Michael Bennett to test free agency

Michael BennettMichael Bennett is one of the top free agents this offseason, and it looks like he will test the market rather than re-sign with the Seattle Seahawks immediately.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Thursday that Bennett, who had 8.5 sacks last season, will not re-sign with the Seahawks before March 11.

Bennett not re-signing with the Seahawks now does not mean he won’t end up back with them, but it means he will hear offers from other teams.

FOX NFL reporter Mike Garafolo says the Jaguars and Raiders are lurking as possibilities to sign Bennett. He also believes that because of all the talented players the Seahawks will have to eventually pay, they won’t be the team to sign Bennett to a big deal.

What has been clear is that Bennett will not be taking less to stay with Seattle. When asked about the possibility of giving the Seahawks a hometown discount, Bennett delivered one of the best quotes of the year.

“There is no such thing as discount,” Bennett said in February via the Seattle Times. “This is not Costco, this is not Walmart — this is real life. … You want to be compensated for the way that you perform and the kind of teammate you are.”

Bennett is obviously a very good player, but one concern I’d have with him is that he thrived in Seattle’s system, so you would have to use him similarly to the way Pete Carroll did in order to get the best results.

Michael Bennett: Jimmy Graham is soft and overrated

Jimmy GrahamJimmy Graham was a total non-factor in the New Orleans Saints’ 23-15 playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Saturday, leading one Seahawks defender decided to run a little wild with the postgame trash talk.

After the game, Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett, who had six tackles and a half sack in the win, called Graham “soft” and the most overrated player in the NFL, as Mike Freeman noted.

Graham had just 1 catch for 8 yards and was only targeted six times because of all the coverage the Seahawks had on him. They did a great job taking him out of the game and deserve credit for it. But let’s be real: Graham has been one of the best at his position for the past three seasons. You don’t catch 86 balls for 1,215 yards and 16 touchdowns — as Graham did this season — by being overrated.

The comments from Bennett are obviously excessive, but clearly Seattle was pleased with the way they took Graham out of the game. And the soft comment has to do with Graham getting into a fight with the Seahawks before the game:

And what can we say about Bennett? He just seemed to be in a great mood all game:

GIFs via GIFD Sports, Tiger Droppings

Michael Bennett poses as Russell Wilson to get table at restaurant

Michael-Bennett-SeahawksRussell Wilson is one of the most popular people in Seattle, and he showed us why on Monday when he lit up the stat sheet with 310 yards and three touchdowns in a blowout win over the New Orleans Saints. Earlier this week, Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett used Wilson’s popularity to get something for himself.

During an interview with 710 ESPN radio, Bennett said he called a restaurant looking to get a table and let the hostess know that he was a defensive end for the Seahawks. He was told the restaurant was “all booked up.” That’s when Bennett decided to call back and pretend to be Wilson, again asking if there were any tables available.

“And she was like, ‘Yes! We can make a table for you! You were 22-for-30 the other night, 130 quarterback rating!'” Bennett recalled the hostess saying. “She knew every stat.”

Bennett is much larger than Wilson, has a beard and really doesn’t look anything like him. When he arrived at the restaurant with his family, there was no fooling anyone.

“I got to the restaurant with my wife and kids,” Bennett said. “I said, ‘Oh, thank you. I’m Russell Wilson.’ She was like, ‘Good joke.’ I said, ‘Gotcha.'”

Bennett said he and his family got the star treatment anyway with a roped-off table and sparkling water. Of course, the fancy ropes and fizzy water were for Wilson. I’m sure Bennett didn’t mind. After all, he did return a fumble for a touchdown against the Saints. He deserved some star treatment, too.

Martellus and Michael Bennett Compete in Black Olympics Chicken, Watermelon, and Kool-Aid Video

Unfortunately this is not the first time we’ve been down the Martellus Bennett composing controversial YouTube videos road. My man HG at You Been Blinded shared the Martellus Bennett Black Olympics video and I couldn’t believe how dumb Marty B was. What sane person in the public eye, open to media scrutiny, would actually film a racially stereotypical video and then actually promote it? Well, Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett and his brother, running back Michael Bennett are that dumb:

The commenters at YouTube are loving it so far, but putting aside that it’s racial and stupid, it’s not even done well or in a funny manner. Honestly, is this what the Bennett family does? I can’t believe that both of them are willing to take the bad publicity they’re going to get for this when they don’t securely have NFL jobs. Why would the Cowboys continue to put up with the negative pub for a guy who’s Jason Witten’s backup?

Don’t Teach Michael Bennett Chinese

Cuz you won’t even have a prayer of him picking it up. Just ask the man, considering he’s the one who brought it up. Talking about his recent trade to Tampa Bay from Kansas City, Michael Bennett said it will take him some time to pick up Chucky’s offense:

“This West Coast system is like me trying to learn Chinese in 48 hours,” Bennett said of the task ahead of him in fitting in with his new teammates. “It’s not going to happen. That is why we have the coaches and the veteran players, the guys who have been here before, trying to help me along with the progress.”

That’s gotta go up there as one of the more priceless quotes I’ve heard. Safe to say that Michael Bennett is not one of the swiftest cats in the league. Bennett: Learning West Coast offense is like learning Chinese. Testaverde: Give me a week, and I’ll not only run your entire offense, but also win you a game. That’s why the fossil is still around, because he’s smart. Bennett, umm, not so much.