Jurickson Profar says he tricked Kyle Farnsworth, delivered tie-breaking hit

Rangers rookie Jurickson Profar delivered what turned out to be a game-winning double against the Rays on Saturday night, but he claims he acted like a savvy veteran in the process. In the top of the 10th, Tampa Bay reliever Kyle Farnsworth threw a pitch way inside on the 19-year-old in a moment that could have been interpreted as Farnsworth welcoming him to the big leagues. Profar says he acted accordingly.

The rookie fell to the ground to get out of the way of the pitch and then took a long walk outside the batter’s box. He says he was trying to make it seem like he was shaken up.

“I was acting like I was scared so he could throw the same pitch,” Profar told ESPN Dallas 103.3’s Eric Nadel and Matt Hicks when asked about the at-bat. “He did, and I got a good swing on it.”

Farnsworth did indeed come inside with the next pitch, and Profar turned on it and ripped ripped it down the line. The hit scored Geovany Soto from second. If that truly was Profar’s intention and his plan worked to perfection, kudos to him for contributing to the win both physically and psychologically.

Fist pound to Big League Stew

Kyle Farnsworth Done Lost His Mind

Who and what does this guy think he is? Better than Mariano Rivera? It appears as such. What a joke, what an utter joke. He throws his glove after being jacked from the game in the 8th — his inning — in favor of Mariano Rivera. What a whiny baby. Quite clearly, Joe Torre was not happy about the reaction, and even called Farnsy out:

Fortunately for the Yankees, Mariano Rivera “came in and bailed out Farnsy,” as Torre put it, striking out three in recording the final four outs to preserve a 2-1 victory over the A’s last night at the Stadium.

“(Farnsworth) was upset, but he has to understand it shouldn’t be an embarrassment to bring Mariano Rivera out of the bullpen,” Torre said. “I know you get passionate about what you do, but you certainly hope you keep in mind – whether it’s Farnsworth or anybody else on our team – that everybody is working their (butt) off to do the same thing. You certainly don’t want to call attention to yourself for that reason.”

What a selfish little ****. I understand the competitive fire players may have. I understand that they don’t want someone else to finish their job. But please Farnsworth, grow up man. No wonder a bunch of teams have tossed you around. Bad head on them shoulders.