Audio: Manchester United fan calls police after loss to Sunderland

Manchester-UnitedWe all know that soccer fans have a tendency to do some incredibly irrational things, and Manchester United fans are some of the most dedicated in the world. On Wednesday, Manchester United was bounced from the Capital One Cup following a shocking shootout loss to Sunderland. One fan felt that the result constituted an emergency.

A Man. U fan (who was presumably under the influence of alcohol) called 999 after the game, which is the United Kingdom’s equivalent of 911. As the Manchester Evening News noted, he demanded to speak to former Man. U manager Alex Ferguson, who has not been with the team since last July.

“The result is all wrong, they had extra time and it was a total and utter load of rubbish,” the caller told the dispatcher after being reminded that he had called an emergency line.

When asked if he wanted to report a crime, the guy said that he did.

“Yeah, a crime,” he mumbled. “Yeah, I’ll report a crime. The crime is that Manchester United — Manchester United were absolutely … knackered.”

The Manchester police later released a Facebook statement urging fans to never call an emergency line to talk about soccer results and to try calling the team directly.

While it’s easy to chalk this up to soccer fans being soccer fans, we should note that similar stuff has happened in the US on numerous occasions. Remember the time a Milwaukee Brewers fan called 911 after he misplaced his TV remote? Or how about the guy who called 911 and demanded to speak to Tim Tebow? Yeah, there are idiots all over the world.

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Manchester United fan calls police after referee gives Luis Nani a red card

Luis-Nani-red-cardManchester United lost a heartbreaker to Real Madrid on Tuesday, and a controversial red card could be to blame. Man. U took a 1-0 lead in the 48th minute when Sergio Ramos scored an own goal, but the lead did not last very long. In the 56th minute, referee Cuneyt Cakir gave Manchester’s Luis Nani a red card. Real Madrid went on to score two goals unanswered goals after Nani was disqualified and won the match.

Nani stuck out his leg to try to control a ball that was flying about chest-high, when Real Madrid’s Alvaro Arbeloa also came in to try and make a play. Nani wound up kicking Arbeloa in the midsection, but it appeared that both men were playing the ball. Despite the fact that the contact was clearly inadvertent, the referee gave Nani a red card and forced Man. U to have to play the remainder of the match one man down.

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Liverpool Fans Force Manchester United Supporter to Remove Jersey (Video)

Liverpool is on tour in Malaysia and faced the Malaysian national team Saturday. Before their game, they had a training session on Thursday that brought a contentious moment in the stands. One brave soldier decided to wear his Manchester United Wayne Rooney jersey to the training session, and that didn’t sit well with the Liverpool fans. Check out this great video via EPL Talk:

The brazen youngster in question never donned a Liverpool jersey, but he eventually switched into a Malaysia shirt. Much like this dufus he learned the hard way not to wear the wrong jersey around Liverpool fans.

Soccer fans, hardcore.

Video Credit: YouTube user lioedexing