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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Articles tagged: Marlins Park

Miami Marlins girl twerks it against bullpen as Stephen Strasburg warms up

The Miami Marlins may have the best distraction tactics in all of baseball. Prior to Friday’s game against the Washington Nationals, one of the Clevelander bartender girls decided to thrust her body against the bullpen wall and twerk it as Stephen Strasburg was warming up. After seeing that picture, do you think it’s a coincidence…Read More

Carlos Zambrano hopes fish tanks at Marlins Park will relieve his stress

Carlos Zambrano must have spent the offseason with Phil Jackson, because dude is sounding like a Zen master. Big Z, who was acquired by the Marlins in January, says his favorite part about the new Marlins Ballpark is the aquariums behind home plate because of their calming presence. “I don’t know how many people have…Read More

Marlins Park nearing completion – Video tour

The Marlins begin play in their new home this year, and with the season a month away, the park is nearing completion. A few writers from The Miami Herald got a private tour of Marlins Park from the team owner and president Wednesday. Here are two videos from the tour. One is an up-close look…Read More

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