Michael Oher Responds to Steve Jobs Controversy: Reaction was Terrible

Most people know Michael Oher because his story was told through the popular book and movie The Blind Side. Oher is no longer playing on “the blind side,” (he’s been moved to right tackle), but he received attention last week for a tweet he sent when Apple CEO Steve Jobs died.

“Can somebody help me out?” he wrote on Twitter. “Who was Steve Jobs!”

Oher’s tweet seemed lazy at the least — if he knows how to operate Twitter from his phone, why didn’t he just perform a quick Google search to find out? Or maybe he was trying to prove a point: although many people were acting like the world had come to an end, there were some people who didn’t know of Jobs. The ultimate irony was that Oher was tweeting from an iPhone — one of Jobs’ finest creations.

In an article published Thursday in the Carroll County Times, Oher responded to the Jobs controversy. The lineman said he was caught off guard by the harsh reaction to his question about Jobs and defended himself.

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Michael Oher Unhappy with Todd McShay’s ‘Character Issues’ Label

Michael Oher, the Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman about who The Blind Side was based, spoke out Tuesday against players being tagged with a “character issues” label by draft analysts. Oher was upset with ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay and specifically called him out in a series of tweets, Pro Football Talk pointed out.

Ok im so tired of the Character issues they are puttiing on ppl! What is Character issues?!? Somebody tell me? Todd Mcshay said I had Character and he never met me! What if someone was to talk about his son that way! I never got in trouble with the Law…yes sir no sir guy But this Todd Mcshay guy acts if he knows ppl on a personal level get real!”

Oher eventually turned his attention to McShay on twitter and said to him “tell me what are character issues because I dont know… you said I had them and you never met me?!” and “you need to meet ppl first and then judge them not go off what you hear!!”

Oher received no response because McShay is inactive on twitter, but he did get Percy Harvin to concur. Since he didn’t hear back from McShay, I’ll give him some responses.

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The Blind Side Movie Featuring Michael Oher Is Coming Out in November

Unlike the other Michael Lewis sports book, Moneyball, The Blind Side movie was actually made and is set for the big screen. In fact, I was pretty stunned to see trailers of the movie while watching Monday Night Football — I really didn’t hear as much buzz about the movie as I did about Moneyball which was supposed to star Brad Pitt. Anyway, you watch this trailer and it becomes pretty clear they’re trying to market Sandra Bullock as much as possible (their attempt to attract a female audience to a football movie?). Judging by the trailer, the movie does a good job telling the story as it came across in the book. And in case you haven’t read it, The Blind Side is a fun book and its impact (much like Moneyball’s) was strong; the book was released late in ’06 and then in the NFL draft for ’08, 7 left tackles were taken in the first round. Michael Lewis did a good job convincing everyone about the value of having a top left tackle to protect the quarterback’s blind side. Anyway, enough of my rambling, check out the trailer of the movie below: