Dez Bryant Respects 90s Cowboys Teams But Wants to Make ‘A Path of Our Own’

As is the case with any great franchise, people have a tendency to compare the Cowboys of now to the Cowboys of old.  During the Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, and Michael Irvin years, Dallas dominated the NFL.  These days, the pride and joy of Jerry Jones is fighting for its playoff life.  After hearing comparisons between this year’s team and the Cowboys teams of the 90s following Sunday’s win over St. Louis, Dez Bryant made it clear that he wants this Dallas team to form its own identity.

“We respect what the 90’s (teams) did,” Bryant said according to the Dallas Morning News. “Great team. Much respect to all of them. They’re still great and forever will be great. But we want to make a path of our own. I feel like if we continue to keep playing the way we did, we’ll get there someday, hopefully.”

Since Bryant has heard so much criticism from those who used to wear the uniform of America’s team, it’s no surprise he wants to hold off on the comparisons.  Until Tony Romo can stop choking away games, he should never be compared to a winner like Troy Aikman.  DeMarco Murray is on pace to break every team rushing record the Cowboys have, but he has exactly one NFL start on his resume.  The offense looked explosive against the Rams, but we’re talking about the Rams.  This is not the 1990s, and the Cowboys need fans and analysts to recognize that so they can perform under lower expectations.

Jim Schwartz on Dez Bryant Celebrating Incompletion: Had to Set Him Straight

Dez Bryant had a splendid game for the Cowboys on Sunday, catching two touchdown passes from Tony Romo in a 34-30 loss to the Lions. He finished with 3 catches for 37 yards, but he missed out on even better stats when a spectacular catch he made along the sidelines was reviewed and ruled incomplete. Bryant was fired up over the catch, but Jim Schwartz challenged the call and won. The friction between the men was apparent throughout the game, and it culminated with Schwartz calling Dez a naughty name.

On his weekly Lions Review show on WXYT, Schwartz got in a nice little dig at Dez.

“I don’t talk to a lot of players, but when you’re celebrating an incomplete pass, and you’re taunting a defense and taunting the sideline because you thought you made a great catch, and it was incomplete, we have to let you know you,” Schwartz said. “We had to let him know he didn’t make a catch since midway through the first quarter, and that was going to be incomplete.”

And according to the Detroit Free Press, Schwartz added on Tuesday that he’s “never seen somebody celebrate an incomplete pass so much, so we wanted to make sure that he knew that it was incomplete.”

Even if the catch didn’t count, it was a heck of a play. I can understand why Dez was fired up. But Schwartz pretty much killed Dez’s buzz by going “scoreboard” on him. There’s nothing wrong with Dez getting pumped about a nice play (even if it didn’t count), and there was nothing wrong with Schwartz trying to put him back in place. And of course the Lions reserved their celebrating until after the game.

Drew Pearson Blasts Dez Bryant for Not Being Able to Finish Against Jets

Less than a full quarter into the Sunday night game between the Jets and Cowboys, people were already thinking “this dude is going to be a beast” while admiring Dez Bryant. Tony Romo looked toward Bryant early and often and Bryant rewarded his quarterback by coming up with a couple of fantastic catches. After firing up all of his fantasy owners to kick off 2011, Bryant suffered a quad injury and failed to contribute for the remainder of the night.

We know Dez has had some off-field issues and a few financial problems, but he has the type of talent that could make him one of the NFL’s top receivers.  In order to do that, Bryant will have to prove he can remain healthy.  According to a former Cowboys receiver who happened to wear jersey No. 88, Bryant needs to show he can finish games.

“You saw what happened in the fourth quarter,” Drew Pearson told 103.3 FM’s Ben and Skin Show Monday according to the Dallas Morning News. “We had wide receivers that couldn’t finish the game. Come on! Jeez! The first quarter was spectacular. Great job, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah. But now we need you in the fourth quarter and you can’t even run? You catch three passes in the first quarter and then you get targeted five times after that and you don’t make any catches? . . . Let’s not be so high on this guy who hasn’t really done anything. He missed four games last season, he comes in this game and he can’t finish it out.

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Dez Bryant May Need New Contract to Pay Off Debts for Jewelry, Other Things

Dez Bryant is a player that many believe will have a break out season with the Dallas Cowboys in 2011. With a healthy Tony Romo back under center, Bryant has a chance to emerge as the Cowboys No. 1 receiver ahead of Miles Austin before the season comes to an end. He is that talented.

The aforementioned scenario would be ideal for the second-year receiver, as it appears he could use some more money.  Although he insists he has fixed his surroundings and now has his head on straight, Bryant is reportedly in significant debt.  According to the Star-Telegram, Bryant faced two lawsuits in the spring totaling $850,000 — one of which has been settled.  The other is a pending suit in which Eleow Hunt alleges that Bryant and his adviser, David Wells, owe him $600,000 for jewelry, sports tickets, and repayment of loans.

Bryant has four years left on his five-year, $11.8 million deal.  He made made $2.84 million last season that included a signing bonus, but his base salary for this year is $1.1 million.  Obviously that is a lot of money, but the $600,000 he owes would account for well over half of his base salary for this season.

Needless to say, Dez’s teammates should probably give him a break from now on when it comes to buying five-figure dinners.

Dez Bryant Says He’s Fixed His Surroundings, Now on Straight and Narrow

The only news about Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant lately has been positive. Dez is said to be dominating during the team’s training camp and many of his teammates are expecting a breakout season. But until recently, Dez had been more known for his problems away from football rather than his play on the field.

As recently as July, we passed along a report saying Bryant had skipped out on an autograph session. Before that, he supposedly had trouble at a shopping mall for wearing his pants too low. He’s reportedly owed jewelers money, and who can forget the pads carrying incident with Roy Williams last year?

That’s a nice summary of all the issues Dez has faced. Now, Bryant says he’s a changed man.

“I think it was my surroundings [that led to problems],” Bryant told the Cowboys website. “I feel like I fixed that, and I’m headed on the straight and narrow path. I don’t need to get into details. Everything is done, I like how it’s going and my life is on straight.”

Aside from cracking up over envisioning Dez saying he’s headed “on the straight and narrow,” I’m not sure I can buy all this. It’s one thing to say everything is fixed, but the best way to prove the change is by avoiding trouble.

Dez Bryant Skipped Autograph Signing, Said Father Had Heart Attack

Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant has had a tough run since college. He was ruled ineligible in his junior season at Oklahoma State for lying to the NCAA about his dealings with Deion Sanders, his former mentor who is no longer advising him. Bryant has had several issues with paying back debts, he reportedly was kicked out of a mall for wearing baggy pants, and he was a disrespectful rookie during training camp. The latest charge against him should not surprise you.

The Dallas Observer reports that Dez Bryant skipped an autograph signing in Atlantic City which he agreed to attend. Dez reportedly was set to make around $10,000 to sign autographs for two hours at the Collectors Showcase of America last month in New Jersey. His deal was pretty sweet too. According to the report, Bryant was to receive round-trip flights for himself and two others, three hotel rooms in Edison, an 80-mile limo ride to Atlantic City and two hotel rooms there, including a luxury suite.

When Bryant arrived at the airport for his departing flight, he called the liaison and began complaining about the deal. Then he said he couldn’t make it because he had to go to Houston to visit his father who just had a heart attack.

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Dez Bryant Thinks Deion Sanders Is Getting Kickbacks from Under Armour

Deion Sanders prides himself on working with young athletes and serving as a role model and father figure for them. One of his prized youngsters was Dez Bryant, who actually was suspended by the NCAA for the season for lying about his contact with Deion. Deion defended himself after Bryant was suspended saying he doesn’t prostitute kids.

The relationship between the two continued after college when Bryant was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys and given the sacred #88 jersey. But things changed to the point that Deion gave up on Bryant and stopped talking with him and advising him. Bryant says it was all related to him backing out of an endorsement deal with Under Armour.

“I never knew the reason for Deion not saying anything to me,” Bryant told ESPN Dallas. “The only thing I can believe is that when I stopped talking to Under Armour, Deion stopped talking to me. I never knew what Prime’s problem was.

“That’s my decision. That has nothing to do with Prime. That made me feel he must be getting something from Under Armour.”

Bryant’s response came after Deion ripped him on the radio for his whole sagging pants at the mall fiasco. Deion said that Dez needs help, and that’s when Dez said Sanders had an agenda due to Under Armour. Between the two of them, it’s hard to know what to believe. Deion is right in that Dez needs some help to avoid trouble, and Dez is likely right that Deion has an agenda to push despite his denials.