananas fostering, rumblin bumblin, marshall marshall marshall ass up to Canada where they truly appreciate his talents. Football media personality Chris Berman of ESPN met Milt Stegall and Winnipeg Blue…Read More

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