AJ McCarron blames TV show on wife Katherine Webb

AJ McCarron Katherine Webb

AJ McCarron is aware that being involved in a reality TV show does not look good to NFL teams ahead of the draft, so he’s doing his best to pin the blame for it on his future wife.

After a report came out on Wednesday saying that McCarron and fiance Katherine Webb are filming a reality show for a to-be-determined network, the former Alabama quarterback sent this tweet:

McCarron should be defensive about this whole thing. The idea that he’s doing a reality show creates the perception that he’s interested in being on TV and a celebrity rather than playing quarterback.

If someone proposed the idea to them that they should document their life for the potential to shop it to networks, then AJ is as much to blame as Katherine. This definitely is creating a lot of questions for AJ that he probably would prefer not to have to answer.

AJ McCarron, Katherine Webb filming reality TV show

AJ McCarron Katherine Webb engaged

AJ McCarron and Katherine Webb are one of the most popular athlete-celebrity couples in the country, so you knew this was coming at some point. According to The Auburn Plainsmen, the couple has begun filming a reality television show that will document the planning of their wedding.

As you know, McCarron recently proposed to Webb and the two later enjoyed a ridiculous engagement cake. Laurie Webb, Katherine’s sister and maid of honor, said that a group of producers have gotten together to make the show and have yet to decide on a network.

“They’ve already started filming during the proposal,” Laurie Webb said. “From what I understood, it came from someone else. I don’t think they were trying to get into a reality show, I think they just had the opportunity and decided to take it.”

Katherine’s father Alan Webb added that the show would be “a wholesome one” as far as reality TV goes. In other words, we’re not going to see a spin-off of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

“They think it’s a great opportunity,” Laurie said. “They can also have a documentation of special times during their life, which will be kind of cool.”

McCarron also happens to be one of the top quarterback prospects from the 2014 NFL Draft class, so you can guarantee NFL teams will be giving him a hard time about starring in a reality TV show. Anything that doesn’t have to do with football can be viewed as a distraction, and rookies who come in with distractions are always heavily scrutinized.

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Photo: Twitter/Katherine Webb

Katherine Webb, AJ McCarron got an insane engagement cake


AJ McCarron and his girlfriend Katherine Webb finally got engaged on Friday, and the former Alabama quarterback did not disappoint with the ring he gave his soon-to-be wife. But it wasn’t nearly as extravagant as the cake they enjoyed.

The happy couple had an incredible cake featuring an edible Alabama helmet with McCarron’s No. 10 on it, a Miss Alabama USA sash for Webb and a replica of a ring box. Let’s just say it wasn’t exactly a humble brag. These two are awesome and they expect everyone to know that.

Photo: Twitter/Katherine Webb

Katherine Webb and AJ McCarron get engaged to be married

AJ McCarron Katherine Webb engaged

Many of us were wondering when AJ McCarron was going to “put a ring on it” and wife up gorgeous girlfriend Katherine Webb, and it looks like that day has finally come.

Webb tweeted late Friday night to say that she and AJ were engaged. She shared a photo of the two of them hugging, and the picture also shows off her nice sized diamond engagement ring. She also shared another photo of her ring, which she says AJ designed:

The announcement comes at a big time in McCarron’s career. The former Alabama quarterback is preparing for the NFL draft and will soon be going pro. Now that he’s locked up a big free agent, he’ll be starting his family and will have a soon-to-be wife joining him in the city of whatever team drafts him.

McCarron’s mom, Dee Dee, is very close with Katherine and shared her excitement about the news over Twitter:

Remember back in September there were all these rumors about them breaking up? Webb tried to dispel those reports by saying we shouldn’t believe everything we hear. Maybe they never did break up, or if they did, it didn’t last very long.

Also: remember that these two actually met via Twitter! Here is the full history behind their entire relationship.

Photo: Twitter/Katherine Webb

AJ McCarron and girlfriend Katherine Webb root for Auburn

AJ McCarron Katherine Webb

A.J. McCarron took a lot of heat from Alabama fans for rooting for Auburn in the BCS National Championship Game. At least his girlfriend, Katherine Webb, had a much better reason for cheering on the Tigers.

McCarron announced his plans to root for Auburn well before the game. Heck, his mother Dee Dee Bonner even had a Tre Mason T-shirt that she was going to be wearing. But McCarron sent this tweet before the game, which infuriated Bama fans:

McCarron received so much backlash he tried to defend himself by saying he supports the state of Alabama and the SEC. That only made things worse.

Webb similarly gave a “War Eagle” before the game. She has a legitimate reason for her fan enthusiasm; she attended Auburn, and going out with boyfriend A.J. is her only real tie to the Crimson Tide.

I can understand AJ’s loyalty to the state and conference, but man, he is seriously just asking for trouble by stating his feelings publicly. I’d say that this would serve as an olive branch between the two sides, but we all know nothing will lessen the intensity of the rivalry between Auburn and Alabama. Not even McCarron showing everyone that Auburn isn’t so bad.

AJ McCarron’s girlfriend Katherine Webb and mom Dee Dee Bonner together for last time

Katherine Webb Dee Dee Bonner

AJ McCarron and his family have achieved royalty status in Alabama. That sort of happens when you are the star quarterback for the Crimson Tide — you become a legend at the school, and you are an icon in the state for the rest of your life. But with McCarron, it’s not just him who has become extremely popular.

At each of McCarron’s games, his mother, Dee Dee Bonner, and girlfriend, Katherine Webb, are usually in attendance. The two are frequently shown together on TV, and they share pictures on social media of their time at the games. Both Bonner and Webb expressed disappointment on Thursday that the Sugar Bowl would be their last time together at an Alabama game where AJ was the quarterback:

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Takeo Spikes holds up ‘Hey AJ, tell Katherine to quit calling me!’ sign


If you happened to be out of the country this weekend, you missed one of the greatest endings to a to a football game in the history of the sport. Auburn defeated Alabama in the Iron Bowl when defensive back Chris Davis returned a missed 57-yard field goal for a touchdown to break a 28-28 tie. This made Takeo Spikes and the rest of the Tigers alumni very happy.

On Saturday night, Spikes celebrated with thousands of others on Auburn’s campus. At one point, the former NFL linebacker was spotted holding a sign that read, “Hey AJ, tell Katherine to quit calling me!” That, as you know, is a reference to Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron and his lovely girlfriend Katherine Webb.

We’re guessing Spikes didn’t make the sign, but it’s still hilarious that he displayed it proudly. You’d expect McCarron to be irritated by it, but he should be pretty used to NFL players hitting on his girl by now.

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