Dan Patrick got his start with Adam Sandler thanks to Keith Olbermann error

Dan Patrick Just Go With ItAs you well know, last month LB went out to Milford, Conn., for a trip to “The Dan Patrick Show” to interview Dan Patrick as part of a collaboration with Ram Trucks. We solicited questions from you here on the site, on Facebook and Twitter to ask Dan during the interview.

One of the popular questions was how Patrick’s relationship with Adam Sandler came about. Patrick has had significant roles in numerous Sandler movies over the past 10 years, so we wanted to know how it all happened.

We came to find out that Patrick got his start with Sandler thanks to Keith Olbermann. Watch the video above to learn the full story.

We’ll be rolling out videos all week from the interview, so make sure you check back each day this week for new ones!

Keith Olbermann returning to ESPN to host nightly talk show

Keith OlbermannKeith Olbermann will return to ESPN after a 16-year absence from the network to host a nightly one-hour talk show on ESPN2, the New York Times reports.

The were reports last week that Olbermann was in talks with ESPN about a return, and The Times says the network is set to make the announcement on Wednesday.

According to The Times, Olbermann will be able to “discuss matters other than sports, including pop culture and current events, but not politics, the two-year pact specifies.”

The show is believed to be ESPN’s answer to FOX Sports 1 launching a show on its new network that will be hosted by Regis Philbin.

Olbermann rose to prominence hosting “SportsCenter” along with Dan Patrick during the ’90s at ESPN. He trashed ESPN in an interview with Craig Kilborn on Comedy Central, left the network in 1997, and started working for FOX Sports the next year. He left FOX Sports after having problems there and was the longtime host of “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” on MSNBC. Now he is getting back into sports.

Olbermann has a history of creating problems wherever he works, but ESPN still believes he is a talented broadcaster who draws an audience.

Keith Olbermann Bitter Over His Final ESPN Show

Keith Olbermann announced he was leaving his MSNBC Countdown show on Friday, doing so in a way only he can. Bloviating through his final speech, Olbermann took a shot at ESPN, as he’s done many times in the past. His gripe centered on the little time his former employer afforded him to say goodbye in his final episode hosting SportsCenter. Check it out at around the :40 mark:

One day this man will run out of network TV options the way he behaves. If that happens, at least he’ll always have Stuttgart.