Denard Robinson calls Michigan State ‘little brothers’ again

Denard RobinsonDenard Robinson loves to rib his Michigan State rivals and did it once again last week.

You may recall last year that the former Michigan Wolverines quarterback was asked to rank the school’s rivals and put Michigan State third behind Ohio State and Notre Dame. He even called the Spartans the Wolverines’ “little brothers.”

Well, Robinson did it again after his Jacksonville Jaguars lost to the Detroit Lions 13-12 in a preseason game on Friday. He said it when asked about Michigan State winning the Rose Bowl last season.

“It did sting, but at the end of the day the Big Ten won the Rose Bowl,” he said via the Detroit Free Press. “It was good that they won it, our little brothers won it and pulled it out for the Big Ten.”

Knowing full well that calling Michigan State the “little brothers” would rankle some fans, Robinson was asked about it again. He sang the same tune.

“It’s the truth. When it was first said it was the truth and it holds true.”

For being a little brother, Michigan State has won five of the last six football games between the teams. Not bad for a little brother.

Denard Robinson is no longer an ‘offensive weapon’

Denard Robinson WR

When Denard Robinson was added to the Jacksonville Jaguars’ roster during training camp, the team decided to do something unique: they listed the former Michigan quarterback’s position as “offensive weapon” or “OW” for short. It was the sort of position designation that is used for high school recruits headed to college who can play multiple spots. It was creative. And it made Robinson sound awesome.

Through three games, however, Robinson has hardly been a weapon. He has five carries for -1 yards and lost a fumble. Now the NFL is stripping him of the “offensive weapon” designation.

This week the NFL told the Jags that they could only list Robinson as having one specific position. The team changed Robinson’s position to wide receiver.

How boring. I liked Robinson a lot more when he was an offensive weapon.

Denard Robinson calls Michigan State Michigan’s ‘little brother’

Denard Robinson is fanning the rivalry flames between Michigan and Michigan State even though he’s no longer in college.

Denard RobinsonThe Jacksonville Jaguars “offensive weapon” and former Michigan quarterback did an interview with Big Ten Network this week ahead of Saturday’s Michigan-Notre Dame game. Robinson was asked to rank the Wolverines’ rivals. The question was prefaced by Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly’s comments that the game is just a regional one and not a big rivalry.

“Of course we’ve got to say Ohio (State’s) the biggest one,” Robinson said. “(Then) Notre Dame and (No. 3) Michigan State, our little brothers.”

The order of his rankings was not surprising, but the disrespectful term he used to describe the Spartans was.

Former Michigan running back Mike Hart once called Michigan State the same thing, but he went 4-0 against them. Robinson went 1-3 against the Spartans (really 1-2 based on playing time), throwing for just two touchdowns and five interceptions in those games.

If a team has “scoreboard” rights on you, you can’t blast them with trash talk like that. But as far as respect and prestige goes, Michigan State is a lesser rival for Michigan than Ohio State and Notre Dame. They just don’t have that same football tradition.

Video of his comments is below:

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Denard Robinson apologizes for horrible first pitch, makes fun of himself for it

Denard-Robinson-first-pitchDenard Robinson threw out the ceremonial first pitch before the Detroit Tigers game at Comerica Park on Tuesday, and it was pretty embarrassing. For those who missed it, we have the hilarious video here.

We thought it was horrible that a college quarterback was unable to come close to reaching the plate, let alone someone who played baseball in high school. On Wednesday, Robinson took to Twitter to poke fun at himself for the horrible showing. He also apologized to his friends from high school that he played baseball with.

That’s right, Robinson was a center fielder at Deerfield Beach High School in Florida. Apparently he has completely forgotten how to throw a baseball. Either that, or he had the worst case of arm cramping before an opening pitch in opening pitch history.

While it probably wasn’t the worst first pitch we have ever seen, it certainly doesn’t help Robinson’s case that he played baseball about five years ago.

Denard Robinson threw out a terrible first pitch at Tigers game

Former Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson threw out the first pitch at the Detroit Tigers-Toronto Blue Jays game Tuesday at Comerica Park, and it did not go well.

As you can see, Robinson was pitching from the front part of the mound, and his throw bounced well before it got to the plate. This coming from a quarterback, no less.

Robinson is trying to make the switch from QB to wide receiver in order to play in the NFL. He did not catch the ball too well at the Senior Bowl, but some team may be intrigued enough by his speed and skills to take him fairly high in the draft. There has also been some interest in him as a running back or cornerback.

The good news for Robinson is at least his first pitch wasn’t as bad as John Wall’s.

Here it is in GIF form:

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Denard Robinson will reportedly play wide receiver at the Senior Bowl

Denard Robinson may have once been a Heisman Trophy candidate as a quarterback at Michigan, but the game is much different in the NFL than it is at the college level. Robinson’s legs were more of a threat that his arm during his days as a Wolverine. He set an NCAA record for career rushing yards by a quarterback with 4,495 and was used as a receiver and running back when he returned from injury for Michigan’s final two games this past season.

It’s highly unlikely that an NFL team will draft Robinson with the intention of making him a quarterback, which is why he has reportedly decided to accept an invitation to the Senior Bowl as a wide receiver. The Detroit Free Press reported on Wednesday that Robinson has committed to the Jan. 26 all-star game, where he could also see time at running back.

Last month, ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. speculated that Robinson could try to improve his draft stock by attending the Senior Bowl as a receiver, the same way Antwaan Randle El did 10 years ago after he played quarterback at Indiana.

“There’s a lot of people hoping that he goes down to Mobile, Ala., and plays in that Senior Bowl and does what Antwaan Randle El did coming out of Indiana as a quarterback, goes there and shows that he can catch the football and return punts,” Kiper said. “If Robinson does that, we know he’s got tremendous speed, a tremendous burst, we know he’s a tough kid, we know he can run with the football in his hands, you can put him in the backfield. He could be a situational back, you could put him in the slot, in the wing, you could put him in the return game, you can get him the ball in space.

“I think as long as he shows he can catch the ball effectively, he’s got a chance to be a second-round draft choice. I really believe that’s where he could potentially go.”

The second round sounds like it could be a bit high for a player who is being drafted to play a position other than the one that made him famous in college, but it’s not out of the question. Robinson has a rare combination of speed and athletic ability. NFL coaches can usually find somewhere to put guys like that.

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Michigan State players rip Denard Robinson during Michigan’s loss to Alabama

Michigan State kicked off its season on a positive note Friday night with a victory over No. 24 Boise State. Denard Robinson and company were not as fortunate on Saturday night as they were completely dominated by Alabama in all phases of the game. Most of us expected the Tide to be too much for Michigan, but the 41-14 loss made the Wolverines look undeserving of their top-10 preseason ranking.

Not surprisingly, the Michigan State players seemed to enjoy every second of Michigan’s rough evening. Many of them took to Twitter to rip Robinson  with a series of tweets that have since been deleted but were captured by MLive.com.

“Is this guy really a QB I’ll say my mans (walk-on Tommy Vento) is a better QB lol,” Linebacker Denicos Allen wrote. “S/O to my boy Vento by the way.”

“DENARD IS SOOOO BAD!” safety Kyle Artinian added. “And it makes me feel so good.”

“I can play quarterback for the school in blue,” Linebacker Jamal Lyles tweeted. “(Le’Veon Bell) for Heisman.”

As you may have seen, MSU running back Le’Veon Bell received an amazing 50 touches during the Spartans win over Boise State — including 44 rushing attempts for 210 yards. Robinson, who many believe is a strong Heisman Trophy candidate this season, completed only 11-of-26 passes for 200 yards and threw two interceptions. He ran the ball only 10 times for 27 yards and added a rushing touchdown.

Since it is so early in the year, we can’t really tell if the blowout loss Michigan suffered indicates that they are overrated or shows just how dominant Alabama will be again this season. In any event, Robinson shouldn’t needed any added motivation when taking on MSU in October. Clearly his rivals have very little respect for him.

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