Drew Storen’s dad takes funny shot at Nationals over Stephen Strasburg

Mike-Rizzo-Potomac-Nationals-Field-ConditionsBryce Harper and Yoenis Cespedes showed us that the future of the MLB is incredibly bright when they battled it out in the final round of the Home Run Derby on Monday night. Cespedes may have won the event with a towering home run and an epic bat flip, but the highlight of my night came from someone connected to the Washington Nationals organization.

Harper’s father, Ron, was his son’s personal pitcher for the Derby. Nationals pitcher Drew Storen’s father was watching the event from home, and he seized the opportunity to drop a perfectly-timed Stephen Strasburg reference during the final round.

Of course, Storen’s dad was referring to the innings cap the Nationals put on Strasburg last season. He had to have planned that one out, right? I bet when Harper advanced to the finals, Drew’s dad couldn’t wait to send that tweet. I don’t blame him. That’s pure genius.

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Nationals pitcher Drew Storen has a new nickname: Tinkerbell

Depending on how much of a trend-setter Nationals manager Davey Johnson is, Washington relief pitcher Drew Storen could be in for a long season of harassment. I have never actually seen Storen pitch, but apparently he has a unique delivery — so unique that Johnson has decided the nickname “Tinkerbell” would suit his right-hander.

“I’m going to start calling him Tinkerbell,” Johnson said after the Nats’ spring training game on Sunday according to the Washington Post. “He comes in with all kinds of different little moves. Once the game started, he looked good.”

Storen faced three batters and retired all three on 11 total pitches, striking out two of them. Whatever crazy delivery he has going on, it must work. If I was a member of the Nationals squad, I’d be doing everything in my power to make this stick. Can’t you just see the name “Tinkerbell” written on the left-hand ticker of Sportscenter when Storen has a dominant relief outing? How about that deep-voiced guy saying, “The Nationals then turned to Tinkerbell” in Washington’s World Series DVD if they ever won it all? Make it happen.

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Rudy Gay Called Out for Being a ‘Camper’ in Call of Duty Video Game

Memphis Grizzlies forward Rudy Gay was a guest on The Jim Rome Show Tuesday and talked about a video game grudge match he had scheduled with Mavs guard Jason Terry. Gay and Terry squared off in Call of Duty: Black Ops at Treyarch Studios later on Tuesday, but before that Gay revealed what type of player he is in the popular multi-player shooting game.

“I’m one of those guys that just hides,” Gay told Rome. “Everyone just runs around so I can shoot ‘em.”

Though Rome isn’t much of a video gamer, he called Gay out for his boring gaming style known as “camping.” According to the unimpeachable source that is Urban Dictionary, being a camper is “Usually the sign of a bad player who thinks they are the best.”

Later in the show, Nationals reliever Drew Storen, who was an in-studio guest, called out Gay for his refusal to engage during the game.

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