Logan Morrison smashed a bat and cut his own eye

Logan-Morrison-MarinersSeattle Mariners first baseman Logan Morrison was not happy with himself after he popped out to shortstop with two runners on and his team trailing 1-0 in the fifth inning on Sunday. When he returned to the dugout, Morrison smashed his bat against a wall in frustration. He then had to leave the game.

During his temper tantrum, a piece of Morrison’s bat splintered and cut him above the eye. He was bleeding pretty badly and ended up needing five stitches. Morrison seemed embarrassed when speaking to reporters after the game.

“I got into a fight with my bat,” Morrison joked, per Ryan Divish of The Seattle Times. “You should have seen the other guy.”

The 26-year-old then took a more serious tone.

“Obviously I acted like a 3-year-old,” he said. “I apologized to my teammates. I’m about to go apologize to (Mariners manager Lloyd McClendon. “I can’t do that. I didn’t want to come out of the game. They saw me gushing blood from my eyebrow and they took me out. I’m embarrassed. No matter how bad I’m playing, I can’t do that.

“I usually don’t snap. I usually don’t play this bad, either. But I usually don’t snap.”

Morrison is hitting just .135 in 13 games this season, so you can understand why he is frustrated. Believe it or not, he’s not the first player we have seen bloody his own face by smashing a bat in frustration.

That said, nothing irritates a manager more than self-inflicted injuries from players who can’t control their tempers. That’s the type of stuff high schoolers do.

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Logan Morrison slings regrettable homophobic insult on Twitter

logan-morrisonSeattle Mariners outfielder Logan Morrison (he was just traded to the Mariners from the Miami Marlins for those of you who were not aware) is one of the most entertaining MLB players to follow on Twitter. Like any other professional athlete, he has to be careful with the stuff he tweets since so many people are watching. Morrison was not careful on Wednesday.

A Twitter follower antagonized Morrison by telling him he should change his handle to “LoMonevermaketheplayoffs.” Rather than ignoring the heckler, Morrison fired back by saying @blakerudolph should change his handle to “Blakenevergetlaid.” Then, Morrison took it too far. The Big Lead shared the exchange with us:


Naturally, Morrison deleted the tweet. Getting into verbal sparring matches with fans on Twitter almost never ends well. Using homophobic language is even worse, as it opens up an entirely different avenue of insensitivity — just ask this start NFL wide receiver. Morrison needs to be more careful.

Logan Morrison bails on foul ball likely after fan calls him off (Video)

Logan-Morrison-foul-ballThe Miami Marlins lost another game on Wednesday night, which is nothing noteworthy. They have done that 82 times this season with 31 games remaining on their schedule, so we can expect to see a lot more of it. However, first baseman Logan Morrison did bring us one entertaining play on a foul pop-up in the eighth inning.

Washington Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman hit a blooper down the first base line into foul territory that looked like it would stay in the air long enough for someone to make a play. Morrison had it sized up, but for some reason he bailed at the last second. It was almost as if he was called off.

As Deadspin speculated, he probably was — by a fan. Right fielder Giancarlo Stanton and second baseman Ed Lucas were certainly in no position to call Morrison off, and he clearly gave up on the ball for a reason. Kudos to that Nationals fan for displaying the true meaning of home-field advantage.

Logan Morrison had a classic reaction to Ryan Braun’s suspension

logan-morrisonMiami Marlins first baseman Logan Morrison is one of the funnier players in baseball. The 25-year-old is one of the best players to follow on Twitter because of some of the comments he comes out with. After Ryan Braun was suspended for the remainder of the season on Monday because of his involvement with the Biogenesis scandal, Morrison took a shot at his own team.

“You know we’re clean,” he said, via the Miami Herald’s Clark Spencer. “We haven’t scored a run in 37 innings.”

Classic. Fortunately for Miami, the streak ended at 37 as they scored two runs in the first inning of a 3-1 win over the Colorado Rockies on Monday night. While a 37-inning scoring drought doesn’t necessarily mean no one on the Marlins has used performance-enhancing drugs, it certainly makes them less suspect.

Braun has immediately become a punching bag for the entire sports world because of all the gutless lies he told about using steroids and all the people he attacked in an attempt to clear his name. Morrison didn’t have to remind us that the Marlins are awful when providing his thoughts about Braun, but he’s obviously frustrated with the way the season he’s gone. We’re glad he chose to express it the way he did.

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Derek Jeter has no clue who Logan Morrison is (Video)

The second episode of “The Franchise: A Season with the Miami Marlins” aired on Showtime Wednesday night, and it was equally entertaining as the first episode which featured copious amounts of Ozzie Guillen cursing. The highlight of the second episode was the clip seen above.

Marlins 1B/LF Logan Morrison was barely included in the first episode and bitched about his exclusion during the credits. Showtime made it up to him by making him the focal point of the second episode. They followed the Kansas City native as he traveled home for the All-Star break in search of a meeting with his idol George Brett. Along the way, LoMo had a chance meeting at a hotel with Derek Jeter, who had no clue who the Marlins outfielder was.

LoMo was standing at the top of an escalator with the Showtime cameras rolling behind him as Jeter made his ascent up the steps. Morrison said “Sup Jete, how you doing man?” and extended his hand for a shake. Jeter was polite and gave him a handshake, but Morrison acknowledged that Jeter had “No idea who I am.”

We can’t really blame Jeter. Given the setting, he probably just thought it was some random fan saying hi. Plus, Morrison plays in the NL and isn’t that well known. But how awesome was it to see one big leaguer — who is being featured on a prominent show no less — get put in place by another big leaguer? Fantastic.

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Giancarlo Stanton nearly takes out Logan Morrison with throw home (Video)

The Marlins may have been demolished by the Giants on Thursday night, but Logan Morrison dodged a major bullet. In the top of the seventh with a runner on second, Buster Posey singled to right. Morrison was lucky to leave with his head still attached to his shoulders after what came next. Marlins right fielder Giancarlo Stanton fielded the ball and went to fire it home to prevent the runner from scoring. Stanton was shallow enough that his throw could have gone directly to the catcher, but he nearly took Morrison’s head off with it instead.

Stanton has had some issues finding cut-off men this season. Morrison had shifted over because of the ground ball through the hole, but he wasn’t the cut-off man on the play. Fortunately he has cat-like reflexes. When you’ve been attacked by a praying mantis at some point in your life, I guess your skills tend to be sharpened.

John Buck: Logan Morrison Focused More on Twitter than Baseball

Logan Morrison was demoted to Triple-A after Saturday’s game, leaving many people to question the Marlins’ decision. We’ve already established that LoMo’s outspoken ways were a major reason why they sent him down. We’re also learning that the front office wasn’t alone in their thoughts. Catcher John Buck told The Miami Herald that Morrison’s tweeting had become more of his focus than baseball.

“He’s an awesome dude, a great teammate and a great person,” Buck said. “I don’t think anybody’s telling him not to do the things that he does. I think it’s, just don’t let it be the main focus of who you are, because you’re a pretty dang good baseball player. That, for him, I think that should be good enough. And the other good stuff coming out of him, being who he is, should be icing on the cake. It shouldn’t be flip-flopped, which I think it has become.”

I’m not around the team so I can’t say whether or not tweeting had become more of a focus for Morrison than baseball. Maybe it did. All I know is that Morrison was outperforming most of the team offensively, including Buck. I really think many players are jealous of Morrison’s popularity. Additionally, they probably feel threatened by a youngster who is unafraid to speak his mind. Morrison’s proven he’ll go after anyone. Maybe that’s left the veterans somewhat on guard.