Matt Kemp gives his hat, jersey, cleats and autographed ball to cancer-stricken fan (Video)

Matt-Kemp-gives-jersey-to-fanThe Los Angeles Dodgers visited AT&T Park for a series against the San Francisco Giants over the weekend, and Matt Kemp made the most of his cross-state trip. The All-Star outfielder went 4-for-14 at the plate with two RBI and two runs scored, but what we’re talking about has nothing to do with baseball.

As you can see from the video that Vin Scully is My Homeboy passed along (via Hardball Talk), Kemp approached disabled fan Joshua Jones after the game was over and showered him with gifts. He autographed a baseball and gave it to the young man before taking off his hat, jersey and cleats and handing them all to the fan. The YouTube video was posted by one Jones’ best friend, who described Kemp as a “great person.”

Dodgers third base coach Tim Wallach deserves credit as well. Wallach talked with the boy’s father before the game and alerted Kemp about him. Kemp kept the boy in mind when the game ended.

Jones, who was wearing a Dodgers hooded sweatshirt, has cancer and is not expected to live much longer. He also is unable to speak.

What makes a moment like this so special is that Kemp was not doing it because ESPN cameras were rolling and he wanted publicity. He did it to make a fan’s day. Kemp also said he wanted to do what he could to help the fan because of a bad experience he had when he was younger; he says he was snubbed for an autograph by his favorite player.

We’re sure he made the young man’s day. Class act.

Matt Kemp to Carlos Quentin: ‘We’ll see, bitch’

Matt Kemp Clayton Richard

The Dodgers and Padres didn’t just fight on the field Thursday, they also had some words after the game ended.

Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp, who was ejected for his role in the benches-clearing brawl, got into it with Carlos Quentin after the game. The confrontation reportedly occurred by the tunnel outside the locker rooms.

The Mighty 1090’s Marty Caswell says the two were nose-to-nose before being separated by San Diego pitcher Clayton Richard (pictured). Their words were not pleasant.

According to the Los Angeles Times’ Dylan Hernandez, at one point Kemp said to Quentin, “We’ll see, bitch.”

Kemp was asked by reporters about the implications of the brawl between the teams.

“Will there be bad blood between these two teams? I don’t know,” said Kemp.

He also had harsh words for Quentin.

“I think Carlos Quentin went to Stanford…I heard there’s some smart people at Stanford. That wasn’t too smart,” he said of the slugger’s decision to charge the mound on Zack Greinke, per U-T San Diego’s Dennis Lin.

Yeah, I can only imagine what it will look like the next time these teams play. We’ll set the over/under line at two batters plunked.

One thing that must not go overlooked is that the Matt Kemp memes were STRONG after the game. Take a look:

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Matt Kemp: Yasiel Puig might have more power than me

Yasiel PuigYasiel Puig has been torching the ball this spring and now has several supporters in the Los Angeles Dodgers’ clubhouse. One of his biggest supporters is Matt Kemp, who thinks the 22-year-old Cuban outfielder will be up with the big club before too long.

Kemp recently raved about Puig, comparing the 6-foot-3, 245-pound outfielder to Bo Jackson.

“I think he’s way stronger than me,” Kemp told The Los Angeles Times’ Dylan Hernandez. “He might have more power than me.

“He’s a monster, man,” Kemp said of Puig. “He’s big. When everybody sees him, they think about Bo Jackson. Puig is a five-tool athlete that can do a lot in the big leagues and help our team one of these days.”

Bo Jackson? More power than Kemp? We’re talking about two All-Stars and two of the more impressive athletes the sport has seen. Kemp even hit 39 home runs in 2011.

The Dodgers signed Puig, a Cuban defector, to a seven-year, $42 million contract last June. He hit .354 in 82 at-bats last season split between the Dodgers’ rookie and single-A teams. That included five home runs and a 1.076 OPS.

Puig has been even more impressive this spring.

Puig is 19-for-42 (.452) in 20 spring games, adding three doubles and two home runs. His OPS is a robust 1.109, though there are some concerns with his 10 strikeouts and no walks. The Dodgers have Carl Crawford, Kemp, and Andre Ethier slotted to fill the outfield. Unless one of them vastly underperforms or gets hurt, the Dodgers might have difficulty finding a spot for Puig. But if the youngster continues to crush the ball, they’ll find a way to get him at-bats, and they could consider trading one of their other outfielders to make room for him.

Below is video of a 3-run home run Puig hit at the beginning of spring training:

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Matt Kemp got a massive chest tattoo of a portrait of his grandparents (Picture)


Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp recently paid tribute to his grandmother and late grandfather with a massive tattoo on his chest. The artwork was done by a 23-year-old tattoo artist named Jun Cha, and as you can see he is incredibly talented. Kemp tweeted the photo you see above over the weekend with the following message:

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Matt Kemp crashes into wall, later leaves game (Video)

Matt Kemp left Tuesday’s Rockies-Dodgers game in the first inning two batters after crashing into the wall in center field.

The All-Star was chasing a deep blast by Josh Rutledge when he ran full-speed into the wall. Kemp fell to the ground and began rolling in obvious pain.

The 27-year-old slugger was examined by Dodgers trainers for a few minutes and somehow managed to stay in the game, even flashing a smile. On the next play he dove for a ball in center and seemed to jar his neck. The following batter singled to center, and Kemp didn’t get much on his throw to the infield. Left fielder Shane Victorino realized something was wrong and signaled to the dugout that Kemp needed to leave. This time Kemp did not object to exiting the game.

Victorino moved over to center and Juan Rivera entered the game to play left field.

Kemp was taken for precautionary X-rays on his jaw and did not exhibit concussion-like symptoms, according to the Dodgers.

Kemp’s had a wicked struggle with Coors Field this road trip. The previous night, he jumped into the fence to the right of center while chasing a ball, although his impact was with much less force.

Kemp would be advised to work on getting a better feel for the fences in center at Coors Field before playing there again. Hopefully he recovers without a problem. He had a six-game hitting streak going after breaking out of an 0-21 slump, and he was just beginning to get hot again.

Matt Kemp flips out on umpire after being ejected (Video)

Matt Kemp went nuts on umpire Angel Campos Thursday after being ejected for yelling from the bench during the Dodgers-Pirates series finale. Kemp was likely still upset with Campos after striking out in the first inning when he began hollering from the bench during Andre Ethier’s at-bat.

In the video above, you can hear Campos exchanging words with someone on the Dodgers bench, though it’s unclear what was said. It sounds like Campos says “I don’t want to hear another word from you.” Kemp continued talking, prompting Campos to eject him.

Dodgers manager Don Mattingly came out of the dugout to contest the ejection, and Kemp soon followed.

The MVP candidate bolted out of the dugout in a furious rage and tried confronting Campos. He had to be restrained by Dodgers players, coaches, and the other umpires on the field. Kemp appeared to grab and bump umpires on several occasions, which will likely lead to a suspension. Mattingly was also ejected during the argument.

What was it that Kemp said to earn the ejection?

“Let’s go Dre.”

I guess he had done enough talking by that point and the umpire was serious when he said “I don’t want to hear another word.”

That was easily the most outrageous reaction toward an umpire since Brett Lawrie’s blow up. The Dodgers went on to lose 10-6 and will likely be without Kemp for a game after the league reviews the video.

Matt Kemp said the attention he received from dating Rihanna was ‘overwhelming’

As an MVP candidate and someone making $160 million playing in the city of Los Angeles, Matt Kemp must be accustomed to the celebrity lifestyle. Kemp is 27 years old and one of the brightest young stars in baseball. He has done fashion shoots for magazines and dated celebrities. If $160 million isn’t an indication that you’ve made it, being able to say you dated Rihanna certainly seals the deal. However, Kemp says that portion of his life was a stressful time.

“It was pretty much overwhelming,” Kemp told Yahoo! Sports (via The Oklahoman) when asked about his relationship with the five-time Grammy Award winner. “It’s not something I’m used to. I’m not used to going to a grocery store or to just somewhere simple and people following me around. It’s overwhelming.”

When Kemp goes out in public, rabid baseball fans probably run up to him asking for an autograph or a picture. When Rihanna goes out in public, almost everyone runs up to her asking for an autograph or a picture. Such is the life of athletes dating celebrities, and considering he was later linked to Eva Longoria it doesn’t sound like it’s a life that bothers Kemp all that much. Another interesting aside: Kemp likes to judge women by their shoes.

“I can tell that (women) know what they’re doing or they don’t know what they’re doing (by their shoes),” Kemp explained. “I’ve always liked shoes. I peep everybody’s shoes out to see what they’re rocking.”

Rihanna and Eva probably have some great footwear in their wardrobe, so I guess it makes sense. Any ladies who were hoping to date Matt Kemp that wear Chuck Taylor’s should probably reconsider.