Charles Barkley defends Doug Gottlieb after ‘white man’s perspective’ comment (Video)

Doug-GottliebDoug Gottlieb tried to make a joke during CBS’ broadcast of the NCAA Tournament on Thursday night, and he ended up hearing nothing but crickets and Twitter outrage. If he could do it over, I’m sure Gottlieb would take back his comment about bringing the “white man’s perspective” to CBS’ panel of tournament analysts. He later apologized.

“It was not a smart thing to say and I apologize,” Gottlieb said according to the Associated Press.

However, Charles Barkley was not offended. After catching wind of the way Gottlieb was being torn apart on Twitter and other social media sites, Barkley decided to take a few moments to defend his colleague later in the broadcast.

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Doug Gottlieb flips out over flagrant foul call on Pitt’s Lamar Patterson (Video)

Lamar-Patterson-flagrantPittsburgh’s Lamar Patterson was whistled for a flagrant foul during his team’s game against Wichita State on Thursday after he hit an opponent in the face with an elbow. The contact occurred as Patterson was driving to the basket and did not appear to be intentional. However, the call was correct in that even an unintentional elbow to an opponent is a Flagrant 1 by rule.

The officials made the right call, but that didn’t stop analyst Doug Gottlieb from having a meltdown over how much he hates the rule itself.

“This is the dumbest thing we do in basketball,” Gottlieb said. “This is dumb. This is absolutely, completely moronic. This is not a foul. It’s not a purposeful elbow. It’s a guy driving to the basket and his elbow happens to hit (Tyler Baker) in the mouth. That’s incidental contact. It’s considered a flagrant by letter of the rule book.

“You mean to tell me that in the process of driving to the basket he sees Ron Baker, lines him up and elbows him? Come on, he’s protecting the ball and protecting the drive. That’s a basketball move.”

Gottlieb was so fired up you could hear him slapping his hand as he ranted. He also mentioned how it was ridiculous that the officials were reviewing the play and holding the game up, which he thought would cause viewers to switch over to the Bucknell-Butler game.

Personally, I agree with Gottlieb that the rule is a lousy one. That being said, I’d never be able to express myself in quite as convincing and squeaky of a tone as Gottlieb can. If viewers did switch over to the Bucknell-Butler game, it’s most likely because he was giving them a headache.

Video via The Big Lead

North Carolina players motivated to prove Doug Gottlieb wrong

Many pundits declared North Carolina’s chances of winning the NCAA Tournament over when point guard Kendall Marshall got hurt in the team’s second-round game last weekend. ESPN analyst Doug Gottlieb was as definitive as possible speaking about the Tar Heels’ chances of winning the tournament.

“They will not get out of St. Louis. They will not go to New Orleans,” Gottlieb said on SportsCenter Tuesday.

North Carolina’s next two games would be in St. Louis and if they win both, they would advance to the Final Four in New Orleans. Obviously Gottlieb doesn’t think they’ll win both games. Many Carolina players heard his prediction and referenced it when speaking with the media.

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Jim Mora and Doug Gottlieb Have Incredibly Uncomfortable Interview

I was listening to Doug Gottlieb filling in for Colin Cowherd this morning on ESPN Radio when I came across an extremely uncomfortable interview. They had former Falcons coach Jim Mora on the show and Gottlieb wanted to ask him about Michael Vick’s turnaround in Philadelphia. Mora was Vick’s coach in Atlanta and the two were extremely close. With Vick as his quarterback, Mora went 26-22 and reached the NFC Championship Game in his first season in 2004. So when Gottlieb asked if Mora was “bummed out” that Vick didn’t put in more effort during his time in Atlanta, things got testy. Here’s the video via The Big Lead:

It seems like Mora was expecting to do the interview with Cowherd and was disappointed he got stuck with the substitute teacher he deemed inexperienced. Gottlieb should have also done his homework and realized how close Mora and Vick were and then he would have termed his question differently. Gottlieb’s mistake was stating Vick’s behavior in Atlanta as fact instead of asking Mora to compare the two. In that regard, he came across as unprepared and got burned. Still, Mora was unnecessarily testy, but that’s part of his personality. Most of the people reacting on twitter feel like Mora was more inappropriate than the other way around. Even if Mora didn’t agree with the way Gottlieb was doing the interview, he could have been more cordial. It was just awkward all the way around.