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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Peyton Manning wife Ashley got drugs from anti-aging clinic


When Super Bowl 50 comes to an end, Peyton Manning won’t only be answering questions about whether he plans to play in 2016. The 39-year-old quarterback will likely also be asked about the performance-enhancing drug allegations the NFL is currently investigating.

As most of you know, an Al Jazeera report claims Manning’s wife Ashley received illegal shipments of HGH, with the implication being that Peyton took the drugs while recovering from neck surgery in 2011. While Manning has vehemently denied taking any illegal substances, a spokesman for him recently acknowledged that Ashley had a prescription from the Guyer Institute.

The spokesman, Ari Fleischer, would not say which drug Ashley Manning was prescribed to. However, some feel it is quite the coincidence that Ashley had a prescription from the anti-aging clinic at the same time Peyton was being treated there.

Al Jazeera claims HGH was, in fact, the drug that Manning’s wife was receiving. Not only that, but the report alleges that the HGH was being illegally shipped to Ashley, which would imply that she does not suffer from one of the handful of conditions that make HGH use legal.

Manning would argue that any prescription his wife has is her business and her business only. While that’s certainly true, he has to understand how bad it looks when you read some of the shady activity the founder of the Guyer Institute has engaged in.

It will be interesting to see what the NFL’s investigation reveals. We all saw how efficient the league was with Deflategate, right?

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