LeSean McCoy on Pitt missing out on Terrelle Pryor: We couldn’t afford him

Terrelle PryorPhiladelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy had the line of the day on Wednesday when he joked that his college, the University of Pittsburgh, couldn’t get local recruit Terrelle Pryor out of high school because they couldn’t afford him.

The Eagles are visiting Pryor’s Oakland Raiders on Sunday, which led to McCoy talking about Pryor.

“Yeah, I know him. I tried to recruit him to Pitt. We couldn’t afford him,” McCoy joked, per Matt Lombardo of 97.5 The Fanatic in Philly.

Fantastic line.

Pryor was regarded as the top recruit in the country coming out of Jeannette High School, just southeast of Pittsburgh. He initially committed to Pitt and planned to play basketball, but by his senior year he was most interested in playing football at Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan, Oregon or West Virginia. He eventually chose to play for the Buckeyes and started as a true freshman.

McCoy was a star running back at Pitt from 2007-2008, so the Panthers actually probably had some appeal to Pryor, but maybe just not deep enough pockets. Or maybe their tattoo parlors need some improvement. I kid, I kid.

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Terrelle Pryor 93-yard touchdown run longest in NFL history by QB

Terrelle Pryor touchdown runTerrelle Pryor made history on Sunday when he scored on a 93-yard touchdown run on the Oakland Raiders’ first offensive play against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Pryor faked an inside handoff and broke free up the middle to go untouched for the score. The play was the longest run by a Raiders quarterback in franchise history and the longest run by a quarterback in NFL history.

Think Matt Flynn can do that?

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Terrelle Pryor: Oakland Raiders will make playoffs

Terrelle Pryor RaidersThe Oakland Raiders are off to a 2-4 start this season, which believe it or not is better than most expected. However, they did not play well in a 24-7 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. With the Chiefs and Denver Broncos both currently undefeated, Oakland’s chances of making the playoffs are diminishing by the week. Terrelle Pryor still believes they will get there.

“We have to come together and start creating,” Pryor said Sunday, via CSNCalifornia.com. “We‘ll be back; 2-4; we’ll get to the playoffs.”

Thinking playoffs may be looking too far ahead, but there’s really not much else Pryor can say as the quarterback of the team. If the Raiders have given up on the playoffs, they have essentially given up on the season. The former Ohio State star also took full blame for the loss after throwing three interceptions.

“This loss is on me. I’ll take it,” he said. “I’ll make sure we get better. As the leader of the offense, I have to make sure it happens. It will.”

Pryor also took the blame for a Week 1 loss to the Indianapolis Colts, which he called “unacceptable.” Some say he is being dramatic, but I applaud Pryor for trying to be a leader. Very little was expected of him entering the season, and he has done a decent job of keeping Oakland in games considering the lack of talent on their roster.

In reality, five or six wins would be an accomplishment for this Raiders team. The most important thing is that Pryor continues to develop. If he can do that, the future would look much brighter.

Terrelle Pryor does not want to end up like Tim Tebow

Terrelle Pryor RaidersAt one point in his career, Tim Tebow was a quarterback that young players aspired to be like. His throwing mechanics and playing style were unorthodox, but Tebow won two national championships in college and led the Denver Broncos on an improbable playoff run in his first full season as an NFL starting quarterback. Now, he’s unemployed.

Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor has spent some time working with quarterback guru Tom House recently and is planning to work with him again during the bye week. House also worked with Tebow, and many say he had helped the former Florida Gator’s mechanics at one point. The belief is that Tebow reverted to his old form when the pressure was on. Pryor does not want to make the same mistake.

Pryor said he has spoken with House about what happened to Tebow.

“He said [Tebow] was ready to go after working with him,” Pryor told ESPN.com’s Paul Gutierrez. “Tebow looked great, he was throwing the ball great, wasn’t missing anything. Then they said he went to [training] camp, and when he went back, he reverted back to himself because [that's] when the bullets are flying at you.

“I hope when I get the rushers, people are rushing me, I hope I don’t go back to the old thing.”

And just like that, Tebow has become an example of what not to do for NFL quarterbacks. A number of Jacksonville Jaguars fans have tried to rally their team to sign Tebow, but even the worst team in the league is not interested. As for Pryor, he has completed 72.7% of his passes when inside the pocket — the fourth-best percentage in the NFL.

“I’m very proud of that,” he said. “I’m very locked in. That’s definitely something I’m proud of. It’s a nonstop progression. It doesn’t really catch me by surprise that it’s happening.”

Pryor is capable of making plays with his legs, which is something Tebow could also do. The problem with Tebow is he never got the passing down. It’s nearly impossible to succeed in the NFL without it. Pryor is hoping he can become a true dual-threat.

Terrelle Pryor tweets he ‘doesn’t remember much’ from Broncos loss after head shot

Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor suffered a concussion on Monday night after he took a helmet-to-helmet hit from Denver Broncos linebacker Wesley Woodyard late in the game. Like any other player who suffers a head injury, Pryor’s status for next week’s game is in question. The league may want him to be examined even more closely after a tweet he sent on Tuesday morning.

Terrelle Pryor RaidersA few minutes later, Pryor tweeted that he feels “great.” As we know, the NFL now takes head injuries more seriously than ever. The league recently agreed to a $765 million settlement with roughly 4,000 former players who had sued, and it will do everything it can to avoid similar lawsuits in the future. Pryor will have to go through a series of league-mandated concussion tests to be cleared this week.

Woodyard’s hit occurred within the tackle box, so it appeared to be legal. That being said, you always worry about players who had their squash rattled so hard that they essentially blacked out and can’t remember anything. During the preseason, Buffalo Bills quarterback Kevin Kolb reportedly struggled to answer simple questions like “where are you?” after he suffered another concussion. He could now be facing retirement. Expect Pryor’s tweet to be taken seriously.

Terrelle Pryor disappointed Ohio State banned him from program

Terrelle Pryor Jim TresselTerrelle Pryor still supports Ohio State’s athletics teams, but he seems disappointed that the school banned him from associating with the football program for five years.

Pryor watched his school compete against Cal on Saturday night, but he had to miss the second half of the game because of Oakland Raiders team meetings. The Cal-Ohio State game presented a rare opportunity for him to watch the Buckeyes in person (the Raiders had a home game last weekend), but he would not have been able to attend the game on Ohio State’s sidelines the way most alumnus do. Why? Because Pryor was banned from being associated with the football program for five years because of his role in the tattoo/benefits scandal.

“That’s my school, but they don’t really accept me,” Pryor told The Columbus Dispatch on Sunday. “I’ve moved on to what I have now, and that’s just football.”

“Those guys kicked me out of school after all those things I did for them,” Pryor said.

Ohio State may have banned Pryor from being connected with the program, but he is still a prominent figure in the area. Why else would The Dispatch send a reporter to Oakland to cover his second start of the NFL season?

Pryor and a number of other Buckeyes screwed up by accepting benefits such as cars, tattoos and money for autographs. But he is right — he did do a lot for the school. Pryor entered Ohio State as one of the most-hyped recruits in the country. He started at quarterback for three seasons, leading the team to a 33-6 record and three BCS bowl games. Because of the scandal, he had to leave school and declare himself for the NFL’s supplemental draft, where the Raiders selected him in the third round.

The truth is Pryor, Reggie Bush, and Johnny Manziel are not doing anything different from many other college football stars. The only difference is a few of them got caught while most players are not. It’s just easier for a program to cut off a few players fin order to avoid big trouble. It really stinks that schools disassociate themselves from athletes they once revered, all because the athlete got caught accepting benefits everyone in the program was accepting. Hopefully Ohio State ends the ban soon, because it is pretty ridiculous to not recognize Pryor and everything he did for the program.

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Terrelle Pryor: Loss to Colts ‘unacceptable’

Terrelle Pryor RaidersOakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor was easily one of the biggest surprises of the NFL’s opening weekend. His team lost to the Indianapolis Colts, but most people envisioned the former Ohio State star struggling far more than he did and allowing the Colts to cover a 9.5-point spread with ease. Instead, Pryor actually flashed some playmaking ability.

Pryor threw two interceptions (one early on) in his second career NFL start. However, he threw for 217 yards and a touchdown and managed 112 yards rushing. Despite a performance that was far more impressive than anticipated, Pryor described his play in the 21-17 loss as “awful.”

“I could’ve helped win the game and didn’t,” Pryor said, according to CSNBayArea.com. “We had ‘em on the ropes and we didn’t knock them out. The record is all that matters to me. I don’t care what my numbers are. I just want to do well for the team, and I didn’t do well enough. What happened today was unacceptable, and that’s on me.”

You can’t fault the 24-year-old for wanting to win. Quarterbacks are expected to lead their teams no matter what the circumstances, and Pryor showed an ability to do that on the road against a team that made the playoffs last season. As long as he can keep his emotions in check and avoid opening himself up to criticism by sulking after losses like Cam Newton, the Raiders could be better than expected.

“Please don’t write this as cocky because it’s not,” Pryor, who reportedly cried after the loss, said. “Anytime I get on the field, I feel like I’m the best player out there and that my team is going to have a chance to win. That’s my job. I need to get the ball into the right hands and make plays. We have to get better. I know I do.”

Fans shouldn’t expect their quarterback to be satisfied with a close loss, and Pryor seems to understand that. He’s going to have plenty of rough games, but no one expected him to play as well as he did. A performance like that should boost his confidence.

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