Les Miles Staying at LSU, Turns Down Michigan Job Once Again

Either someone at ESPN was misinformed, or Michigan decided not to offer Les Miles a head coaching position.  With the way the Wolverines’ head coaching position is losing it’s luster, it seems more likely that the former would be true.  On Monday, we relayed an ESPN report to you that indicated Miles would accept the Michigan job if it were offered to him.  Less than 24 hours later, it looks like he’s staying at LSU.

Sports by Brooks passed along a statement released by LSU Athletic Director Joe Alleva on the Tigers’ official athletic website.  Here’s what he had to say:

I am pleased to announce that Les Miles will remain the head coach at LSU. Les has led this program to many great successes on the field and his players represent LSU well off the field. We look forward to many great years of LSU football under his leadership.”

Miles had already openly stated he was “extremely happy” with his current job, but it’s unknown if LSU sweetened the pot in some way to convince him to stay.  The Tigers coach played for Michigan in the 70s and coached their offensive line from the late 80s to the early 90s.  It looks like Miles interviewing with Michigan was more a case of showing respect for his alma mater than seriously considering a career change.

Les Miles Reportedly Will Accept Michigan Job if Offered

It wasn’t quite Scott Boras and A-Rod interrupting the World Series, but a good portion of the sports world found out that Les Miles was considering a move to Michigan while watching the BCS National Championship Game between Oregon and Auburn. The news has actually been in the making since LSU faced Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl Friday, and both major papers in Michigan have been tracking the story closely.

Early on Monday, The Detroit News reported that Les Miles planned to meet with Michigan to discuss their head coaching vacancy. WAFB in Baton Rouge later reported that Michigan AD Dave Brandon met with Miles at his condo nearby campus Monday evening. Miles played for Michigan in 1974 and ’75 as an offensive lineman, and later served as a graduate assistant for the program. Following a stint coaching Colorado, Miles returned to coach the offensive line at Michigan from ’87-’94.

The Mad Hatter was rumored to be a candidate for the Michigan job after Lloyd Carr was let go in 2007, but school officials chose Rich Rodriguez. There was even a moment where Miles had to issue a statement denying a Kirk Herbstreit report that Les had taken the Michigan job. Miles has continued to coach at LSU since then, leading the Tigers to two pretty good seasons and an 11-2 year this past season. Now, ESPN is reporting that Les would accept the Michigan job if it were offered to him this time around.

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Nick Saban, Mack Brown, Bob Stoops, Les Miles Highest Paid College Coaches

USA Today released its annual list of coaches salaries for all 120 FBS head coaches. As you can imagine, the coaches at the BCS conferences are well paid, and those in the SEC are truly making bank.

The Top 10 highest-paid coaches in the country (based on USA Today’s research) are the following:

    Nick Saban, Alabama – 5.997 million
    Mack Brown, Texas – 5.161 million
    Bob Stoops, Oklahoma – 4.375 million
    Les Miles, LSU – 3.905 million
    Jim Tressel, Ohio State – 3.888 million
    Kirk Ferentz, Iowa – 3.781
    Jim Grobe, Wake Forest – 2.939 million
    Mark Richt, Georgia – 2.937 million
    Bobby Petrino, Arkansas – 2.713 million
    Gary Pinkel, Missouri – 2.550 million

Note: data was not submitted by some private universities, so coaches like Lane Kiffin, Jim Harbaugh, and Brian Kelly are not on the list. Kiffin would be in the top five based on reports, and there’s no doubt Kelly would be in the top 10. Harbaugh probably isn’t in this group. Also, Urban Meyer was in the 4 million club but is not on the list because of his resignation.

If you want to look at the most overpaid coaches, you can start with

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Les Miles Redeems Himself with Gutsy Fake Field Goal Against Florida

A week ago Les Miles backed into a win over Tennessee despite horrible clock management at the end of the game. While those issues cannot be overlooked, Miles redeemed himself with a gutsy call that helped his team beat Florida. Down by three and needing a 53-yard field goal to tie it, Miles called for a fake field goal that gave his team the first down. Check out the play in case you missed it:

There was a near five-minute delay to review the play and see if the over-the-shoulder toss was a forward pass, but it was ruled to be a clean lateral. Four plays later, the Tigers threw a touchdown pass to take the lead and they hung on for a 33-29 victory. LSU somehow is now 6-0 while Florida drops to 4-2.

Miraculously, Les Miles is heading one of the few remaining undefeated teams in the country. As incredible as the comeback was, as long as it comes at the expense of the Gators I’ll take it. And the riverboat gambler lives again.

Les Miles Still Deserves to be Fired Over Clock Management Problems vs Tennessee

There wasn’t a more baffling end to a game Saturday than what happened between LSU and Tennessee in Baton Rouge. LSU had a 1st and 2 at the Tennessee 2 with 36 seconds left, down 14-10. They had no timeouts and needed a touchdown to take the lead. Jarrett Lee threw an incompletion but the play only took up four seconds off the clock. With time stopped, LSU waved on quarterback Jordan Jefferson to many boos. Jefferson ran to the right on second down and was stopped for no gain, but the clock kept running.

LSU did not know what to do and let the click keep ticking. The clock went all the way down to four seconds before LSU snapped the ball. The ball was snapped past quarterback Jordan Jefferson and Tennessee won the game 14-10.

So they thought.

Despite the celebration, the referees reviewed the play and penalized Tennessee for having 13 men on the field. LSU lined up for another chance at victory and Stevan Ridley punched it in for the game-winning score. LSU lucked out with a 16-10 win, and they can only thank Tennessee’s too many men on the field penalty for the reason.

UPDATE: Video of the LSU/Tennessee ending

Once again Les Miles proved he can’t manage the clock in crunch time. Just like last year in a loss to Ole Miss, they let the clock run down and almost cost themselves the game. Now all that remains to be seen is if google’s famous idiot blames his quarterback for the problems again. The Tigers need to ignore the outcome and focus on the horrible clock management problems.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Les Miles Told Jordan Jefferson to Spike the Ball, Then Lied About it

We’ve already covered the Les Miles/LSU screw up to end the Ole Miss game at great lengths. If his mistakes weren’t enough, even google was picking on him calling him an idiot. But making matters worse is that Les Miles lied after the game, denying that the coaches instructed quarterback Jordan Jefferson to spike the ball with one second left. This video proves that Miles lied and that the coaches wanted Jefferson to spike it:

Not fessing up to your mistake after the game is understandable — nobody wants to admit they’re an idiot. But to pass to blame onto your quarterback is flat out disgraceful. I’m glad we have video proof that Miles is the one to blame, not Jefferson, because it properly assigns responsibility. Miles and the LSU coaches were an embarrassment for all coaches everywhere and now we have undeniable proof of their idiocy. Maybe next time Les will learn to tell the truth. I thought he already knew about the importance of doing so.

Google Does Not Think Much of Les Miles

We already covered the bone-headed moves LSU made to end the game in their eventual loss to Ole Miss Saturday. Apparently the awful decisions by the Tigers and their coach, Les Miles, has led to many pissed off fans feverishly googling like mad. The following insult has now become the top phrase in google’s automated search system for Les Miles:

Les Miles Google Idiot

Just so there’s no mistake about my intention, I was trying to search for Les Miles’ record against fellow SEC West teams. I thought I had heard a statement that he was 0-3 against Bama, Ole Miss, and Arkansas the past two years. Since Google wasn’t helping, I had to look it up by hand to get confirmation. No wonder LSU fans are pissed.