Maurice Clarett live-tweeted his ESPN 30 for 30 special with excellent commentary

Maurice ClarettSports fans were treated to another fantastic ESPN 30 for 30 special following Saturday night’s Heisman Trophy ceremony.

For the last four years, ESPN has played some of their best college football-themed 30 for 30 documentaries during the slot after the Heisman ceremony to take advantage of the big audience, and they often knock it out of the park. There was the documentary on Miami football called “The U,” the special on SMU football called “Pony Excess,” “The Marinovich Project” about Todd Marinovich, “You Don’t Know Bo” about Bo Jackson, and this year’s feature was “Youngstown Boys” about former Ohio State football legends Maurice Clarett and Jim Tressel.

The program was extremely well done and one of the best parts was that Clarett provided a running commentary while the documentary played on ESPN.

We’ll share all his tweets below. They make much more sense if you pull them up while watching the program so that you can follow along.

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Maurice Clarett wants Cleveland Browns to give him a shot

Maurice ClarettThe Cleveland Browns are thin at running back after trading Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts on Wednesday, so former Ohio State Buckeye Maurice Clarett figured why not throw his name into the hat as a possibility for them to fill the spot?

Clarett reached out to the Browns over Twitter to offer his services:

Clarett turns 30 next month and hasn’t been associated with an NFL team since being drafted by the Denver Broncos in 2005 and released prior to playing in a preseason game. His life spiraled out of control and he went to prison for a few years. Clarett claims that he has straightened himself out since then. He played one season for the Omaha Nighthawks of the UFL in 2010, and he recently began playing rugby.

Clarett expounded on his offer to the Browns during an interview with Jorge Sedano and Mark Schlereth on ESPN Radio Wednesday night.

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Maurice Clarett is training to play rugby in the 2016 Olympics in Rio

Maurice-Clarett-Ohio-StateMaurice Clarett has traveled down an incredibly windy road throughout his 29 years of life, and it appears he has decided to take another unexpected turn. According to RugbyMag.com, Clarett is currently training to try to make the US rugby team for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.

Clarett has joined the Tiger Rugby Olympic Development Program in Columbus, Ohio. He has absolutely no prior rugby experience, but Tiger Rugby director Paul Holmes praised Clarett for being a tremendous athlete.

“He’s committed to try to make Rio in 2016,” Holmes said. “That’s Maurice’s plan. His footwork is phenomenal. He’s nowhere near conditioned for rugby, but that will come. … The stuff he’s doing in the gym right now, he’s just ridiculous.”

Clarett rushed for 1,237 yards and scored the game-winning touchdown in the national championship during his freshman season at Ohio State. He was one of the most promising young talents in college football before the Buckeyes dismissed him after it was believed that he took $20,000 worth of improper benefits during his freshman season. He unsuccessfully tried to join the NFL Draft early after leaving college but wasn’t able to enter until he was taken by the Denver Broncos in the third round of the 2005 draft. Clarett then got into more legal trouble that included an armed robbery incident after being released by the Broncos.

And now, the former Buckeye wants to represent his country — in a sport he has never played. As for his troubled past, Walker said the folks at Tiger Rugby were given reason to believe Clarett is a changed man.

“We hit up a few guys whose opinion we value in Columbus,” Walker explained. “We’ve been assured by people that we trust that he’s a different person, that he’s found himself. And I believe in giving him a shot.”

Is Clarett going to be on the US rugby team when the sport makes its Olympic debut in a few years? That would be a miracle, but at least he’s found himself a hobby that should help keep him out of trouble. If he was in it for the money, he’d probably just go back to Ohio State and fish around. He made some good dough there 10 years ago.

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Maurice Clarett’s girlfriend wanted for allegedly beating up Clarett

Maurice-Clarett-Ohio-StateThe drama in Maurice Clarett’s life never seems to stop. Clarett reportedly called police on Saturday to complain that his girlfriend, Ashley Evans, beat him up, and now police are looking for her.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, Evans, 30, is wanted on charges of alleged domestic violence and assault. Clarett reportedly told police that Evans bit him on the wrist and chest and punched him in the face at their home.

Clarett and Evans have a six-year-old daughter.

Evans has been mentioned by Clarett in the past. She was with him while he served three and a half years in prison on robbery and gun charges. Clarett would dictate blog posts to her from prison, and she would file them on his behalf.

The former Ohio State running back has been trying to clean up his life since going to prison. He is working on a book and has been church ministry classes.

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Maurice Clarett: I got paid more at Ohio State than I do in the UFL

Maurice-Clarett-Ohio-StateDuring his short time at Ohio State University, Maurice Clarett did not exactly live the life of an average college student. You could argue that no Division-I athlete at a school like Ohio State lives a “normal” college life, but Clarett was a special case.

After leading OSU to a national championship over Miami in 2003, the running back seemed destined for stardom. Then, Clarett started getting himself into trouble. The Buckeyes dismissed him after it was believed that he took $20,000 in improper benefits during his freshman season. He also pled guilty to filing a false police report claiming $10,000 worth of items were stolen from him. Despite being kicked out of school, Clarett packed a lot of action into his 13 months at Ohio State.

Forbes’ Monte Burke recently wrote a book about Joe Moglia, the former CEO of TD Ameritrade who quit his job to coach football and wound up with the UFL’s Omaha Nighthawks in 2011. Clarett played for the Nighthawks from 2010-2011. The following passage comes from Burke’s book, “4th and Goal: One Man’s Quest to Recapture His Dream,” and was published on Deadspin Thursday:

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Maurice Clarett Didn’t Sell Memorabilia Because He Was ‘On a Different Level’

Talking to any former college football player about illegal benefits is always an adventure. Talking to a guy like Maurice Clarett is bound to be even more of an adventure, albeit one that you might not be able to comprehend.  As you all know, Clarett was banned from the Ohio State football program after his Freshman season and — after finding himself in trouble with the law — was never able to establish a successful NFL career.  Still, he surprisingly had nothing negative to say about Jim Tressel.

Clarett did, however, have an interesting stance on selling and exchanging memorabilia while in college.  The former Buckeye running back told The Dan Patrick Show Wednesday that he did not engage in any such activity while in college, but the fun part was his reason why.

“There was no need to,” Clarett explained. “I was on a different level just through playing.”

Maurice did go on to defend players who buy expensive cars in college saying, “it’s not like they’re committing crimes in those cars.”  He also added that players go out in the community and form their own relationships with agents and such, noting that coaches and the university have no control over it.

I’m assuming what Clarett means by the “on a different level” comment is that he expected to move on to a successful NFL career and make millions of dollars anyway, so there was no need to accept gifts or sell memorabilia while in college.  That’s a fair point I suppose, but it didn’t exactly turn out as planned for him.  Not to mention, there are plenty of high profile players who have been accused of receiving improper benefits, so that reasoning is apparently not shared amongst all of Clarett’s peers.

Maurice Clarett Is Blogging, Says His Career Isn’t Over

I can’t even remember the last time I mentioned the name Maurice Clarett. I think it’s been so long since he’s been in the consciousness of the American public that I’ve never even written a story about him here at LBS. Well our favorite Grey Goose chugging running back apparently is still in prison and trying to turn his life around. Oh yeah, and he has some lofty goals of trying to play professional football again:

I can’t hold these feelings in anymore. I want to play football again. I have a deep desire to play. I love the game. I have so much penitentiary aggression pinned up inside of me. I want to hit someone. I want to run the ball. I want to tackle someone. I want to play. I am going to play somewhere. I cannot accept how things ended. I won’t accept how they ended. I am 220, rock solid. I am moving swift, running fast, and jumping high. My mind is right and my life is in order. I am 25 but I feel like I am 18. I am still young. Those who do support me deserve and want to see me out there playing again. I play with some pretty good athletes back here. In the penitentiary you could say basketball is football. Back here everything is aggressive. Everything is intense. I know I am an asset to someone’s locker room on so many levels.

That’s nice that Clarett has the passion for the game again and really wants to play football but let’s be real here: the guy had a golden opportunity to play years ago and couldn’t cut it physically. Why would anything be different six or seven years later? They wouldn’t be. I’m not even sure he’d have a chance at making it in the UFL or Arena League should it come down to that. It’s just been way too long and Clarett will just have to channel his energy and passion into something else, sorry to say. Not many others saw such a 180 degree turnaround the way Clarett did. Man.

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