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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Articles tagged: Peyton Manning

Norv Turner would rather have seen Peyton Manning sign with the 49ers

When reports first indicated Peyton Manning was considering the Broncos in free agency, Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers brashly stated he hoped Peyton would choose his division rival. It’s safe to say Norv Turner doesn’t share his enthusiasm. “You know, I thought he would have looked great in a 49er uniform,” Turner told Darren Smith on…Read More

Angry Titans fans make ‘F*** you Peyton’ song (Very NSFW)

While Peyton Manning is set to get a boat load of money from the Broncos — reportedly in the neighborhood of five years, $95 million — it would be tough to imagine his decision was monetary based. Given his injury history, signing Peyton to that type of contract is a risk. Given his Hall of…Read More

Ryan Clady says Peyton Manning is ‘just better than Tim Tebow’

Tim Tebow received a ton of support from his Broncos teammates throughout the entire 2011 season, but there are no watery eyes in Denver now that Peyton Manning is coming to town. Manning is a Super Bowl-winner, a four-time MVP, and a lock for the Hall of Fame. Regardless of how much the Broncos like…Read More

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