Nyjer Morgan had great interview on WTAM after home run (Audio)

Nyjer Morgan is back in the big leagues, and that is great news for all of us.

Nyjer MorganThe outfielder also known as Tony Plush was recalled by the Cleveland Indians last week to fill in for Michael Bourn. He has been playing sporadically since being recalled, and he got in a full game on Sunday against the Rays.

T. Plush went 3-for-4 in the game and knocked a 2-run homer for his first big bomb since July 30, 2012. It’s safe to say Plush was pretty pumped about the jack. After the game, he did a postgame radio interview with WTAM/Indians Radio Network and showed off his personality.

That was definitely the greatest “Woo Woo” since Bubb Rubb:

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Nyjer Morgan wants to leave Tony Plush and the ‘malarkey’ behind him

nyjer-morganOne word comes to mind when I think of Nyjer Morgan — spastic. The 33-year-old outfielder signed with the Cleveland Indians recently after it was announced that center fielder Michael Bourn would begin the season on the disabled list. Morgan spent the 2013 season playing in Japan after he was unable to find work in the MLB. Now, he is looking to change his image.

During his six MLB seasons, Morgan has been known more for his explosive personality than his play on the field. But it was obviously his alter ego Tony Plush that was flipping off fans and getting into fights, because Morgan claims he is leaving all that in the past.

“I just wanted to leave the malarkey behind me, and show the new me, the new veteran — the guy I am,” Morgan told Ted Berg of USA Today Sports on Monday. “I wanted to show them who Nyjer Morgan is, not Tony Plush. Tony Plush is just a fun-loving part of the game. But I wanted to show who Nyjer Morgan is: a hard-working individual that loves coming to the ballpark and loves competing, and loves being with his boys.

When he’s at his best, Morgan is a useful asset. He hit .304 in 119 games for the Brewers in 2011 and injected energy into the lineup. He also once threw a legendary fit in the outfield during a game and got into it with a fan over a foul ball, so it’s only fitting that Morgan has come up with an alter ego for himself.

“I worked hard this offseason, mentally and physically,” he said. “I feel really prepared. I feel that I’ve earned this spot, earned this situation. Hard work is what got me here, and hard work is definitely not going to stop.”

Terry Francona will be happy if Morgan can contribute until Bourn gets back. The concern now is his declining skill set more than his whacky personality. Francona has been known to handle some of the most difficult players in the game, so that shouldn’t be an issue. If Morgan hits just .239 like he did in 2012, that will be the real concern for Cleveland.

Nyjer Morgan confesses over Twitter to cheating on his girlfriend, claims he was hacked

nyjer morgan

It was an eventful few hours for Nyjer Morgan’s Twitter account on Monday night. Tweets sent from the wacky free agent outfielder’s account claimed that he had cheated on his girlfriend and was apologizing for doing so. The tweets seemed to have been sent by an ex-girlfriend who also changed the account’s bio and avatar. Not long after the tweets were sent, the account appeared to be taken over by Morgan who claimed he had been hacked.

Here are the tweets sent from his account that have since been deleted:

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Nyjer Morgan gets into it with Reds fan after foul ball (Video)

Near the end of Wednesday’s Brewers-Reds game in Cincinnati, we saw a little bit of the testy Nyjer Morgan of old. It was the bottom of the ninth with the Brew Crew leading, 8-4, when Morgan was in pursuit of a ball sailing toward the front row of seats along the right foul line before he came in contact with an eager Reds fan. Morgan didn’t make the catch but would have likely had an easy snare if he was unimpeded. However, with the ball already in the stands, the fan had just as much right to go for the it as Morgan did.

As they untangled their arms, Morgan gave the fan a light shove and also barked some choice words as he walked away, which were returned with boos from the Cincy crowd. No telling why Morgan is making big stink while his team is comfortably ahead with two outs left. But in case you’ve forgotten (how can you not?), this isn’t the first time the man also known as Tony Plush has had questionable interactions with fans nor is the first time he’s thrown an overzealous fit during a game.

“It’s just one of those things where we were tangled up; I could have made a play on the ball,” Morgan said after the game. “I just gave him a little, ‘Get off me,’ because he was all on my arm and everything. Nothing major, but everybody might blow it up a little differently.”

Morgan has a history of this kind of thing, but I’ll be surprised if the league office tries to punish him in some way.

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Nyjer Morgan Skates with the San Jose Sharks, Scores Goal (Video)

Nyjer Morgan the hockey player?  Who woulda thunk it?  It is not surprising that Morgan would have the type of fire you need to succeed on the ice.  We typically only think of insane interviews or throwing a legendary fit when thinking of the Brewers outfielder, but as you can see from the video above he played some puck in his day.  Morgan skated with the San Jose Sharks on Wednesday, and he even put one in the net in a one-on-one situation.  Of course the goalie was trying his hardest.

As Puck Daddy pointed out, Morgan played seven games with the WHL’s Regina Pats during the 1999-2000 season before he committed to playing baseball.  He said his biggest contributions when he played were coming off the bench and adding excitement to the game.  We can certainly see that.

Cardinals Fan Taunts Nyjer Morgan with Poster, Fails (Picture)

Even though the Cardinals have already eliminated the Brewers from the postseason, Milwaukee antagonist Nyjer Morgan remains a popular figure in St. Louis. Fans who hung out behind the Baseball Tonight set outside Busch Stadium after Game 1 of the World Series were chanting his name relentlessly. And of course there was the one pea-brained Cardinals fan who thought he’d be smart and taunt the Brewers center fielder by pointing out that Milwaukee was at home, while St. Louis played on. Only one problem: might want to brush up on your spelling before you try to make fun of someone.


Nyjer Morgan Dropped Two F-Bombs on TBS (Video)

You’d like to think that TBS would know better than to stick a live microphone in Nyjer Morgan’s face while he’s busy celebrating the Brewers’ NLDS Game 5 win, but they don’t. Naturally, Tony Plush burned them with not one, but two very audible f-bombs on camera. Peep the video:

The guy was running AWAY from the cameras. He clearly did not want to be interviewed at the time. TBS didn’t get the clue, so they paid with that embarrassing moment. Good thing no kids were watching …

For more great moments in Njyer Morgan interview history, watch this.