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Monday, November 30, 2015

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NFL didn’t feel appreciated at Radio City Music Hall

The NFL is looking to break tradition and move the draft out of Radio City Music Hall next year. According to reports, the NFL is looking at Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City as possible host cities for the annual event. Dallas, Houston, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Boston and other cities are also vying for a…Read More

NFL thinking about holding draft in two cities in future?

The NFL is constantly experimenting with different ways to make the game more interesting or appealing. Under Commissioner Roger Goodell’s watch, they’ve found many ways to boost the sport’s popularity. One such trick was to make the NFL Draft a 3-day event instead of two. Could their next move be hosting the draft in two…Read More

NFL considering moving draft to May?

The NFL offseason is one of the slowest times for sports in America. Football is the only sport that creates a major buzz every week of the regular season. With baseball, basketball and hockey, we just don’t see the same type of exposure until deep in the playoffs. Now, the NFL could be looking to…Read More

Should Rookies Boycott the 2011 NFL Draft by Staying Home?

While players and fans find themselves wondering whether or not there will be football in the fall, soon-to-be rookies are faced with a difficult decision that needs to be made in just over a month. The NFL Players Association has decertified, and as of now there is no collective bargaining agreement in the NFL.  The…Read More

Excess TV Cameras Ruin Suspense of Draft Pick Announcements

There’s that saying, “less is more.” Somebody needs to tell that to both ESPN and NFL Network whose coverage of the draft went overboard. This was the first year in a long time where I got to sit at home and actually watch the draft and enjoy the coverage. The problem with the coverage on…Read More

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