Jim Boeheim testy with Gregg Doyel over retirement question (Video)

Jim Boeheim getting testy with reporters has become a postgame tradition. Saturday was no exception.

Boeheim fielded a question from CBS Sports’ Gregg Doyel after his team’s 61-56 loss to Michigan and did not like it. Doyel who is known for stirring it up, asked Boeheim if he was planning to make an announcement about his future. The two then sparred over the question for about a minute.

Here’s the text of the full exchange via ASAP Sports:

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Russell Westbrook doesn’t care about media, won’t let it dictate his play

Russell Westbrook has been the media and fans’ whipping boy whenever anything goes wrong with the Thunder.

The criticism of Westbrook goes back to last season when the Thunder lost to the Mavericks in the playoffs. Many observers were watching the All-Star point guard play for the first time, and they were aghast that he didn’t play like a typical point guard. They couldn’t (and some still can’t) comprehend that Westbrook is an elite athlete whose specialty is getting to the hole and scoring, not passing.

Whenever things went wrong for OKC in the playoffs last year, the media and fans blamed Westbrook for not passing to Kevin Durant enough. The criticism has followed the same pattern this postseason.

After Oklahoma City’s Game 2 and 3 losses in the Finals, there were frequent calls for Westbrook to change the way he was playing. People lost their minds and forgot that Westbrook’s style helped the Thunder achieve the third-best record in the NBA and reach the NBA Finals. Once the team began losing, the media needed to point the finger, and Westbrook became the punching bag like usual. Good thing for Oklahoma City that Russell is above all that.

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LeBron James Shuts Down Narrow-Minded Gregg Doyel’s Question After Game

If you thought that LeBron James‘ performance at the end of Game 5 against the Bulls put an end to the conversation about him not being clutch, you were wrong. Some media personalities who are controversial for the sake of being controversial (taking controversial, albeit absurd stances makes you into a personality and a brand that generates phone calls on the radio and clicks on the web, etc), are trying to find any possible way to knock LeBron James. Before the Finals began, I put together a list of media members who declared LeBron James’ legacy permanently ruined by his choice to go to Miami. I explained why that was so short-sighted, unfair, and in many ways hypocritical. Media members have decided what they want their stars to look and play like and can’t comprehend when what they see doesn’t match what they’ve built up in their heads.

For instance, Kobe Bryant has been termed a “closer,” which is a concept manufactured by Nike and reinforced by media members and fans. These people would rather see Kobe shoot with three people guarding him than have him pass to a wide open teammate because that’s what stars do. While LeBron sometimes has deferred to teammates when he could have taken a shot that was just as open, he often passes to teammates to give them the best looks. His unselfish nature is part of what makes him great, but he also attacks when he has to.

In Game 3 of the NBA Finals, LeBron had 17 points and nine assists in his team’s 88-86 win. I wasn’t following the boxscore but it was easy to see LeBron was setting up his teammates and racking up assists. Sometimes he takes over games, sometimes he passes. In Game 3, he was deferring and it worked out just fine. Actually, he made the perfect pass setting up Chris Bosh’s winning shot rather than force a shot while being double-teamed.

Anyway, getting back to CBS Sports “controversial because it pays me well and I can withstand the hate of being called a jerk” columnist Gregg Doyel, this guy asked LeBron why he shrunk in the fourth quarter. He did so getting in a jab by saying LeBron’s supposed shrinkage in the fourth was unlike what superstars do. Here’s the video courtesy of Jose3030 on twitter:

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