Chris Berman, Trent Dilfer praise NFL’s handling of Ray Rice (Video)

Chris Berman and Trent Dilfer knew they would have to address the Ray Rice situation at some point while announcing the San Diego Chargers-Arizona Cardinals game on Monday night, and they still did a horrible job of preparing. Their biggest mistake was praising the NFL’s handling of the situation.

You can watch the video of the cringe-worthy discussion the two broadcasters had over at Deadspin. First, Dilfer began by talking about some football team he coaches and how the NFL did a great job sending a message to high school kids by suspending Rice indefinitely.

“The NFL sent a strong message,” Dilfer said. “It’s more than being a great football player, you’ve got to win off the field as well.”

Berman agreed. He also thinks Roger Goodell and company sent a powerful and admirable message.

“I think the NFL, which prides itself on being leaders — it’s even larger than just football,” Berman said. “As you suggest, youth football — the NFL has an obligation, in my mind, to help those who need help right now. We could make a list of what that means, but this is something that (you) take a leadership role in society. There are those who need help right now. Get involved. The message is clear to anybody playing football.”

Just as Berman was about to finish his thought, it was almost as if divine intervention took over and stopped him from spewing anymore nonsense.

What the hell were these two talking about? The way they were talking, you would swear the whole two-game suspension thing never happened. Their praise would have made sense if the NFL didn’t cover up the video and brought the hammer down on Rice in the first place. Berman and Dilfer should be embarrassed.


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Video via The Big Lead

Chris Berman and John Kruk might not want to stand up 2 cancer (Video)

Chris BermanThe first thing you’re taught when you get into broadcasting is to always be careful whenever a microphone is around. You just never know who many be listening or recording what you’re saying. Chris Berman and John Kruk apparently forgot that lesson.

Berman and Kruk were victims of a “hot mic” Monday during ESPN’s broadcast of the Home Run Derby and could be heard debating whether or not they would stand during the Stand Up 2 Cancer corporate sponsor/charity portion of the event.

Once they decided they needed to get up, they wanted to at least make sure their efforts were caught on camera. I mean what’s the point of doing charity work if you’re not at least getting some public recognition for it, right?

H/T Deadspin

Chris Berman Calls Cardinals Closer ‘Fernando Tossed Salas’ (Video)

I know there are plenty of people who are annoyed by Chris Berman, but personally I think he can be hilarious sometimes.  His quirky little nicknames are usually such a stretch that you can’t help but laugh at how dumb they are.  You also had to appreciate when he was brought back the stache.  Then, there are times when Berman makes a funny that even he can’t fully appreciate.

Here in the 21st century, you have to be careful about throwing the term “Tossed Salad” around.  Unless you’re actually tossing a salad (the garden variety) or referring to an act at the dinner table, it’s probably a good idea to keep that phrase on the backburner — even if there’s a closer on the Cardinals named Fernando Salas.  Berman will realize that on Wednesday if he’s into reading sports blogs.  Check out the Chris Berman “tossed salad” video, courtesy of The Big Lead:

Chris Berman Rocking the Mustache

Football season is back which means it’s time for four months of anchor Chris Berman’s Sunday NFL Countdown and fastest two minutes in football! Before you get too giddy, we’re here to warn you that the Berman you may be expecting won’t be there. Instead, you’ll see a retro version of Berman rocking the old school stache which seems to be a combination of part Dave Wannstedt, part Bernie Lomax. Check out the Chris Berman mustache pictures present day vs. past:

He called it the Ron Burgundy look but I think it’s just old school. It’s no John Axford, but it’s not bad, Boomer.

Chris Berman a CFL Celeb in Canada

And you thought Chris Berman only had incredible pull with the ladies in the U.S. Perhaps you were wrong. Turns out he’s taken his high-flying, bananas fostering, rumblin bumblin, marshall marshall marshall ass up to Canada where they truly appreciate his talents.

Football media personality Chris Berman of ESPN met Milt Stegall and Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ head coach Doug Berry at the CFL club’s practice today. And he crowed about what a CFL fan he is. Berman, the long-time, gravelly-voiced host of ESPN’s expansive NFL coverage, is in Winnipeg as guest speaker at tonight’s YMHA dinner. He showed up at Bomber practice and was presented with a team jersey with his name and Stegall’s No. 85 on it by club president/CEO Lyle Bauer. Then he chatted with Stegall and, later, Berry in the end zone while the practice was still on.

Apparently Boomer then went on to show off his limited CFL knowledge — probably the equivalent of saying “Hey, that Tom Brady guy is pretty good, huh?” You figure after the way he’s been torched here lately, he has no choice but to escape to America’s hat. It’s gotta be a self-esteem booster for him.