Terrance Knighton, others want Ray Rice out of NFL and in jail

Ray Rice RavensA video of Ray Rice hitting his wife Janay Palmer and knocking her out surfaced on Monday, and his co-workers are not standing up for him. In a league that prides itself on being a brotherhood, NFL players have been known to forgive each other for some pretty idiotic acts. Rice crossed the line.

A number of NFL players have already spoken out against Rice. Denver Broncos defensive tackle Terrance Knighton took one of the stronger stances.

“That man should be thrown out the the (NFL) and thrown into jail,” Knighton wrote on Twitter. “Shame on those deciding his punishment. Smh. If there’s anyway to open that case up and give this guy the punishment he deserves, it NEEDS to be done.

“As players we must speak up. Stand up for what’s right. I don’t give a damn who (you) are or how much money you make. No place for this. This video makes me sick to my stomach. As players we always speak on how we are unfairly treated. Well, now what?”

[WATCH: Ray Rice punches wife Janay Palmer on elevator, knocks her out]

That last point from Knighton is a great one. How much have we heard about the NFL not educating players on head injuries and owners using them as mere investments to make money? Rice got off as easy as he possibly could have, and now the NFL is scrambling to find a way to correct its mistake.

Other current and former players shared an opinion similar to that of Knighton.

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Pot Roast Knighton has the best butt crack in the league

Terrence Knighton butt crack

Terrance Pot Roast Knighton was a huge factor in the AFC Championship Game. The Denver Broncos defensive tackle single-handedly changed the game late in the third quarter by busting up a running play on 2nd and 2 and then sacking Tom Brady on 4th and 3 two plays later. Those game-changing plays prevented the Patriots from scoring any points at a time when they were down 20-3 and desperately needed to get back in the game. Knighton was an MVP for those plays.

But one thing that must be noted is that when you have a nickname like “Pot Roast,” it comes for good reason. And let’s just say that Pot needed a little bigger of a container to hold his entire Roast.

Terrance Knighton butt crack

Jaguars DE Terrance Knighton will miss three months because of bar fight

After the NFL season comes to a close, players spend a lot of their time during the offseason nursing the various injuries they suffered during the season. These injuries can range anywhere from bumps and bruises to torn ACLs. Rarely does a player ever spend months recovering from an injury he suffered during a bar fight, however. Unfortunately for Jaguars defensive end Terrance Knighton, that’s exactly what he’ll be doing for the next three months.

A little over a week ago, Knighton found himself in the middle of a bar fight at a Jacksonville nightclub. During the altercation — which he reportedly did not initiate — the third-round pick out of Temple was hit in the face with a bottle of Ciroc vodka. As a result of the injury he suffered, Knighton needed surgery on his eye.

According to Pro Football Talk, Knighton will sit out all of the off-season workouts in Jacksonville so he can rest his surgically repaired eye and make a full recovery. If his recovery remains on schedule, he should be able to return for the start of training camp.

While the fight was said to not be Knighton’s fault, his injury is an unfriendly reminder that bad things oftentimes happen to athletes when they’re out partying. Requiring three months to recover from an injury is one thing, but the Jaguars can’t be thrilled that one of their linemen is missing OTAs because he got bottled during a scuffle at a nightclub.

Photo credit: Matt Stamey-US PRESSWIRE