Nicholas Capes, fighter who got knocked about by Ray Edwards’ phantom punch, gets suspended (Video)

Ray-Edwards-Nicholas-CapesFree agent defensive end Ray Edwards has always had a thing for boxing, but I highly doubt he ever thought scoring a knockout could be as easy as it was during a recent match in North Dakota against a “fighter” named Nicholas Capes. The video you see above has gone viral, and it clearly shows Capes taking the dive of the century early in the fight when Edwards missed him with an uppercut by about a foot.

Either the fight was a fix, or Capes was so frightened at the sight of Edwards and his incredible size advantage that he needed a clean pair of shorts the second he stepped into the ring. The more likely scenario is that the latter is true, especially since Combative Sports Commissioner Al Jaeger announced this week that Capes has been suspended indefinitely for the dive.

According to the WCF Courier, Capes was a last-minute replacement for two fighters who did not show. Event promoter Cory Rapacz said Capes did not realize he would be stepping into the ring against a former NFL player, so the backlash is unfair.

Would I want to fight Ray Edwards? Absolutely not, but then again I’m not a fighter. Assuming this Capes guy wants to be a fighter, you would think he would at least be able to take a punch. If you want to stay down after taking one shot that’s fine, but at least take the shot.

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Fighter gives opponent free shot, gets knocked out (Video)

Sometimes in combat sports, justice is served. That’s what happened with the bald dude in the video above.

This video is short on details, but long on awesomeness, and we can obviously describe what we see. The larger dude got caught with a few punches, but didn’t want to concede anything to his opponent. His solution was to say, “Hey, that was nothing. That’s all you got?” So he opened up his hands and gave his opponent several more free shots as if to say, “You can’t hurt me.”

Sure enough, right after pounding his head in a display of toughness, bald dude got dropped by a left hook to the face. Fat boy goes to sleep. Pure awesomeness.

H/T Total Pro Sports via Off the Bench

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MMA fighter Veronica Rothenhausler knocks opponent out in 5 seconds (Video)

Veronica Rothenhausler is a female MMA fighter who has what analysts would describe as knockout power. When you knock out back-to-back opponents within the first five seconds of a fight, those are the types of phrases people use to describe you. As you can see from the video above that Off the Bench shared with us, Rothenhausler knocked out Ashlee Evans-Smith on Sunday almost the instant the fight began.

According to Cage Potato, Evans-Smith refused to touch gloves before the fight began. This may have angered Rothenhausler, who also needed only five seconds to knock out Noel Cherry in her last fight back in November. She made not have earned as many style points as this knockout or this knockout did, but at least Rothenhausler didn’t have to go to bed sore on Sunday night.

Fighter Dan Lariviere knocks himself out while attempting kick (Video)

During Saturday night’s Empire Fight League 4 event in Canada, Dan Lariviere straight up knocked himself out while attempting to land a kick on opponent Jeremie Capony. What else can I say that will make that funnier? Nothing. I have no idea how this is even possible. Absolute one-in-a-million shot. At first I thought he actually kicked himself in the head — which would have been way more entertaining — but it looks like Lariviere landed awkwardly and just lost consciousness.

To clarify, nothing is humorous about an unconscious person. Unless the person is unconscious after knocking himself out. No, I’m kidding — kind of.

H/T to Diehard Sport for passing the video along

Video: Marius Zaromskis Does Front Flip Kick to Knock Down Bruno Carvalho

Lithuanian welterweight Marius Zaromskis has won 16 of his 23 professional fights, 12 coming by knock out. He’s fought in Cage Rage, Dream, and Strikeforce. On Saturday, he faced Bruno Carvalho in Rumble of the Kings in Sweden.

Zaromskis is no stranger to damaging his opponents during fights in unconventional ways. He’ll even employ a front flip kick (aka koppo kick) to get a knock down if he has to. Check out this awesomeness:

It might not have been as potent as Lyoto Machida’s knockout kick of Randy Couture, but it certainly was more fancy. This is easily one of our favorite knockout kicks.

Fist pound to Bloody Elbow

Kimbo Slice One-Punch Knockout Ends Tay Bledsoe Fight (Video)

Even if Kimbo Slice is on the same path with boxing that he was with MMA, he is providing us with some entertaining knockouts along the way.  Through his first two fights, it would appear Kimbo’s promoter was right about his freakish knockout power.  On Saturday night, he laid out Tay Bledsoe with a right hook in the first round to improve to 2-0 in his boxing career.  Check out the Kimbo Slice-Tay Bledsoe fight video:

It took Kimbo only 10 seconds to end his first fight against James Wade, so he’s obviously fighting lesser opponents in an attempt to earn a reputation.  Either way, he’s still a strong dude who’s fully capable of taking someone’s head off.

Derek Boyle Flying Knee Knockout Ends Alex Popov Fight (Video)

Another weekend, another knockout by way of a kick to the head. Well, kind of. This time it was a knee, but those are just as fun.  During this week’s Rage Fighting Series event, Derek Boyle ended opponent Alex Popov’s night rather abruptly.  Once again it was hardly as punishing a blow as Vitor Belfort took from Anderson Silva, but the flying knee is always tough to execute.  Check out the Derek Boyle vs. Alex Popov fight video, courtesy of The Big Lead:

How does the flying knee stack up with the other knockout videos we’ve shown you over the past several months?