Jeff Green celebrates game-winning shot with his heart surgeon

A year ago, Jeff Green had life-saving surgery in the city where he hit a game-winning shot for the Boston Celtics on Wednesday night.

Green led the Celtics to a 93-92 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers with a buzzer-beating layup, and he followed the big shot by embracing Dr. Lars Svensson.

Dr. Svensson performed heart surgery on Green at the Cleveland Clinic a little more than a year ago. After the game, Green dedicated the shot to his doctor.

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Bill Simmons: I’ve been waiting for Jeff Green to start dating Manti Te’o

Bill-SimmonsLeave it to Bill Simmons to be one of the first sports analysts to break out a Manti Te’o fake girlfriend reference. Boston Celtics forward Jeff Green has been incredibly inconsistent this season. Every time he rips off a streak of games where he puts up 15-plus points and throws down a dunk like this, it seems like he comes back with three more where he is a complete non-factor. Friday night’s loss to the Chicago Bulls was one of those stinkers.

In a game where the Celtics lost by a point in overtime and could have used a boost from their bench, Green scored just two points in 19 minutes. After the game, Simmons pointed out that Green was invisible — in a way only “The Sports Guy” could.

“Jeff Green, he’s been invisible,” Simmons said. “I mean, I keep waiting for him to start dating Manti Te’o.”

Michael Wilbon did not approve, but I got a cheap laugh out of it. If you believe that Te’o was not in on the hoax after hearing stories like this, you might be less apt to crack jokes at his expense. I’m actually starting to believe Te’o, but he still deserves to be made fun of for being so damn naive.

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Jeff Green destroys Al Jefferson on dunk (Video)

Jeff Green destroyed Al Jefferson with a monstrous, soul-crushing dunk on Wednesday night in Boston.

The Boston Celtics forward took a pass in the corner and drove to the hole where he elevated from the middle of the paint and just slammed one down on the Jazz big man. Green then stared down Jefferson for good measure, receiving a technical foul for taunting.

Not only did his teammates not seem to mind, they were actually happy about it. Kevin Garnett could be seen saying to him, “That’s what I’m talking about,” while others gave him similar praise.

Green missed last season after undergoing heart surgery, and he was struggling to fit into the team this year. A powerful, statement dunk like this is exactly the sort of play he needed to get going.

Meanwhile, Jefferson, who was once traded from Boston to Minnesota in the Kevin Garnett deal, still has not beaten his former team. The C’s won 98-93 while Green scored a season-high 16 points.

Video, Image via @Jose3030

Jeff Green: I Was Overshadowed by Durant and Westbrook, I Can Really Play

If and when the NBA settles their obnoxious labor dispute, Jeff Green has some business to take care of.  Green was one of the main pieces in the surprising Kendrick Perkins deal the Celtics put together last season.  Boston gave up a talented young player but hoped bringing one in would help ease the worries of Celtics fans.  Green contributed some quality minutes off the bench, but was not exactly what you would call a difference-maker.  When play resumes, he hopes to change that.

“Yeah, man, you know a lot of people don’t know what I can really do,” Green told the Boston Herald on Wednesday. “In Oklahoma, I was kind of overshadowed by Kevin (Durant) and the way Russell (Westbrook) picked up, but, excuse my language, I can really (expletive) play. I can really play this game, man.”

When you have one guy who is capable of doing this and another who thinks he’s the best player on the floor, it is certainly easy to be overshadowed.  With the Celtics roster aging rapidly and the Big Three entering the final year(s) of their careers, Boston needs Green to step up and be more than just a role player — assuming they resign him as a restricted free agent.

“I had some good meetings with (coach) Doc (Rivers) before the lockout, and I’ve been talking to (Paul Pierce) and Ray (Allen),” Green said. “Next year they’re really going to allow me to play, and I think that’s what I need. I need to go out there and just play. Sometimes I think too much, but I just need to go out there and play the game. I’ve got great confidence in myself, but things were a little difficult last year.”

If he’s using Durant and Westbrook as an excuse in Oklahoma City, he should use Pierce, Garnett, and Allen as motivation in Boston.  Their leadership and experience can only help a player like Green, and they won’t be around much longer.  The former Hoya has a great opportunity and great situation in Boston.  Now, he just has to cash in.

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Danny Ainge Should Be Thanked for Making Kendrick Perkins Trade

When Danny Ainge dealt Kendrick Perkins to the Oklahoma City Thunder the basketball world felt pure shock. As a fan of the Boston Celtics, I felt pure rage. Even Lakers fans were left in disbelief over what had transpired at the trade deadline. Why would Danny pull off a last second deal that may disturb the balance of the universe and cause the New England commonwealth to cave in upon itself? I decided to give it a few games as see what other moves Danny had planned before I crowned him the new Joe Dumars of the NBA.

A week has passed and the dust has settled. A few games and the new-look Boston Celtics look good. In fact, they look better. We shouldn’t just forgive Danny Ainge for moving Perkins, we should thank him.

Part of the reason Perkins was moved was because he had turned down a 4-year, $22-million offer from the Celtics. Perkins believed his value to be $10-million per year and the Celtics front office disagreed. The other key in the trade was Marquis Daniels going down with a neck injury. This left Boston with no backup small forward to help relieve Paul Pierce of his duties. Afraid that Boston and Pierce would burn out before the Finals and Perkins would leave shortly thereafter as a free agent, Ainge pulled the trigger. The move had two purposes: Try and salvage as much of this season as possible as well as help cushion the teams decline in the post-Big 3 era.

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If Kendrick Perkins is Hurt, Celtics Trade for Jeff Green Makes Sense

The championship window is closing for the Boston Celtics. At the start of last season, they were too old to win a championship. Kevin Garnett’s knee was a concern and Paul Pierce and Ray Allen hadn’t gotten any younger. Somehow, they rode the senior citizen’s bus all the way to Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

Celtics fans believe that had Kendrick Perkins played in Game 7, Boston would have won its second championship in three years.  Instead, Perkins blew out his knee, the Celtics were forced to play without their best low-post defender, and the Lakers hoisted the trophy yet again.  Boston’s center has since never been the same.

Perkins’ path to recovery took another hit last night when he tweaked his knee.  Team doctors have indicated he could miss three games.  If the injury is more serious than that, the Oklahoma City Thunder are willing to take the risk.  They proved that when they agreed to ship Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic to Boston in exchange for Perkins and Nate Robinson.

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