Rob Ryan with a great ‘f— yeah’ reaction after Cowboys’ goal-line stand

Rob Ryan is every bit as fiery as his twin brother Rex. The Cowboys defensive coordinator gave us one of the best GIFs of the new NFL season by belting out “F— yeah!” twice following Dallas’ successful goal-line stand in the second quarter, and yelling across the field at the Giants “go for it, f— face!”

Ryan should have been fired up — the Giants had the ball at the one and not only didn’t score a touchdown, but they also lost three yards and settled for a field goal. F— yeah indeed.

Other interesting moments from the NFL season opener:

-Giants rookie cries after losing a fumble
-Jerry Jones has a personal eyeglass cleaner

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Rob Ryan says he ‘respects the game,’ won’t use bounties

Even though his dad, Buddy Ryan, allegedly used bounties for his players as a coach with the Bears and Eagles in the 1980’s, Rob Ryan says he doesn’t want any part of bounty systems that made the New Orleans Saints the most-discussed NFL team this offseason.

“We always teach properly,” the Cowboys defensive coordinator said, according to the San Antonio Express-News. “I respect the game. The best thing about the game is the players. (Bounties) never concerned us. Warren Sapp played for me (with the Raiders) and he said if he ever heard a coach talk about that he’d walk out on a coach and beat the (expletive) out of the coach. I’m here. And I haven’t been beat up yet.

“I teach the game properly and I respect the game. I love the game. And I love the players in it.”

Other than avoiding bounties because you respect the game and its players, there’s also those parts about being exiled from the league and becoming a pariah that don’t sound much fun. That’s exactly the deterrent the league hoped to establish with the punishments it handed down to the Saints. But it would be naive to think every coach has the same mindset as Ryan.

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Eric Mangini’s Most Stressful Time was When Rob Ryan Spoke to Media

Rob Ryan is becoming as notorious as his twin brother, Rex, for having a big mouth. During an interview last weekend, he said he would make a better coach than his brother. Sometimes he doesn’t back up his talk like when he said his Cowboys would beat the Eagles. Dallas got crushed by Philly on Sunday night. It’s predictions like that that had Eric Mangini uneasy anytime Ryan, his defensive coordinator with the Browns, spoke to the media.

“Rob said some things last year that just weren’t covered very heavily,” Mangini said Monday on ESPN Radio. “Friday for me was always the most stressful 15 minutes when he had his press conference because I didn’t know what he was going to say, and someone would inevitably call me and say, ‘Hey, Rob said this quarterback can’t do this.’ Rob was still Rob. It might have been toned down a little bit and not covered as heavily as it is now.”

Mangini is exactly right about the difference in media coverage. Rob Ryan isn’t too different now from how he was last year. But now that he’s coaching America’s team, the things he says receive more attention. That’s fair warning for any team that dares to hire him as a head coach. You may be getting a good coach, but you’ll also be getting one with a big mouth who will draw attention. If that’s what some team owners want, then Rob will be a perfect fit.

Rob Ryan Says He Will Be a Better Head Coach Than Twin Brother Rex Ryan

With all the hype that constantly surrounds Rob Ryan in Dallas, you would swear he is the Cowboys’ head coach.  Jason Garrett is barely ever mentioned in the media, but folks love to talk about Ryan.  The Ryan family has developed somewhat of a celebrity status because of their big mouths.  Couple that with Rob’s reputation as a solid coordinator, and he is likely to get a head coaching job offer in the near future.  When he does, he is confident he will be more successful than Rex.

“I mean, I don’t think it’s going to eat much further,” Rob said during an interview with Al Michaels on Sunday when asked if a lack of head coaching offers eats away at him. “My chance will come. It only took my dad 25 years to get a chance and hell, he’s better than me and (Jets coach and his brother Rex Ryan) put together. (Rex has) had an opportunity. He’s done great with it. I’ll be better than him, so I’ll get my chance.”

A Ryan brother making a guarantee? Now there’s something you don’t see every day.  Rob insists Rex is already jealous of his success, so you can imagine what the Jets coach will feel like once his brother is a better NFL coach than he is.  Rob also added that he’s becoming the “best assistant in football” this season, which may be true if you ignore Sunday night’s debacle against the Eagles.

The real story here is how annoying it’s going to be to have another Ryan as a head coach in the NFL. He’ll have complete control over a team and more power than ever to make guarantees he won’t live up to.  At the moment, Rob’s most useful trait is the ability to take heat off Garrett for a Cowboys team that is headed in the wrong direction.

Rob Ryan: Rex Has Multiple Rings Envy

Earlier this week, Jets coach Rex Ryan said he thinks the Chargers would have won a couple of Super Bowls if they had named him head coach in 2007. Norv Turner wasn’t pleased with the comment and reminded Ryan that he hasn’t won any Super Bowls with the Jets yet.

Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, Rex’s twin brother, was asked about Rex’s remark. He said it was an issue of ring envy.

“Let me tell you something, that whole comment there is about multiplicity. Rex is constantly using that multiple ring thing, multiple ring this, multiple ring that, multiple ring this.

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Jim Schwartz Jabs Rob Ryan After Calvin Johnson Burns Cowboys

While most people recognize the greatness of Calvin Johnson, the Lions receiver still has his detractors. In January, it was Al Davis saying Calvin is nothing special. In August, it was Cris Carter declaring that Calvin was not elite. And despite Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett saying last week that the Lions receiver could be the best player in the NFL, Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan refused to praise the man known as Megatron.

In the week leading up to the Cowboys-Lions game that saw Detroit come out on top, the brash Ryan said that although Johnson is excellent, he’s not as good as Cowboys receivers Miles Austin or Dez Bryant.

Few people will deny the talent and ability of Austin and Bryant, but to say Calvin is not at their level is a joke. Megatron proved it on Sunday.

The Lions phenom caught two touchdown passes from Matthew Stafford, including one where he was surrounded by three defenders, and another where he skied a few feet off the ground in isolation. His touchdown catches were part of Detroit’s 24-point comeback win, and they served as a nice statement in the face of Ryan who dared to say he was below Dallas’ receivers.

Following the win, Lions coach Jim Schwartz took a subtle jab at Ryan. “I’m glad the third best wide reciever on the Cowboys is on our team,” he said.

Very well put, sir. That’s all that needed to be said. Calvin now has set an NFL record with two touchdowns in four straight games giving him eight on the year. He is by most accounts the best wide receiver in football.

Rob Ryan Has Picture of Model Diora Baird on His Playcalling Sheet

Are those Ryan brothers a couple of weird dudes or what?  The one guy likes feet and the other guy thinks it’s great that the first guy loves feet.  Rob Ryan said it’s no big deal that Rex loves his wife’s feet because Rob “loves everything” about his own wife.  I’m sure Rob loves his wife plenty, but apparently she doesn’t turn him on enough to be featured on his play sheet on Sundays.  Check out this picture Bag of Nothing grabbed of Rob Ryan on the sidelines during the Cowboys-Niners game:

SI Hot Clicks was able to track down the model, who is featured in the picture we enlarged above.  Her name is Diora Baird, and as you can see she’s fantastic.  That being said, this is an interesting superstition and/or crush Rob has.  He obviously isn’t doing it for attention since it is so difficult to pick up on.  I’m not mad at him though — that would probably keep my spirits up on game day.