Bill O’Brien: ‘Hell no!’ he wouldn’t recruit the Penn State players (Video)

When Lane Kiffin shamelessly began recruiting former Penn State running back Silas Redd, who eventually transferred to USC, most people said that that is something all college football coaches would do. Not Bill O’Brien, man of morals that he is.

The current Penn State football coach, who took the job while the school was being investigated for potentially covering up the actions of pedophile Jerry Sandusky, says he’s above such reprehensible conduct (comments at the 7:00 mark in the video above).

“Hell no!” O’Brien said. “That’s not the right thing to do in my opinion. So I wouldn’t do that.

“I’m not fighting for my career, I’m fighting for Penn State,” O’Brien said. “For what’s right about this football program and so at the end of the day, like I said, these coaches are playing by the rules. That’s what they’re doing.”

I love the way that O’Brien is trying to make himself into a martyr who is leading Penn State football through its “dark ages” where they feel they must stick together to persevere. This man willingly accepted a job at a school he knew was going to be punished. He didn’t care about the culture of covering up child rapes to protect the program that exists/existed at Penn State; he just cared about taking over a program with a winning tradition. In many ways what he has done is much worse than any coaches poaching his players who, by the way, are free to transfer elsewhere.

Helmet smack to Dr. Saturday

NCAA’s Penn State penalties were harsh, but not harsh enough

The NCAA came down on Penn State Monday with harsh penalties as expected. Penn State was fined $60 million by the NCAA, will lose 90 scholarships over the next five seasons, and is facing a postseason bowl ban for the next four years.

This was the NCAA’s chance to show its toughness when in reality it is a powerless organization that exists to profit off the big business of college basketball and college football. The organization dropped the news on a Monday morning ensuring it would be the most talked about story throughout the day. The NCAA figured it would receive pats on the back for levying punishments that make the organization seem powerful, and it did. But they still didn’t do enough, and it was by intention.

While some have argued that the penalties against Penn State essentially will kill the program for the next handful of years, the NCAA missed an opportunity to do something bigger: prevent the program from playing games for years.

Scholarship players or not, Penn State will still be able to field a football team and compete in the Big Ten. Season ticket sales for the football program are up. Joe Paterno merchandise is still in demand. Students, alumni, and fans will still be attending games and demanding that the team wins. Some players still say they support Joe Paterno and only view the penalties as a “distraction.”

How are the penalties changing the mindset of those in State College? What has the NCAA done to help change the culture at Penn State? I don’t see a whole lot.

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Penn State penalties include $60 million fine, four-year postseason ban, loss of 90 scholarships

As expected, the NCAA came down extremely hard on Penn State’s football program on Monday morning. A number of people were upset on Sunday when news surfaced that the sanctions handed down to Penn State would be “unprecedented” but not include the death penalty — or a complete suspension of play for the football program. For the football program itself, you could argue the sanctions are worse than the death penalty.

For starters, Penn State has been fined $60 million — a figure that the NCAA says is the equivalent to the football program’s average annual revenue. The school also faces a four-year postseason ban and a five-year probationary period during which individuals can be sanctioned following criminal investigation. Penn State’s football scholarships have been reduced by 10 for the upcoming season and 20 a year for the next four after that, totaling a loss of 90 scholarships.

In addition, Penn State has been forced to vacate all of its wins from 1998 to 2011. That will also reflect upon Joe Paterno’s personal coaching record, moving him out of first on the all-time win list. Over a week ago, Freeh’s investigation revealed that Paterno and other powerful figures at Penn State knew that Jerry Sandusky was investigated for allegedly showering with a young boy in 1998 but swept it under the rug, saying that what he did off of Penn State property had nothing to do with the team.

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Penn State Players Reportedly Fight After Practice, QB Matt McGloin Knocked Out

As if Penn State didn’t already have enough issues between the Jerry Sandusky scandal and the search for a new coach, we now have this. Reports say quarterback Matt McGloin was knocked out by wide receiver Curtis Drake when the two fought after practice Saturday.

Penn State Rivals reporter Nate Bauer recapped what he was told.

“Drake/McGloin jawing in practice, Drake initiates making amends in locker room, McGloin takes exception…McGloin punch/shove (unclear), Drake takes him to floor, pop to the chin, McGloin ‘lights out.'”

Ron Musselman of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette says police were called after the fight. Kicker Anthony Fera reportedly confirmed that a fight took place. The players also held a meeting after practice, but McGloin reportedly was not part of it. The Patriot-News says he was taken to a hospital to be checked for a possible seizure.

The Nittany Lions are preparing for their January 2nd bowl game against Houston.

See Nits, we told you to turn down the bowl invitation. This is just karma.

Video: Penn State Board of Trustees Fires Joe Paterno

The Penn State Board of Trustees announced on Wednesday night that they were firing Joe Paterno as head coach of Penn State’s football team. Paterno had coached at the school since 1950 and was the program’s head coach since 1966. He won 409 games, two national championships, and a record 24 bowl games, but none of that mattered amidst the frenzy and pressure that mounted over Jerry Sandusky’s sexual abuse scandal. Paterno did not do enough to stop alleged sexual abuser Jerry Sandusky, his former defensive coordinator. Here is a video of the press conference held by the Penn State Board of Trustees Wednesday night:

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Joe Paterno Likely Did Not Know in 2002 What We Know About Jerry Sandusky Now

Now that more and more details about Jerry Sandusky’s sexually abusive past are being revealed, people are becoming more and more upset. They’re getting angry. They’re getting outraged. And their blind rage is causing them to become irrational. When people get as upset as they are now, they often look for scapegoats. Joe Paterno, because he is such a widely known and widely revered figure, has become that scapegoat. Most of it may be undeserved.

First off, one serious problem here is that many people have shifted the blame from Jerry Sandusky to Joe Paterno. It’s like people are forgetting who the real monster is. Jerry Sandusky is the person alleged to have sexually abused multiple young boys over a long period of time. If you want to be angry with someone, be angry with him.

He’s allegedly been abusing young boys for over 15 years. Is Joe Paterno the only one didn’t do enough here? The Penn State university police had an incident reported to them in 1998 and didn’t charge Sandusky. What about all the people at The Second Mile, Sandusky’s organization intended to help troubled young boys. Did they ever suspect any wrongdoing or do anything about it? What about all the parents who sent their children to be with him? Should they all be fired as parents for allowing their boys to sleep at Sandusky’s house? What about Sandusky’s wife, who allowed the abuse to take place in her home? Why didn’t she stop any of it?

One big reason is because plenty of people were fooled by Sandusky. Either that, or because they did not know. If they weren’t, this would have been stopped a long time ago. We showed you a video from 2007 where the public perception of Sandusky was that he was an excellent community man doing wonderful things for young kids. Given that was the perception of him, it’s no wonder everyone is shocked and stunned over what’s transpired. Additionally, most people don’t look at every person they come across as a child sex abuser. If you do, that’s an unfair judgment to make about someone. Even if you’ve heard something about someone, if you’ve known them to be a good person for 30 years, would you immediately believe it’s true? Maybe you’d have some doubts.

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Video: Joe Paterno Speaks with Adoring Fans at His House

Lest ye figured the old fans of Penn State University would leave Joe Paterno for the lions, we have video proving otherwise. The legendary coach addressed the legions of fans who were outside his home Tuesday to support him. Ben Jones reports he said “No matter what happens to some people I’m proud of you.” Here’s a video of the scene from JoePa’s house, along with an up-close video where you can hear Paterno’s message to his fans:

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