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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Articles tagged: Steroids

Founder of BALCO Victor Conte: ‘As much as half of baseball’ using PEDs

However, BALCO founder Victor Conte believes Major League Baseball has a long way to go before it can be considered “clean.” During a phone interview with USA TODAY Sports, Conte described just how widespread he believes performance-enhancing drug use is across baseball. “I would say maybe as much as half of baseball (is using PEDs),”…Read More

Kirk Gibson: MLB needs ‘much stronger’ penalties for failed drug tests

In the wake of Melky Cabrera’s 50-game suspension for elevated levels of testosterone, you can easily understand why some of the teams who have played against the Giants would be upset. As is the case with any player who used illegal performance-enhancing substances, the Giants technically cheated during the games in which Cabrera played. If…Read More

Half of U-17 World Cup Players Failed Drug Test Because of Bad Meat

At this summer’s U-17 World Cup tournament in Mexico, juicing was apparently somewhat of a problem. Of the 24 teams that began the tournament, 19 of them had players who tested positive for an illegal anabolic drug called clenbuterol. Tests in Germany after the conclusion of the tournament revealed traces of the drug in 109…Read More

Anthony Gonzalez Believes Many NFL Players are Using HGH

The NFL is set to begin testing for HGH, possibly as early as Week 1 of the upcoming season. Colts receiver Anthony Gonzalez believes the league is going to find a lot once testing is underway.  According to the Indy Star, Gonzalez said he would not be surprised if HGH use was widespread across the…Read More

Fred Lynn Would Have Considered Steroids for Recovery, Injury Prevention

LBS spoke with former nine-time All-Star center fielder Fred Lynn. Lynn is working with the SUBWAY Baseball DeSIGNS tour, which is a traveling display of baseballs designed by kids and autographed by celebrities. The balls, which you can see here, will be auctioned off in late August with all proceeds benefiting the Little League Urban…Read More

Manny Ramirez Cements Legacy as Cheater and Quitter

There are several different ways to describe Manny Ramirez during his fun, entertaining, aggravating, and tumultuous 19-year Major League Baseball career. After the way he exited the game for good on Friday, there are only two ways to characterize his legacy: Manny Ramirez was a cheater and a quitter. Ramirez of course was informed by…Read More

Villanova Baseball Player Solicits Steroids Advice on Message Board

A person claiming to be a Villanova baseball player recently posted a series of questions on a message board asking for advice on managing his cycle. Let’s put aside the legal and ethical issues at hand for a second. How about focusing on how dumb someone can be to post incriminating information like that…Read More

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