East Carolina Players Suspended for Fighting over a Piece of Cheesecake

Some stories are so far fetched that they really are difficult to believe. If both Jonathan Williams and Leonard Paulk hadn’t been suspended by East Carolina for the Liberty Bowl, I would have doubted the truth of this story. But as it stands, coach Skip Holtz confirmed the two were involved in an incident on Thursday. The details from the Memphis Commercial Appeal via Dr. Saturday:

Two East Carolina players got into a fight at the AutoZone Liberty Bowl’s annual awards luncheon Thursday at the Hilton Memphis. Witnesses said the table almost flipped over as the two players — confirmed by an ECU spokesman as junior running back Jonathan Williams and freshman redshirt running back Leonard Paulk — fought over a dessert. One player had the other in a headlock and was hitting him, according to witnesses.

One of the Man Laws is to never take the last item of food, but what do you do if the piece doesn’t have rightful ownership? Maybe a UFC-style cage fight is the only way to answer the question. Just kidding. This is so absurd I don’t even know where to begin. And it must have been more than just a friendly wrestling match if the guys were suspended for the game. As far as ridiculous stories go, this definitely takes the cake.

East Carolina’s Chris Johnson Is Fast

When you think of East Carolina, I’m not sure exactly what comes to mind. I’m guessing it’s not football, though David Garrard has done a lot to change that recently. Maybe you will think of athletics because of Kings SG Kevin Martin, though he played for Western Carolina. Or maybe, just maybe, running back Chris Johnson will change all that. Turns out he was the fastest player at the NFL combine, burning up a 4.24 40 time. I’m ordinarily not too impressed by combine stats because I don’t believe they’re significant in the overall evaluation of a player, but this video was too cool to pass up. Check out Johnson’s highlight reel from ECU:

Maybe it was just the competition, but damn, CJ sure looked like he was in Madden jamming on the turbo button heavily against a crappy defense. Dude just looked FAST.

If you liked that video, this Joey Gathright/Adrian Wilson jumping video will blow your mind. Talk about athletes with just freakish ability, man.