Providence reporter does not realize he’s on TV, gives us great blooper (Video)

Frank CarpanoA miscommunication between the studio anchor and field reporter led to a great blooper on WJAR-TV in Providence, Rhode Island, on Saturday night.

Based on the video, it seems like there was an issue that prevented reporter Frank Carpano from going on-air for his initial report following Providence’s win over Creighton at the Big East tournament, so the host tried to kick it back to him again. Even though Carpano was giving a thumbs up, he apparently could not hear his cue, and therefore did not realize he was on air. He kept futzing with his earpiece the entire time.

The pinnacle was when Carpano, not realizing he was on live TV, launched himself at the camera with the thumbs up and said, “I gave you a thumbs up!”

Dude, if you couldn’t hear, then why did you give a thumbs up?

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Wichita State T-shirts incorrectly lists Indiana State as MVC tournament champs

Wichita State T-shirt

Wichita State capped a perfect regular season by beating Indiana State Sunday 83-69 to win the Missouri Valley Conference tournament. Only you wouldn’t know it by the T-shirts the team was wearing in their celebration.

The front of the team’s conference tourney champs shirts properly showed the Shockers as the conference tourney winners, but the back, which had the bracket from the tournament, incorrectly listed Indiana State as the winner.

Who goofed? I’ve got to know!

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Goalie lets in 200-foot game-losing goal while chatting with fans (Video)

Keegan-McHenryUtah State lost a hard-fought game against rival Denver University in club hockey on Friday night. The two teams played into overtime and Denver ended up scoring the game-winner with 15 seconds remaining in the extra period. The goal came from Robert Biedron, but Denver owes its victory to Utah State goalie Keegan McHenry.

For whatever reason, McHenry was not paying attention and did not realize that a face-off was about to happen at the other end of the ice. When Denver won said face-off, McHenry was out of his net and over near the glass chatting with fans. Biedron immediately noticed this and fired the puck 200 feet for a game-winning goal. McHenry took responsibility for his mistake by sending a tweet that he later deleted.

“I am ashamed and disgusted with myself,” the tweet read, according to Puck Daddy. “With what happened and how I acted. I let myself and more importantly, my team down.”

While it was one of the most incredible boneheaded mistakes you will ever see, it’s hard not to feel sorry for McHenry. He should have been paying attention with the game on the line, but that’s a play that will haunt him for the rest of his life.

Jason Dufner messes up putt in hilarious fashion (Video)

Jason-Dufner-botched-puttOne of the reasons I love watching golf so much is it gives terrible golfers like myself a chance to witness professionals making some of the same mistakes I make. During the Franklin Templeton Shootout on Saturday, Jason Dufner did something that every one of my buddies has done but I have never seen a PGA golfer do.

Dufner went to address his birdie put on the 9th hole and inadvertently tapped it, sending it roughly a foot sideways. Had something like this happened at the Masters, no one would have been smiling. Since it happened at one of those laid-back tournaments at the end of the season, the guys Dufner was playing with burst out laughing.

Dufner and his partner Dustin Johnson finished 11th out of 12 pairings. The botched birdie attempt contributed to that, but I’m sure DJ won’t hold it against him. Being there to witness Duf screw up like that was probably worthwhile.

H/T Darren Rovell

Jrue Holiday welcomes Pelicans fans to opening night on behalf of the Sixers (Video)

Jrue-Holiday-Pelicans-speechThe New Orleans Pelicans played their first ever regular season game with their new franchise name on Wednesday night, and old habits died hard for point guard Jrue Holiday. Holiday was traded to the Pelicans from the Philadelphia 76ers over the summer in exchange for Nerlens Noel. He’s expected to be one of the Pelicans’ best players this season, so the team decided to let him address the home fans.

Holiday, who spent the first four seasons of his NBA career in Philly, had an embarrassing flub while speaking to the crowd.

“How ya’ll doing, Pelicans fans?” he began. “On behalf of myself and the Sixers we want to welcome you all to the first Pelicans game this season this year…”

That was classy of the Sixers to extend a warm welcome to the Pelicans. Yeah, I know…

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John Elway, not Peyton Manning, threw 7 touchdowns against Ravens

Peyton Manning BroncosThe Denver Broncos blew the doors off the Baltimore Ravens to kick off the NFL season on Thursday night. A game that started out slow after a weather delay turned into a gong show, as Peyton Manning and his new offense put on a show. Or wait, was that John Elway?

A look at the box score might tell you that Manning tied an NFL record by throwing an incredible seven touchdown passes in his 2013 debut. Peyton did not turn the ball over and had his way with the defending Super Bowl champions, but The Columbus Dispatch decided to give all the credit to the most beloved quarterback in Broncos history.

It looks like the Ravens aren’t the only ones who have some work to do before they reach midseason form. Manning is hoping to give Denver fans what Elway gave them, but don’t expect to see him tuck the ball down and dive into the end zone.

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Fox Carolina anchor Aaron Cheslock calls it the ‘douchebag’ golf tournament (Video)

Aaron CheslockFox Carolina anchor Aaron Cheslock had a memorable blunder this weekend while giving a sports report.

Cheslock was introducing some golf highlights from the Deutsche Bank Championship, but he understandably stumbled over “Deutsche Bank.” What’s weird is that instead of Deutsche Bank, “douchebag” came out of his mouth.

LBS writer Steve DelVecchio was in attendance for the event on Sunday, so I guess in a way it was a douchebag-filled event. Maybe there was some truth to what Cheslock said.

Definitely one of the better slips of the tongue we’ve had here in LBS history. For more memorable screw-ups, check out our archives and enjoy the fun.

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