Colts Reportedly May Interview Jim Tressel for Head Coaching Position

The Indianapolis Colts fired Jim Caldwell this week following the team’s brutal 2-14 season. The Indianapolis Star reports that former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel may be interviewed to fill the vacancy.

In their report, the Star says team owner Jim Irsay’s plane flew to Sarasota, Florida Friday morning where Tressel owns a home. They say that multiple sources expect Tressel to be interviewed for the job.

This wouldn’t be too surprising given Tressel’s experience and success as a collegiate head coach. He served as a head coach at Youngstown State in Ohio from 1986-2001 where he won four national championships. He was hired by Ohio State and won a national title in the 2002 season.

Tressel served as a consultant for the Colts this past season after resigning as coach of the Buckeyes in May.

Being interviewed for the position doesn’t mean he’s going to be the team’s next coach, but it shows he may be seriously close to getting back into coaching.

The Colts reportedly are also expected to interview Saints offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael Jr., Titans defensive coordinator Jerry Gray, and Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer for their coaching vacancy.

Ex-Ohio State QB Pandel Savic Blames Terrelle Pryor, Not Jim Tressel

Former Ohio State quarterback Pandel Savic still supports Jim Tressel and blames Terrelle Pryor and a few others for bringing down the Buckeyes. Savic, who quarterbacked the Buckeyes to a Rose Bowl win in 1949, shared his thoughts with The Columbus Dispatch.

“First of all, we all love (former coach Jim) Tressel, and as far as I’m concerned, he got shafted because of the actions of (former quarterback Terrelle) Pryor, for one, and a few others,” Savic said. “I just don’t like the idea of him being let go. I think the world of the man, and he did a hell of a job for us.

I feel very badly that we treated Tressel in the manner that we’ve treated him. There’s no doubt the program has suffered indirectly, though I hope not too much with our recruiting. But everybody who has played there is always 100 percent behind the program, and that’s what we’re going to show.”

Savic’s attitude is reflective of the feelings of most Buckeyes fans. Just last month we told you about all the Ohio State fans who marched to Tressel’s house to support him. Nevermind that Tressel intentionally covered up for his players by lying to the school and NCAA. Nevermind that he knowingly cheated, these people still believe he did the right thing and that he was a respectable and honorable man. Simply put, they’re still smitten with the false identity created by the vest.

I don’t have a problem with Buckeyes fans supporting their program through good times and bad. I think it’s loyal of them to stand by Tressel for all the winning he accomplished at Ohio State. But if you’re going to be proud of what he accomplished, you have to support what the players under him did. Remember, Ohio State didn’t get busted just because a few players got tattoos and weed in exchange for memorabilia; they got hammered because their coach lied about it. That makes two cheaters, not one. Fans and ex-players shouldn’t single out the players when Tressel is at least equally as culpable.

Bret Bielema Crushes Jim Tressel for Cheating at Ohio State

Wisconsin has established itself as a force in the Big Ten the past two seasons. They’ve had back-to-back double-digit win seasons and have fought with the likes of Ohio State, Penn State, Iowa, and Michigan State for the top spot in the conference. Because of the close competition between the schools and what’s at stake, it irks Badgers coach Bret Bielema if one school has an advantage over the other because it’s cheating.

Asked about Jim Tressel’s departure from Ohio State during the conference’s media day Thursday, Bielema provided a blunt response.

“If I had a dream world, I would say hammer the guys who don’t do things right,” Bielema said. “When you are consciously aware of abusing a rule, there’s no excuse for that. When you consciously break an NCAA rule, the only way to deter that is to get rid of people or seriously hold people accountable.

“When I come across someone who’s knowingly or willingly (breaking a rule), I have no tolerance for that.”

Jim Tressel consciously broke NCAA rules by withholding knowledge of potential violations committed by his players. He knew the team would be in trouble without star quarterback Terrelle Pryor, so he decided to cover things up.

Wisconsin handed Ohio State its only loss last season so one could say justice was done on the field. By the sounds of things, that’s not enough retribution for Bielema.

We’re going to hang onto this nifty little quote in case Wisconsin ever gets popped. This is the exact sort of comment that can make you look foolish, much like this guy.

Desmond Howard: Woody Hayes Would Have Punched Jim Tressel in the Throat

Last month Desmond Howard was angering Michigan fans with some of his comments. Now he’s doing more of the same to Ohio State fans. In an interview with the Omaha World-Herald via Sporting News, Howard said Woody Hayes would be embarrassed by Jim Tressel’s actions at Ohio State.

“If Woody Hayes was around now, I’m thinking he would grab Jim Tressel by the collar and punch him in the throat,” Howard told the World-Herald. “Because what he has done to that program, it’s just embarrassing.”

Howard didn’t stop there. He also said that Ohio State’s actions tarnished the clean, wholesome, Midwest morals image of the Big Ten. To which we say what about the violations and questionable recruiting by Rich Rodriguez at Michigan?

Howard believes that players selling merchandise is irrelevant and shouldn’t be a crime, and he thinks the NCAA should review its rules. He also is disappointed about what happened with Ohio State because he wants to beat his opponent’s best.

As for the point that Hayes would have punched Jim Tressel in the throat, I imagine it would have been a right to the collarbone:

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Michigan Fans Create Vestocchio Video Mocking Jim Tressel, Ohio State

Michigan fan website The M Zone created a hilarious spoof video of Pinnochio called Vestocchio. The fantastic video, shared with us by SI Hot Clicks, is a perfect reminder of why the internet reigns supreme over nearly everything. Just a tremendous job spoofing Jim Tressel and the Ohio State scandal. Watch it:

Coming from a school that recently employed the dirtiest of the dirty, Rich Rodriguez, this seems out of place, but it won’t stop me from laughing. Any job that well done needs to be recognized. Even Ohio State fans should manage a laugh from that.

The Truth About the NCAA and College Sports: It Is All One Big Lie

It used to be that visionaries like Joe Isuzu and Cal Worthington were just cornball pitchmen whose sole purpose was to hawk underpowered automobiles to the unwitting American public. Who knew there would be a day when they would be bankrolling the top college programs in the nation, helping to secure the latest star quarterback?

If there were a meter for the level of impropriety in college sports these days, the NCAA would need to consult Nigel Tufnel, because it would go to 11. Ever since SMU started the Cash for Clunkers program back in the 1980s, the arena of amateur athletics has been on some sort of glorified barter system: rush for 1500 yards, and well give you the finest American cars Japan has to offer. Do 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms sound fair for a national title?

The latest SWAG to raise a red flag concerns Ohio State. Back in December, an investigation into a disreputable owner of a tattoo parlor — what, were you expecting the guy owning a business like that to wear a top hat and monocle? — revealed that star quarterback Terrelle Pryor and several other players on the Buckeye football team had been receiving improper benefits from said business. (It’s a good thing that Andrei Kirilenko didn’t attend college in the United States.) The NCAA was so horrified by the amount of cash and discounted tattoos that it allowed the guilty players to indulge their sweet tooth by participating in the Sugar Bowl. The investigation did not mention how much the tattoos were marked down or what they were of — how much can an image of George Plimpton on one’s buttock actually cost? — but college’s governing body came down on these purveyors of body art, doling out suspensions, beginning with the start of the 2011 season.

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200 Ohio State Fans March to Jim Tressel’s House to Support Lying to NCAA (Video)

On Saturday evening, around 200 Ohio State fans marched from the Buckeyes campus in Columbus to Jim Tressel’s house. They marched to support their former hero, the coach who resigned on Memorial Day in response to the controversy over which he presided. Here’s a sampling of what went on according to reports:

“Those in the rally cheered, sang the alma mater and held up signs that said, “You’re in Our Prayers,” “We Support You, Jim!” and “We Love You, Coach Tressel.”

“We’re going to be Buckeyes for life,” Tressel said, his arm around his wife. “What’s that old saying? Buckeye born and bred, a Buckeye ’til I’m dead.”

That’s so sweet, I almost have a tear in my eye. Here’s a video of Tressel and the crowd singing “We Don’t Give A Damn For The Whole State Of Michigan”:

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