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#pounditSaturday, April 13, 2024

A-Rod Truly Is A-Fraud

This guy is so sickening. It was bad enough that he lied face-to-face to Katie Couric and the American public on TV, but the fact that Alex Rodriguez feels he needs to cheat to get better shows his lack of confidence and how insecure he is about his ability. Is it really that much about the money? Why, if Alex was that talented and supposedly that hard of a worker ever since his high school days, would he need to cheat to get ahead? Was he not already one of the best players ever? Was he not going to make enough money? Just like he cheated on his wife, he cheated on the game I love and the game he supposedly loves. Well screw Alex Rodriguez — he definitely doesn’t love the game the same way you or I do. If he did, he wouldn’t stoop so low as to cheat it. Why do you think he chokes in the playoffs and in every big spot? It’s because the baseball gods know. The game knows. The game rewards the pitcher that trains cleanly and without steroids. It punishes guys like A-Rod for cheating, embarrassing him in the biggest situations.

It’s too damn bad, just too damn effing bad that not enough of these selfish mothers out there don’t appreciate and love the game the way you or I do. If they did, they wouldn’t have been blinded by the dollar or the need to compete to cheat it. 104 players testing positive for performance-enhancers out of 750 in the majors, that’s 14% at the least. What an effing joke. And to think guys felt they needed to take steroids just to keep up, to compete at a level playing field? What jerkoffs. To think there isn’t a trickle-down effect all the way to the high school level is ignorant. To think that the kid who got cut from his high school team wouldn’t consider juicing to make the team is ignorant. To think the kid on J.V. wouldn’t consider using to make it to varsity is ignorant. To think the kid on varsity trying to make it to D-III isn’t considering using is ignorant. Same for the D-III kid trying to get to D-I ball, and the D-I bench warmer to D-I starter, and the D-I starter to getting drafted in the minor leagues. Every single player from 16-46 thinks they need that extra boost to not only get better, but to be on an even playing field. And that’s the freaking problem.

If steroids and these performance-enhancers were good for the body, they’d be legal. But they’re not. They’re despicable substances that alter the balances in your body and cause people to roid rage, commit suicide, and die young. You think it’s a coincidence all the Steelers players are dying before the age of 60? Think again. It’s not all the Cheerios they were eating in the morning that’s killing them.

If people can’t see the reason steroids and performance-enhancers are bad, if people are overlooking how bad it is for A-Fraud and 103 other players in 2003 to be cheating was, then they are effing clueless. Any wonder why the economy is in the crapper and Wall Street fell apart? The same reason most of these major leaguers took steroids — they wanted to make more money. Greed is killing this country and there’s no sense of honor, dignity, or integrity left. How can you flat out lie to the American public on national TV having known that you failed a steroids test? How much more of a fraud can you be?

A-Rod can have his $252 million contract. Those players could have their jobs in the league. Bobby Estalella could have his gig as a backup catcher in the majors, and Jason Giambi can have his MVP and millions of dollars. All I know is that at the end of the day, some of these players could have invested with Bernie Madoff and wind up with their millions all gone. They’d be like me and you. The only difference is I’d be able to look myself in the mirror knowing I still have my dignity, honor, and integrity. The difference is I know I never had to cheat at my job to get ahead. You can never take away my integrity, but for A-Rod, nothing will ever change that he is indeed 100% a fraud.


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