Hanley Ramirez puts snake in Juan Uribe’s shoe (Video)

UribeThe Los Angeles Dodgers love messing with each other more than any other team in baseball, but Hanley Ramirez may have crossed the line on Saturday. How? By putting a snake in Juan Uribe’s shoe.

We’re not sure if it was a real snake or not, but it definitely scared the crap out of Uribe. Ramirez posted the video you see above on Instagram with a caption written in Spanish that basically translates to “I put a snake in (Juan Uribe’s) shoe,” according to Google translator.

Whether it’s turning their teammate into a real-life bobblehead or playing a tiny guitar in the clubhouse for spare change, the Dodgers always seem to be having a great time. Unless it was a rubber snake, Hanley may have sparked an all-out war.

Juan Uribe plays mini guitar in Dodgers clubhouse for money (Video)

Juan Uribe guitarYasiel Puig posts a lot of random stuff on his Instagram account, and most of it is kind of useless. It’s usually him sightseeing or at events, and the captions are almost always written by one of his handlers. But once in a while he comes up with a gem, like this one.

Behold fresh video from inside the Dodgers’ clubhouse of Puig’s teammate, Juan Uribe, strumming a mini-guitar. The best part is how he had a hat out in front of the guitar like he was a poor vagabond begging for money in the streets.

You could probably make some pretty good money in an MLB clubhouse just doing that for tips. Though most people were probably tipping Uribe just to have him shut up.

Adrian Gonzalez, Juan Uribe make Yasiel Puig a real-life bobblehead (Video)

For a guy who supposedly infuriates his manager and can rub opponents the wrong way unlike any other, Yasiel Puig sure seems to have a lot of fun with his teammates. Tuesday night was Yasiel Puig bobblehead night at Dodger Stadium. This inspired Juan Uribe and Adrian Gonzalez to turn the real Puig into a bobblehead.

While on their way to a 7-1 victory over the Miami Marlins, Gonzalez and Uribe decided to gang up on Puig, who had two hits and an RBI in the game. The following video proves it wasn’t a random assault — at least from Gonzalez.

Again, Puig and his teammates seem to get along just fine. The guy even had a tickle fight with Hyun-Jin Ryu in the dugout last month. I’m sure Puig’s bat flips — especially the ones that come on fly ball outs — can frustrate Don Mattingly and some of the Dodgers players. That doesn’t mean they have no love for the 23-year-old star.


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Juan Uribe hits thrilling 2-run home run to win game for Dodgers (Video)

Juan Uribe home runJuan Uribe helped send the Los Angeles Dodgers to the NLCS with a thrilling two-strike, two-run home run off Atlanta Braves reliever David Carpenter in the bottom of the eighth to give the Dodgers a 4-3 lead in Game 4 of their NLDS.

The Dodgers were down 3-2 and six outs away from the series going to a fifth game until Uribe delivered the big blow. His homer came after Yasiel Puig led off the inning with a two-strike double to right. Another great aspect of the homer is that it came after two failed sacrifice bunt attempts. When Uribe had the chance to swing away, he delivered with a bomb into the left field bullpen.

While the Dodgers move on to the NLCS, the Braves suffered their seventh straight playoff series loss in a row.

Juan Uribe talks to reporters in front of his marijuana leaf hat


Los Angeles Dodgers third baseman Juan Uribe had one of the best nights of his 12-year career on Monday. The 34-year-old hit three home runs to lead LA to an 8-1 victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks. Naturally, reporters were itching to speak with him after the game.

They got their wish and them some. While Uribe was speaking to reporters, we got a glimpse of some of the contents of his locker. More specifically, his awesome hat with the pot leaf on the front, which a user posted on Reddit.

Or maybe it wasn’t a pot leaf. Maybe it was a greenish version of the stickers Ohio State players get on the back of their helmets when they do something noteworthy during a game. Yeah, that must have been it.

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Dodgers tease Juan Uribe with funny present after game

Adrian Gonzalez Juan Uribe base

Juan Uribe was tagged out in the fourth inning of Saturday’s Los Angeles Dodgers-Tampa Bay Rays game after falling for the hidden ball trick, so his teammates decided to have some fun with him after the game. They took one of his cleats, taped it to a base, and left it for him at his locker after the game.

Uribe looked bewildered after seeing the surprise present left at his locker. This was shared by Hanley Ramirez on Instagram:

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Tampa Bay Rays get Juan Uribe out on hidden ball trick (Video)

The Tampa Bay Rays went Little League on the Dodgers on Saturday, and their tactic worked.

Juan Uribe Evan LongoriaThe Rays successfully executed the hidden ball trick to help them get out of a fourth-inning jam in Los Angeles. They were down 4-0 with the bases loaded when A.J. Ellis hit a sacrifice fly to center. Juan Uribe, who was at second, moved up to third on the sac fly. After the run scored, Uribe had his head down and stopped keeping track of the play. While he wasn’t paying attention, the Rays threw the ball to Evan Longoria, who tagged him out as soon as he took his foot off of third.

Instead of having runners on second and third with one out, the Dodgers were left with a man on second and two outs after Uribe’s mistake.

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The play was executed so smoothly, it left FOX broadcasters Chris Myers and Eric Karros confused. They thought Uribe was called out for leaving second base too early on his tag up, but they later learned it was because of the Rays’ trick play.