Pacman Jones will speak to rookies about staying out of trouble

Pacman-Jones-Says-He-Was-too-Immature-With-TitansAdam “Pacman” Jones has once again been invited to share his unfortunate experiences with incoming rookies at the NFL Rookie Symposium near the end of June. Last year, Jones spoke to rookies about managing money and shared a touching story about the time he managed to blow $1 million in a single weekend. This year, the circumstances are a bit different.

When Pacman spoke to rookies last summer, it had been about a year since his last run-in with the law. This time around, Jones has found himself back in hot water after he allegedly punched a woman outside a bar on June 5. The Bengals corner insisted he acted in self-defense, but this surveillance video may paint a different picture.

In the wake of his recent arrest, many have questioned whether it is still appropriate for Jones to speak at the Rookie Symposium. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, NFL Vice President of Player Engagement Troy Vincent said Jones will remain on the list because of the connection he made with rookies last year. Vincent said the league likes that his experiences are “real” and not role play.

“You are not going to trick an athlete,” he explained. “They know when it is dressed up and not real. When you can sit among your peers and just talk about your life, someone is learning from that. They can look at him and see themselves from the way they look to where they have originated.”

For this particular job requirement, I guess you could say Pacman’s resume has gotten even stronger. After he was released from jail last Monday, Jones stuck to his story about acting in self-defense.

“I’m not out drinking, getting drunk,” he said. “All I was doing was protecting myself. I wouldn’t like to harm no woman, period. … Most of my family are women. I don’t even have a dad. I’m not into that, and I don’t condone that.”

Whether he acted in self-defense or not, it sounds like Jones has learned another valuable lesson. Walking away from a confrontation is always the best bet, especially if there is a fence separating you and the person you are arguing with. Perhaps he can pass that wisdom on to NFL rookies in addition to some money-saving pointers.

Did Pacman Jones use self-defense on woman? You make the call

Pacman Jones has been charged with assault for punching a woman at a bar in Cincinnati last week, but the Bengals cornerback is claiming that he acted in self-defense.

ESPN 1530 in Cincinnati obtained security footage of the incident, which allows us to review what happened.

It’s hard to tell exactly what was going on, but it looks like Pacman was walking along the sidewalk next to the bar’s outdoor patio. He stops to talk to a few people seated on the patio. As he’s talking with them, a woman who was standing against the wall of the bar approaches him and they begin to talk (or argue). Pacman leans over the rail to talk with the woman and points his finger at her. The woman then reaches out and sticks her beer bottle in Pacman’s face, almost like she wanted to pour it on him (screencap below).

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Pacman Jones charged with assault for punching female, claims self defense

Since he entered the NFL in 2005, Pacman Jones has gotten into trouble about as much as an NFL player can get into trouble without destroying his career. Prior to this week, he had been able to keep a low profile for nearly two full years. However, Jones tweeted on Monday that he has been arrested and charged with assault.

Pacman-Jones-Says-He-Was-too-Immature-With-TitansJones broke the news with his tweet, and the Cincinnati Enquirer later confirmed that the Bengals cornerback has been arrested for allegedly punching a female outside a bar. As you can see from the message he sent to his roughly 30,000 followers, Jones is claiming self defense.

According to Pacman’s agent Peter Schaffer, Jones was at a bar after the Reds-Rockies game last Wednesday when he was attacked. Schaffer claims two women approached Jones and asked to have a picture taken with him, but he refused because he is married and doesn’t want photos of him with women floating around the internet.

After he turned the request down, Schaffer says someone threw a bottle at Jones so he turned around and slapped the person. He supposedly had no idea that a woman had thrown it.

“If this was anyone else they don’t charge him and they arrest the girl who threw the bottle, not the guy,” Schaffer said. “Given what Adam has been through with the legal process he has been incredibly positive and believes he will be vindicated.”

For whatever reason, trouble seems to find Jones. His most recent arrest, which took place in July 2011, brought us this classic mugshot that stemmed from a bar fight. Prior to that in October 2010, he was mistakenly arrested because police confused him with another man named Adam Jones. And before that — well, you can click here for a full recap of his checkered past. It never seems to stop.

Pacman Jones: Dallas Cowboys’ coaching was ‘horrible’

Sunday’s NFL game between the Dallas Cowboys and Cincinnati Bengals will have additional importance for Pacman Jones. The Cincinnati defensive back will be facing his former team and says he will have extra motivation.

“Sunday I’ll have a double chip on my shoulder,” Jones said Wednesday, via Bengals.com. “I’ll let the game come to me and play hard.”

Jones also said it’s a game “deep down in your heart you want this one.”

The Cowboys gave Jones an opportunity to play after he was suspended for the 2007 NFL season because of his role in a Las Vegas strip club shooting. He continued to act immaturely in Dallas and he got into an altercation with his bouncer that led to a four-game suspension. He did not play well with the team and was released in January 2009.

Though the Cowboys gave Jones a second chance, he still has some bitterness towards them.

“I love Jerry with all my heart,” Jones said before Wednesday’s practice, per Bengals.com. “I’m not going to get into what I don’t like about him, but Jerry has done a lot for me. I don’t care about that (now). I’m a Bengal and I’d like to stay a Bengal for the rest of my career.

“In Dallas, a lot of stuff is ‘fairy tale,'” he said. “It’s not real life. They don’t tell you how it really is. That’s the only difference.”

The Cowboys went 9-7 that season. Jones took a jab at the coaching in Dallas.

“I was horrible in Dallas. The coaching was horrible, too.”

Wade Phillips was the head coach of the team. He is considered to be one of the top defensive coaches in the league. Brian Stewart was the defensive coordinator, and he is now back in college at Maryland. Dave Campo was the team’s secondary coach. Jones didn’t elaborate on what was horrible about the coaches. Maybe he was talking about the way they handled the problematic situation involving Terrell Owens and Tony Romo. Who knows? He should be grateful they took a chance on him and brought him back into the NFL when few teams were willing to touch him.

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Pacman Jones tells NFL rookies he once spent $1 million in a single weekend

If NFL rookies want a perfect lesson on how not to begin their professional football careers, they need look no further than Adam “Pacman” Jones. This guy has done it all. He’s the official poster boy for wasted talent and horrible decision making. One particular thing Pacman knows a lot about is blowing money, so it’s no surprise the NFL welcomed him as a guest last week at the Rookie Symposium when he expressed a desire to share his experiences with the incoming rookie class.

According to Sports Illustrated’s Peter King, who spoke with Colts rookie tight end Coby Fleener, Jones told the rookies about a time he once managed to spend $1 million in a single weekend. Terrell Owens, who was sitting next to Jones during the lecture, turned to him and said, “Man, you crazy!”

Considering T.O. knows a whole lot about having problems with money, you know something is financially irresponsible if he is surprised by it. Based on some of the stories we’ve heard about Pacman in the past — in particular the ones about strip clubs — the fact that he spent $1 million in a couple days isn’t all that shocking.

It does, however, provide rookies with a real life example of how quickly their signing bonuses can fly out the window. Not only that, but acting like Jones can ruin your reputation and your career. Pacman no longer wants to be called Pacman because he wants to shake his horrible persona that hardly any NFL teams want to associate with. As we have seen, it’s not that simple when you do things like spending seven figures in a single weekend.

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Pacman Jones ordered to pay over $11 million in damages for strip club shooting

Now that he’s going by the name Adam Jones, speaking to rookies at the NFL symposium, and not getting into as much trouble, it’s easy to forget what a bad boy Pacman Jones once was.

Several years ago Pacman was involved in a shooting at Minxx strip club in Las Vegas, Nevada that had three victims and left one person paralyzed from the waist down. Pacman allegedly created the madness when he made it rain at the club and got into a mixup with a stripper.

According to TMZ, a Nevada jury ruled on Friday that Pacman was responsible for the shooting, and they ordered him to pay $11.65 million to three different victims.

Security guard Thomas Urbanski, who was paralyzed from the waist down after being shot, got $9.6 million. The other security guard who was shot, Aaron Cudworth, was awarded $1.3 million in damages. Urbanski’s wife sued for loss of marital relations and won $750k.

Pacman likely doesn’t have that kind of money, so it remains to be seen how things will be worked out, but it’s safe to say he’ll be owing big money in the future.

Pacman Jones Admits He Was Too Immature When He Played for Titans

If someone were to tell you that Pacman Jones is immature, you would probably laugh and tell them that’s the biggest understatement you have ever heard.  Jones has been a nuisance since the day he entered the NFL and has not managed to stay out of trouble for any extended period of time since then.  Given the amount of times his name has turned up in the press for the wrong reasons, it feels like Pacman has been in the league for at least a decade.

On Monday, The Tennessean interviewed Jones over the phone to gauge his feelings about returning to Tennessee this weekend when the Bengals visit the Titans.  It should come as no surprise that the man who was arrested seven times during his days with the Titans, allegedly took advice from a drug dealer, and was more or less run out of town by the people of Nashville, spoke like a victim.

“It would have never worked for me in Tennessee,” Jones said. “I was 21 or 22, and I didn’t understand what I understand now. I was out every night enjoying myself. I wasn’t really focusing on football. I had a lot of distractions. I take responsibility for everything that went on back then, and have learned from it.”

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