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Thursday, November 26, 2015

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Patriots fan’s obituary says ‘Brady is innocent!’

No matter what we learn about Tom Brady’s alleged role in the Deflategate scandal, some New England Patriots fans will never stop defending their quarterback — even in death. Patricia M. Shong, a 72-year-old Patriots fan from Auburn, Mass., passed away earlier this week. Shong’s family included a defense of Brady in Patricia’s obituary, which…Read More

Obituary blames ‘Seahawks lousy play call’ for man’s death

The Seahakws lost Super Bowl XLIX in heartbreaking fashion and the decision to attempt a pass from the one yard line, instead of handing the ball to Marshawn Lynch, has appeared in a fan’s obituary. Here’s an excerpt via The Spokesman-Review: He was a small business owner in Kent, WA and loved his family, work,…Read More

Woman’s obituary says Dick LeBeau leaving Steelers contributed to death

Eleanor Miriam Gallagher of Nanticoke, Penn. passed away on Wednesday at the age of 81. According to her obituary, the Pittsburgh Steelers may have shortened Gallagher’s life. More specifically, Gallagher’s family feels that the team’s disappointing exit from the playoffs coupled with the departure of defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau was too much for her to…Read More

Mets fan Marylou Belles takes a shot at the team in her obituary

Marylou Belles of Bethel, Conn. died back on July 13. According to her obituary which we read on the Daily Courier-Observer’s website, she battled cancer for 27 years before passing away on Friday the 13th — which was described as a “perfect day” for it since she was a big Stephen King fan. Belles’ obituary…Read More

Twins Fan’s Obituary Says He Was Angry with Joe Mauer

A 22-year-old man named Josiah Abeler died recently after suffering a seizure in his sleep. I’m sure his family and friends are going through a difficult time, but that doesn’t mean the person who wrote the obituary had to take a shot at Joe Mauer the way they did: Is that sick or what? I…Read More

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