Sean Avery calls Martin Brodeur ‘fatso’ after Dancing With the Stars comment

Sean AverySean Avery appeared on the latest season of “Dancing With the Stars” for just one week before being voted off. He and partner Karina Smirnoff were one of two pairs that were given the boot after week one, and New Jersey Devils goaltender Martin Brodeur seemed to enjoy his former nemesis being eliminated so soon.

On Wednesday, Brodeur told NJ.com’s Randy Miller that he has never watched “Dancing With the Stars” but heard Avery didn’t do so hot.

“I didn’t watch – I don’t watch those shows – but I was watching NHL Network and they mentioned it,” Brodeur said. “What more could he do to embarrass himself? There it is!”

Several years ago, the NHL had to create a rule called the “Avery Rule” after the former New York Rangers goon stood in front of Brodeur facing him while waving his stick like a madman. Avery was attempting to screen Brodeur, but he wasn’t even paying attention to the play or anything behind him. They have no been fond of each other since.

Deadspin pointed out that Avery fired back at Brodeur on Twitter Thursday.


Woke up beside a super model? Awesome, bro. The supermodel he would be referring to is his fiancee Hilary Rhoda, who is obviously a great catch but there’s no need to go middle school here. Avery blamed the producers of “Dancing With the Stars” for his early exit from the show, which should surprise no one.

Sean Avery to appear on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Sean AverySean Avery will be the latest ex-athlete to join the cast of “Dancing With the Stars,” according to a report.

The New York Post’s Page Six says Avery, the former New York Rangers forward, has been working out in preparation for the show.

After retiring from hockey in 2012, Avery began working in the fashion industry, which was one of his interests during his playing career. The fashion agency for whom he had been working closed last year.

This spring will mark the 18th season of the show and that means Avery will be the latest in the long line of ex-athletes to join the program. I’m surprised he’s willing to participate in the show despite being like the 20th athlete to do it; I thought he wasn’t big on sloppy seconds … or thirds or fourths.

Sean Avery reportedly engaged to Hilary Rhoda

Sean-Avery-Hilary-RhodaFormer New York Rangers forward Sean Avery is reportedly off the market. According to the NY Post’s Page Six, Avery and fashion model Hilary Rhoda recently got engaged.

Avery and Rhoda have supposedly had an on-and-off relationship for years, having most recently reconciled this past May. Rhoda’s mother and manager Marianne told the NY Post’s Richard Johnson “no comment” when asked about the engagement, though Johnson said a friend told him Rhoda is “thrilled” about it.

The report may come as a surprise to some who believed recent rumors about Avery being gay. Back in September, a gossip site claimed Avery had secretly gotten engaged to Bravo TV host Andy Cohen, who is openly gay. Both Avery and Cohen joked about the rumors and denied them. In 2011, Avery was the first NHL player to speak out in favor of marriage equality in New York and extend support for gay professional athletes.

Rhoda is one of the many stunning young women that have been linked to New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez in the past.

Congrats to the happy couple — assuming the rumor is true. And they’re, you know, happy.

Sean Avery: I had a ‘huge smile’ when Rangers fired John Tortorella

John-TortorellaSean Avery played for former New York Rangers coach John Tortorella from 2009 to 2012, so the two are quite familiar with one another. On March 30 after the Rangers lost 3-0 to the Montreal Canadiens, Avery ripped Tortorella in a tweet.

“Fire this CLOWN, his players hate him and won’t play for his BS …” Avery wrote at the time, via Larry Brooks of the NY Post.

Tortorella was fired earlier this week following New York’s disappointing postseason performance against the Boston Bruins, during which its offense was borderline useless. When Avery heard the news, he said he was thrilled for the organization.

“Oh, I had a huge smile on my face, no question about it,” he told The Post on Thursday. “It’s not that I’m happy for myself. I’m happy for the Rangers and Ranger fans.

“When I was a Ranger, no one was happier to walk into the Garden every day than me. I loved the team. I still do. I want the atmosphere to be the best it can be for the players. I want everyone in New York to be proud of the team. That’s why I felt the way I did [on Wednesday] and that’s why I sent that tweet.”

Prior to his firing, it was obvious Tortorella was wearing out his welcome with his outspoken ways and pessimistic outlook. When the team was winning, those qualities were admirable. When the Rangers were losing, his attitude often seemed to make things worse.

“The day my NHL contract ended is the day I joined David Lipman and his agency,” Avery said, blaming Tortorella for the end of his career. “It gives me the ability to interact with New Yorkers every single day the way I did when I was a player, but on a different stage. Now I do story-telling and compete with other story-tellers in the advertising business, I’m a promoter, and really, who’s better than me at promoting?

“I said the day I came back to the Rangers that Tortorella was going to be the best thing for me in my career. Well, he was the worst thing ever that could have happened to my hockey career but the best thing that ever happened to my life.”

We know from experience that Avery also happens to be a douche, so take everything he says with a grain of salt. In any event, there’s something entertaining about listening to one blowhard insult another blowhard.

Sean Avery Pestered Kate Upton Over Twitter and She Put Him in Check

Kate Upton is a Rangers fan, and she attended their November 28th game against the Penguins. She apparently spent some time checking out goalie Henrik Lundqvist, because Sean Avery mentioned it over Twitter after the game.

Avery, known throughout the NHL for being a “pest,” tweeted a jab at Upton earlier this month.

“Since u couldn’t stop looking [Henrik Lundqvist] last night now u can follow him…… #sorryhesmarried” he wrote to Upton.

Kate wasted little time zinging him back:

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Sean Avery Extends Support for Gay Hockey Players

If we were to tell you an NHL player spoke out in support of gay hockey players, I doubt the first name to come to mind would be Sean Avery. Avery is the guy who smacks goalies in the head with his stick and has unsportsmanlike conduct rules created on his behalf, not the guy who supports a group that is discriminated against.  Or is he?

On Thursday, Avery told the Toronto Sun that he is willing to support any player who is gay and worried about the consequences of coming out and openly revealing his sexual orientation.

“If there’s a kid in Canada or wherever, who is playing and really loves the game and wants to keep playing but he’s worried about coming out, I’d tell him to pick up the phone and call (NHLPA executive director) Donald Fehr and tell him to book me a (plane) ticket,” Avery said. “I’ll stand beside him in the dressing room while he tells his teammates he is gay. Maybe if Sean Avery is there, they would have less of a problem with it.”

Wait, what? Is this the same Sean Avery that referred to his ex-girlfriend as “sloppy seconds?”  I don’t know if I buy it.  If he’s serious, you have to commend Avery even if he is a major d-bag.  I’m sure there are plenty of gay players scattered about professional athletics, and one of the most significant challenges they face is having to keep their sexual preference a secret from their teammates.  Support from uber-heterosexual chauvinists like Avery would probably help influence others to support gay players.

In any event, congratulations to Sean Avery for opening his mouth and not saying something obnoxious.

Sean Avery Should be Suspended Again for Lack of Sportsmanship

Normally I try to avoid stories about Rangers defenseman Sean Avery because the guy is such a tool. In general, I prefer not to a-holes like that publicity, regardless of what they’re doing (unless it’s about Elisha Cuthbert). That being said, after I saw the following video on Ballhype I felt no choice to post this so people could see exactly how much of a jerk Avery is. The Bruins beat the Rangers Sunday 1-0 to clinch the top seed in the Eastern Conference. Goalie Tim Thomas was on his game despite being smacked by Avery for no good reason. Let’s roll the tape:

It’s pretty clear that Avery did that intentionally. This is the same jackass that ruined the spirit of the game with his classless, annoying moves against Martin Brodeur in the playoffs last year. The NHL luckily was quick to respond in creating the “Sean Avery rule” to prevent those antics from ruining any more games. All they need to do is take one look at this tape to realize he should be suspended. There’s a difference between being a pest and a jerk. This certainly falls under the “jerk” umbrella.